13 Festive Summer BBQ Picnic Decorations

The sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, and a barbecue is calling your name. Nothing screams summer quite like that Saturday afternoon barbeque party or picnic. Easy Event Planning has put together some summer BBQ picnic decorations ideas that are sure to provide your guests with a festive, summer setting!

Summer BBQ picnic Decorations

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1. Summertime tablecloths 

Outdoor tables might not be the cleanest surfaces, so make your guests comfortable by decorating them with tablecloths. You can use a traditional checkered tablecloth in red and white or go for bright colored tablecloths such as yellow, orange or green. Use picnic craft ribbon or picnic streamers of the same color to decorate the chairs.

2. Decorative twinkle lights 

A valuable addition to your summer BBQ picnic decorations is inexpensive twinkle lights. Hang these in trees or on the deck railings. You could also line your walkway with outdoor lanterns or paper lantern luminary bags to light the path on the way to the house. These ideas create a beautiful atmosphere for a BBQ picnic that will last into the evening. 

3. Tiki torches

For a creative twist to decorating your space with lights, purchase some tiki torches. You can find tall tiki lights or small tiki torches for the tabletop. This is great for a party that will last late into the night. 

4. Balloons 

Purchase some helium-filled balloons from your local party store that match your picnic color scheme. Tie some together, such as in groups of five. You can make the string lengths different for an artistic look. Anchor the balloons down with balloon weights. If you’re looking to keep the cost down, you can use uninflated latex balloons and fill them with cheap desert sand. Tie the balloon and tie the picnic ribbon right to it as well. You can dress these up even more by wrapping some tissue paper around the balloon weight.

5. Flower centerpieces

Purchase some flowers from a local florist and decorative table-top flowerpots. Use these as table centerpieces at your BBQ picnic. For a more creative flower centerpiece, take mason jars and fill them with summer season flowers such as lavender, marigolds, and sunflowers. If you do not want to use real flowers, you can get assorted-color tissue paper and some green pipe cleaners. Create flowers by layering a few pieces of paper and inserting the pipe cleaner through the middle. Twirl the paper around the pipe cleaner and fasten with tape. For help with this, search the web for tissue paper pipe cleaner flowers. There are a variety of methods that will produce colorful results. Place these flowers in vases to make for a playful centerpiece.

6. BBQ picnic banners 

String clotheslines around the event space. You can use these to hang various BBQ/summer-themed items, such as picnic streamers, balloons, or cowboy bandannas.

7. Case for condiments

BBQ and beer go together like a movie and popcorn. After serving beer, use the leftover six-pack holders to put condiments in that you’ll need for the feast. Guests will enjoy this creative artistic recycling. 

8. Bandanas

Unfold bandanas and use them as centerpieces for the barbeque. Top with flowers to add some color or with citronella candles to keep the bugs away!

9. Hay bale seats

If your cookout has a traditional Western theme, consider visiting your local farmers’ market to pick up some hay bales to use as seats instead of those traditional folding chairs. You can also order these online. Put a blanket on the top surface to ensure your guests’ comfort.

10. Your own herb garden

For the unique and fresh table centerpiece decorations, consider setting up a miniature herb garden. Include herbs such as basil or thyme. Tell guests that they can feel free to pinch the herbs to release their unique scents into the air or even take some basil to add to their salads. 

11. Cool Coolers 

Instead of just getting a normal cooler to store your beverages, opt for something that is more creative. Metal troughs make for a unique way to store your drinks and keep them cool. Put them in the view of everyone by placing it in its own area, such as on its own table. Metal buckets also serve this purpose well and with multiple buckets, you could separate each drink you serve. Fill both of these with bags of ice and place your beverages in there. Nothing beats cool drinks in cool coolers!

12. Canopies or Umbrellas 

With summer picnics and BBQs comes extreme heat. Luckily, canopies and outdoor umbrellas will allow your guests to stay cool and is a nice addition to your summer BBQ picnic decorations arsenal. Outdoor umbrellas work great for providing shade for guests sitting at patio tables and for keeping food and drinks out of the sun. Canopies are also another great solution for beating the heat. Large canopies let everyone mingle together while staying cool.

13. Menu for All

Use a chalkboard sign or a large whiteboard to create a menu by writing out what you intend to serve. Put this in front of a wood woven basket with chalk or dry erase markers so guests can also write their favorite things about the experience so you can replicate those things again. 


Upgrade your ordinary summer barbecue with these fun and festive summer BBQ picnic decorations! If you’re looking for a professional decorator for your event, Easy Event Planning has you covered! Use our free multi-vendor quote to find the perfect vendors in your area. For some BBQ party favors to send your guest home with, check out our 24 BBQ Picnic Favors List!

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