Tea Party Favors

Fun Tea Party Favors

Are you celebrating an event? An engagement? A six-year-old birthday party? Are you throwing a “just because” party? Why not make it a tea party? Follow this guide for all of the most unique tea party favors. 

7 Tea Party Favors Ideas

7 Tea Party Favors Ideas

1. Tea with Tea Cup

Search your local market for unique flavorful tea to accommodate all of your guests. Find something interesting that your guests might not have tried on their own. Top it off with a sweet personalized note and if you’re feeling extra generous, add a small personalized teacup to top off the perfect tea party favor. 

2. Cookies

Make your guests some homemade goodies. Make each guest their own favorite cookie or make them each your favorite baked good. Simply wrap up the goodies in plastic wrap and tie it with a bow, add a simple personalized tag to make the gift more personable for each of your guests.

3. Macarons

Maybe you don’t like to bake… Or maybe you just really like macarons. Go to your local (or not local) macaron shop and pick out some yummy macarons for your party guests. Most shops will wrap them up for you in which case you can add your own personalized note, or you can wrap them up yourself following the guidelines provided in the above party favor suggestion. 

4. Tea Infuser

What tea lover doesn’t want their very own tea infuser for making tea at home? The cool thing about tea infusers is how many different kinds they make. You can purchase a simple and beautiful one for your guests or find quirky theme ones that can be personalized to each of your guests. You could also choose infusers based on your party theme. To top it off, give your guests a couple of new local teas to try!

5. Small Tea Set

This tea party favors idea is especially fun for kids. Go to your local dollar store and pick out small tea sets. Give them to your guests at the beginning of the party and allow them to use their very own tea set during the party. What’s even better is they get to take them home afterward and host their own tea parties in the comfort of their own homes!

6. Alice in Wonderland

Why not host an Alice in Wonderland theme Tea Party? Let your guests wear their favorite Alice in Wonderland attire to the party and provide theme decor throughout. To top it all off, send your guests home with an Alice in Wonderland theme party favor. Create your own “Drink Me Potion” for guests to enjoy when they get home or make your guests a goofy hat to wear. Play Alice in Wonderland during the party and host an Alice in Wonderland theme game, the winner gets to keep the movie and add it to their party favor basket!

7. Charcuterie Board Kit

What goes better with tea than sweet treats or a charcuterie board? Buy your guests a small charcuterie board of their own! Top it off with some olives, cheese, crackers, jam, and honey for the perfect party favor. Your guests will love this idea as charcuterie boards are becoming a hot commodity. This is an especially cute idea if you have a charcuterie board of your own at your tea party! Most stores are providing the essentials for charcuterie board kits and you can buy small charcuterie boards for under $5. Try to fill your kits with items that can be easy to transport home with them such as honey, jam, crackers, or olives.


Whether your guests are five… Or twenty-five. Do something for them that will make them feel special. You want your guests to go home remembering what a cool party you hosted and being grateful for the personalized party favor you provided. If you’re going to provide tea party favors, make it something that your guests can enjoy and/or use!

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