Surprise Party Decorations

10 Cute Surprise Party Decorations

Surprise parties are fun and thoughtful to throw for someone. Secretly plan the best surprise party by visiting your local craft or party store! Don’t worry about figuring out the right decor for the room. Take a look at some of these Surprise Party Decorations we’ve put together to make your party planning that much easier.

Surprise Party Decorations

Surprise Party

1. Pick a Theme

Nothing gets a party going like a fun theme. A casino night theme, a Hollywood theme, or even a throwback to the ’80s could be perfect for this surprise party. Tell all your guests to dress up according to the theme and make sure you have clothing options for the guest of honor too. If you picked a casino night, make sure you add lots of flashing lights and casino chips. For a Hollywood theme party, incorporate glamorous colors such as silver and gold. If you went for the ’70s, 80’s, or 90’s theme, make sure to decorate with bright colors and loud music. Also providing a backdrop for photos is the perfect touch to round off the theme.

2. Light Show

Provide your guests with some exciting accessories that light up! Many party stores sell flashing LED eyeglasses, wine glasses, bracelets, and necklaces that you can hand out to guests. Set these on the tables and let them twinkle all night! Also incorporating string lights or candles could help add a little sparkle throughout the room. 

Another idea for lighting is purchasing paper lanterns and hanging them around the room or setting them on tabletops. Be sure to choose lots of different colors or stick with one particular color if you have a color theme.

3. Paper Mache Piñata 

You can make your own pinata with these simple steps. Purchase a mylar balloon in a fun shape then fill the balloon with pieces of candy before inflating it. Cover the balloon with glue and scraps of newspaper. After it dries, paint the balloon with fun colors and soon you will have made your own unique pinata! When the time comes to break it open, have a bandana ready, and start wacking!

4. Specialty Cake

A nice way to customize the party is to use food to spell out the guest of honor’s name. For instance, you can set cupcakes up to create letters or you can use alphabet shaped cake pans to create their initials. This little touch is thoughtful and sweet in more ways than one. 

5. Balloon Bundle

If you’re looking for a fun display to accent the room, a balloon bundle is perfect. Grab some thick wire and twist it into your desired shape. This shape could be a heart or a spiral. Blow up colored balloons and tie them to the wire with ribbon. Once it’s filled, you will have a wonderful centerpiece for the party. It can be great for photo-ops too. 

6. Decorative Paper Chains

Purchase construction paper in colors that match the theme. Slice the paper into one-inch strips. Intertwine the strips to create chain links and attach the ends with a stapler or tape. These make cute decorations for the entryway, down a staircase, on a mantel, or even around the edge of the table. 

7. Colorful Balloon Arch

These elegant creations are actually quite simple to make. Simply blow up some balloons with helium and try to make them similar sizes. As you go, tie pieces of clear fishing line to the ends, leaving about a foot of extra fishing line. You’ll need two balloon holders. Tie the first balloon to the balloon holder. The next balloon’s line gets tied to the end of the first balloon. Continue this process until you finally attach the final balloon to the other balloon holder. You’ll have a beautiful arch to accent the doorway or cake. Use ribbon and bows to decorate the arch to add more fun.

The Element of Surprise

The Element of Surprise

Some decorations can be interactive. There has to be an element of a surprise to a surprise party other than the guest of honor not knowing that it’s happening. Here are a few surprise decor ideas that will spruce up the surprise: 

8. Noise Makers

 You can buy noisemakers from any local party shop. Noisemakers range in noise. They can sound like kazoos or loud cranks. These should be used when the guest of honor arrives. This adds to the excitement and surprise. Hand some of these out to the guests and have them hide!

9. Confetti Bombs

Confetti Bombs shoot confetti around the room. These come in small, handheld sizes for an enclosed environment. These will also be used when the guest of honor arrives. Shoot the confetti into the air to add to the surprise! 

10. Balloon Shower

A balloon shower is supposed to rain balloons down on a person when they walk in the room. To do this, blow up as many balloons as you can in various colors. Get a sheet and some tape to hold the balloons in a sack above the doorway. When the guest walks through the door, pull the sheet down to release the balloons! A balloon shower is fun and magical! It doubles as decor and surprise. 


The most important element of a surprise party is that the guest of honor feels really special. If you put a lot of thought into the decorations, then there will be no doubt that your party will be amazing. Everything’s better when you make it yourself. I hope this list of Surprise Party Decorations has inspired some of your own ideas!

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