Tailgate Party

13 Amazing Tailgate Party Tips

Tailgating is the best part of every sporting event. A good tailgate is essential if you’re gearing up for a big game. Whether you’re tailgating at the stadium or staying at home, we have some great ideas that are sure to make your next tailgate better than the last. 

Tailgate Party Decorations

1. Pennants Banners and Flags

Pennant banners are typically seen at sporting events and are great for sprucing up your sports den. Pennants can be used as decorations for various areas of your venue. Hang pennants on railings, tables, or around your house! Another great way to show off your team pride is to get flags. Flags come in miniature to full size! Why not have a mixture of both.

2. Balloons

Balloons can add even more team spirit to your party. They come in every color imaginable. It won’t be hard to find your team colors. Use balloon weights as décor for the table where food is served and tie balloons to the chairs, cars, and railings. Balloons are the perfect go-to if you’re looking for a quick decor option.

Tailgate Party: Food

3. Grill and Chill

Grilling and tailgating are synonymous in the sports world. If you haven’t tried this already, it is an absolute game changer! Grilling allows for tasty foods such as hot dogs, kabobs, or burgers to be cooked in bulk and for a lot cheaper than what the stadium will charge! Complete your fandom by getting grill accessories with your team logo! You have to pair the hot food with some cold beverages as well. 

4. Drinks

Grab a large cooler to keep beverages. If there are going to be kids at your tailgate, use two coolers and label one “Sodas, Juice, & Water” and label the other cooler “Beers & Alcohol.” Whether it is a Capri Sun or a beer, make sure you keep the drinks cold by keeping plenty of ice in the coolers. 

5. Finger Food 

You have a lot of choices when choosing which finger foods to serve. Some ideas would include chips and dip, sliders, and vegetable trays. All of these foods are perfect ideas for tailgating as they require little to prepare and are fairly easy to get. They will also be super helpful in keeping those attending from being hungry without making a mess!

6. Chili 

This game-day staple is essential for a cold day. Chilli is also perfect for when you have to serve a lot of hungry people. You can prepare this the night before and keep warm in a crockpot during the day of the game. Try to serve a variety of chilli options such as beef, turkey, and vegetarian. Don’t forget to get dunkers for your chilli such as tortillas or corn chips. 

Tailgate Party: Essentials

7. Cups, Plates, and Utensils 

When it comes to the tableware for your party, the easiest option is to use plastic cups and cutlery. You could use the iconic Red Solo Cup or you could get decorative and use cups that are your team colors! You will also want to think about the plates and utensils. We think using paper plates and plastic utensils are best because they are quickly disposable. Make it easy on yourself so you can spend more time enjoying the event and less time worried about the cleanup.

8. Tents 

Tents are not needed to have a great party but they are useful! Not only does it look awesome, but it provides protection from the weather if it’s cold or rainy. Tents come  in many varieties. There are tents that are open on all sides or tents that have a screen. Whatever one you choose, it will be perfect for many tailgates to come.

9. Stereo, Speakers, and Music

Music can transform any normal event into an energetic one. Tailgating is no exception so you’ll want to include a stereo, loudspeakers, and good music. A stereo has multiple functions besides just playing music. Most stereos have a radio function so you can listen to the game while enjoying time with friends. 

Tailgate Party: Pre-game

10. Drinking Games 

Drinking games are a fun way to get into the spirit of the game during a tailgate. There are countless drinking games adults can play at your party. To make sure you have all that you need to play, be sure to bring a long table for beer pong. Also bring cards for those who want to participate in card games. Whether you are a tailgating pro or just starting, drinking games are a great idea for tailgating parties when kept under control. 

11. Face Painting 

Now that we have covered an adult game, let’s talk about how to involve your little ones as well! Face painting is a great way for children at tailgates to have a lot of fun while feeling involved in the action! Have some face paint available for guests who want to get their faces painted before the game. It is an amazing way to show off that team spirit. You can hire a professional face painter for your event or purchase stencils. Be sure to have a template of the team logo so you know how to paint it.

12. Comfortable Seating 

Having comfortable seating is a must for any tailgate. Camping chairs are typically used for seating at a tailgate. You can also order fold-out chairs that are color-coordinated to match your team or ones that have the team logo on it. Don’t be afraid to bring more chairs than you think. You might mingle with other surrounding tailgaters! The worst thing that can happen is someone not having a seat. The availability of seating is a must for those who can’t stand for long periods of time.

13. Throw it Around 

Bringing a football, frisbee, or some other type of ball is a great way to spend your time waiting for the game to start. What better way to enjoy a tailgate party than to play some games?  You could even play a little pick-up game of flag football. This is a great option because it allows all age groups to get together and play!


No matter where you host it, you have the elements to make a great pre-game tailgate party. All you really need are some fans, some friends, and food! I hope this has inspired some great tailgating for this season of sports!

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