Toddler Birthday Party Places

14 Best Toddler Birthday Party Places

Are you looking to throw the best toddler birthday party ever? From throwing a unique birthday party at home to going out and celebrating at an indoor bounce house, there are plenty of different options for you to explore! Not only are these options great for younger kids, but they can also entertain children of all ages as well.

Toddler Birthday Party Places Indoors

Toddler Birthday Party Places

1. Home

There are plenty of reasons why throwing a birthday party at home is a great idea. First of all, having a party at your own home gives you control over the situation, and for a party with small children that can be quite important. Second of all, you can choose your own theme and be creative!

You can rent a small bounce house for your backyard, or even book a performer to come such as a clown, a story teller, or a specific character. If you want to have a fun party in a controlled environment, having a small house party is the classic way to go.

2. Bounce House

This is a fun and safe way for children to entertain children for hours. You can rent a bounce house for your own backyard, or you can go to an indoor bounce house. While renting a bounce house at home is easy and convenient, going to an indoor bounce house is a good idea for a larger party, and will also assure that the weather does not have any impact on your party! Rain or shine, a bounce house is a great and simple way to celebrate any birthday.

3. Movie Theatre

This is a classic place to go for a birthday party. Most movie theatres have a private room that can be booked out specially for birthday parties. You can watch your child’s favorite movie and then open presents and have cake all at the theatre. This is a great way to keep children entertained for hours and to have a stress free birthday party. Movie theaters are always a favorite for any occasion!

4. Build-A-Bear

Build-a-bear is a fun experience where children get to customize their own stuffed animals. They have a great package for birthdays as well, their website states “The age they are turning is how much our special Birthday Treat Bear costs during their birthday month!”. With that deal you can have a great experience making the stuffed animal of your child’s dreams while not breaking the bank. If you want a fun experience for all involved and a unique experience for your child, this is the place to go!

5. Recreation Room

Recreation rooms can cater to all different age groups. For toddlers they have different options such as dress up areas, trains, engaging toys, a tree house to climb on, and play kitchens. These rooms are great because they engage all different types of children and allow them to learn and entertain themselves for hours. They also typically have a large amount of space for eating, and opening presents. This is an easy place for children to have fun and gives access to all sorts of activities. For a simple stress free birthday party, this is a great place to go.

6. Kids Museum

Kids museums are designed to stimulate children and educate them informally. This is a great place to entertain your children with hands- on learning experience. Rather than a museum with exhibits that cannot be touched, this type of museum is made specifically to engage children and allow them to explore. This is the perfect place to allow small children to run around and let their imagination wonder. If you are looking for a learning experience that will capture any child, this is a great option for a party!

 7. Aquarium

This is a great way to entertain and educate children. It is a sure way to captivate the children and can be interesting for the parents as well. Aquariums are relatively cheap, especially for children, so it is accessible to most people. There are many exhibits to entertain children such as shark tanks, and some even give you the chance to pet stingrays. That is an easy way to excite children and allow them to learn about the different types of life in the ocean. Going to an aquarium is a fun way to entertain children for any party!

8. The Gym

Gyms are great places to allow children to let out their energy! There are gyms specifically designated toward children with bounce houses, foam pits, play sets, and trampolines. If you want a spot that has everything packed in one this is a great option. Many of these gyms also have party reservations as well. This gives you a private room and allows you to book the entire gym for your party so it will only be you and your guests.

This can be a bit of a costly option, however, if you want a space all to yourself and a safe space for your children to entertain themselves, this is a great option. From small toddlers to older children, no one will feel left out here!

 9. Ice Cream/ Frozen Yogurt Parlor

Children love sweets, so why not take the party to an ice cream or frozen yogurt parlor? These days there are parlors where you can get any flavors and combinations you want as well as a wide variety of toppings. You can reserve a spot at the parlor and allow the kids to customize their dessert just the way they like it. Not only is this great for the children; the parents can get in on the delicious desserts as well. This is a great place to go to satisfy the children and the parents!

 10. Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks are large indoor spaces with trampolines on the floors and walls. As long as there is proper supervision, this is a fun place to have a birthday party and allow children to get their energy out. Some trampoline parks even have birthday packages that include a host and a private room for your celebration. This allows the children to entertain themselves for hours and then the party can move into the private room for eating and opening presents! For children of any age this is an exciting place to celebrate a birthday.

11. Bowling Alley

This is a staple birthday party destination. Similar to the movie theatre, most bowling alleys have a private room that you can book for the birthday party. This is a great place to go for all that you need from entertainment, to food. Some bowling alleys these days have arcade games as well, so there will be something for everyone. Going to a bowling alley will not only keep the children entertained, it will also give the parents a chance to get in on the fun!

Toddler Birthday Party Places Outdoors

Toddler Birthday Party = Outdoors Party; H2s: Outdoor Party Ideas

12. Local Park

Having a party at a park is an easy and inexpensive choice. Most parks are free of charge, and will give the children a space to play and get their energy out. Parks usually also have a shaded area for eating for when it’s time to wind down, open presents and eat cake. The children can entertain themselves for hours at your local park making this an easy way to go. Just pack some food and head over to your local park for a simple and fun birthday party!

13. Swimming Pool

Some communities have public pools that are easily accessible and cost little to no money. This is a great option for children of any age, as the children will likely entertain themselves for hours. It will also be helpful having other parents around keeping an eye on the children. Pack some snacks and enjoy your child’s birthday party at the community pool!

 14. Petting Zoo

Whether you want the zoo to come to you, or you want to go to a petting zoo, this option is versatile. Learning and petting different animals is a great way to entertain children. From rabbits to pigs, there are many different animals in petting zoos for the children to learn about and enjoy. Petting zoos are great for younger or older children as well so no one will be left out!


Any of these toddler birthday party places are sure to entertain children for hours and allow everyone to have a great time. No matter how you decide to celebrate, we bet our list of the best toddler birthday party places have you a great ideas on how to spend the special day.

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