Surprise Theme Party

4 Exciting Surprise Theme Party Steps

Have you ever planned a surprise theme party at great discretion, had everything in place and everyone on task, only to have it all fall through because someone told your guest of honor about it? Don’t let that happen ever again! When you’ve spent the time and energy to pick great rental venues and birthday party locations and planned a fabulous party there, you want all of your guests to be surprised and amazed.

Surprise parties take a lot of effort that you may need some help. You can’t keep it a secret, pick a location, pay for food and drinks and decorations, arrange transportation, and get all the guests together by yourself! Follow these steps to keep your surprise party a surprise for your guest of honor as well as everyone else. 

Surprise Theme Party Ideas

1. Accomplices

Planning a party is a lot of work and is usually a multi-person job.  If you try to take that all onto yourself, odds are you are going to slip up. Maybe something will fall through the cracks or maybe the person you are trying to surprise will notice your unusual activity.  You obviously don’t want that, so find a small cadre of trusted individuals who can assist you (and who, preferably, doesn’t see the guest of honor very often). Not only can they help you plan everything, but they can store decorations and other items for you.  They can also make reservations for the party halls or birthday party locations you choose so they are not in your name.

Another way to use accomplices is to have them there with you when decorating. Make it hours before the party and show up with those who are helping you. Have the decorations and check-in already done. This way you can get in quick when it’s time and this leaves another task done. Have someone stay with your guest of honor. If you see your guest of honor often like living with them or in best friends they might call you to hang out that day. Have someone “babysit” them with a day of activities. Have them hang out at their house, out to eat, run extra long errands and any other way to stall them. 

Don’t forget to give everyone a task. You should have people to help with decorations and watch over your guest of honor. Someone should bring the food and make sure to pick up the cake. The birthday cake is the next most important part! Someone should get extra stuff needed like coolers or ice boxes for drinks, candles, napkins, utensils, and anything else needed for the food. 

2. Secret RSVP

You’ll want to know about how many people are coming, so send out invitations that ask guests to RSVP. Let them know that this is SECRET and request that, even if they are unable to make it to the party, they keep quiet. Make sure that they understand that this is a surprise party that you don’t want spoiled because someone only skimmed their invitation. There is another area where your accomplices can come in handy. Have one of them send out the invitations and receive the RSVPs to ensure that an inconvenient text message doesn’t ruin the fun.

Depending on when you came up with the idea of a surprise party you’ll want to make this part at least 3 weeks in advance. This gives people enough time for requesting off work, finding babysitters, and moving their calendar around their busy schedules so they know what’s to come. An efficient way to invite people is to use a group message so everyone is in one place and communication between you, the planner, and the guests, are all on the same page at all times.

3. Timing

Odds are that your relative or friend is expecting something, so you need to make sure that you time your party perfectly. Most people expect something in the evening, so even planning a brunch bash or afternoon fiesta is better than a nighttime party. You can also plan your event a day before or after. Make sure the guests also have the timing down by having them arrive at least fifteen minutes early. Nothing gives the game away like running into someone you know at the front doors.

If they miss the deadline, instruct the guest to wait until ten or so minutes after the party start time to come to avoid the scenario mentioned above. A good way to make sure nobody is late to make a meeting time an hour before the actual party. This ensures that everyone is there on time and if anything goes wrong someone can offer a quick fix before your guest of honor arrives.

4. Decoy

You may need a decoy to throw your guest of honor off the scent. One way to do this is to just pick private party rooms or baby shower places that they already go to like a restaurant or the gym. You can even have a small gathering before the party that they believe is the true celebration hours or even days in advance. Don’t go overboard pretending like nothing is going to happen.

Don’t say weird things to bring up a surprise party or hint at it. It might be hard if you’re bad at keeping secrets. They most likely know there will be some sort of celebration at some point so acting weird all the time will only arouse their suspicion. It’s okay to even act like you forgot about their special day. They most likely won’t mention it if you don’t! They’ll hope you’ll remember on your own. This sounds a little mean but once they see how much work and effort you put in to making them feel special they’ll see why you never mentioned it. 


We hope your Surprise Theme Party goes well and that these tips help. This is a fun event to plan and shows that you really care about the person you throw a party for so hopefully they enjoy.

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