surprise party budget worksheet

Easy Surprise Party Budget Worksheet

Easy Event Planning’s surprise party budget worksheet can help you make that extra special moment happen by keeping track of your expenses. We have included the most common expenses into one downloadable template to help you organize your expenses! Keeping track of your budget is an essential part of the planning process and we want to make it as easy as possible. This template is designed to help you organize important details so that you can estimate and managing spendings. The sheet is also broken down into categories from catering to venue expenses so that don’t forget a single detail.

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6 Reasons You’ll Love Our Surprise Party Budget Worksheet

1. Event-Specific

When coordinating a surprise party for a friend or family member you want it to be unique, just as your expense tracker should be. This isn’t some generic old template! Our surprise party budget sheet has been created with categories and line items tailored specifically for a surprise party.

2. Pie Charts

A great feature that has been added to our template is our pie chart. Automatically, once you start adding in your budget items, your surprise party expenses will start to fill in the pie chart, towards the top of the page. The graphs will indicate how much you are spending in each category. Letting you make adjustments like allocating more to the venue category and less to the favors and gifts category.

3. Easy to View

The template is user-friendly, making it super easy to navigate! Because it is divided into separate categories, it is a hundred percent better than viewing a long continuous list of fifty-plus items. It makes it simple to find the expense you are looking for.

An additional feature that will help you stay organized is the estimated and actual columns. You can give yourself a rough estimate of how much your surprise party is going to cost, by filling in the estimated columns. Once you start the planning process, fill in the actual column to get your concrete total. Making adjustments to spending categories as you go!

4. Shareable!

This expense sheet is also very easy to share through Google Sheets. If you want to work with multiple people to throw a fantastic surprise party, you can through the sharable feature! Having multiple people viewing the template can also help eliminate mistakes that otherwise would have happened!

5. Easy to Organize

When sharing the surprise party expenses sheet with your fellow planners, if that is the route you choose to take, you can easily assign people to categories or line items by writing their name in the ‘who pays’ column! Ensuring that every item is ready to go on the day of the party!

6. Individual Payment Tab

Our expense sheet can also track individual surprise party expenses and payments in the Payment Tab at the bottom of the sheet. You can just add in your Total Cost along with the person responsible and we’ll calculate the amount left. It’s as simple as that!

How to Use Our Surprise Party Budget Worksheet

To download our surprise party budget planner, click the “Download” button, and when prompted click the “Make a Copy” button. By downloading the sheet, it will automatically be saved on your Google Drive! Then when you are ready to start the planning progress you can view and follow our detailed instructions. Any questions like how to add line items or how to share the expense sheet will be located there!

We also have this handy FAQs document, if you still have more questions along with instructions on how to use Google Sheets if you don’t already know.


With the help of the surprise party budget worksheet, you can now plan your party stress-free! Our budget calculator will organize your expenses so that you don’t have to worry about them! If you have found this expense sheet a time-saver, you can also find more templates for future events right on our site!

Written by Maaike Hassman

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