Tween Birthday Party Ideas

13 Best Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Throwing a birthday party for your almost-teen can be tricky. Because your tween is in a period of transition, it can be challenging to throw an age-appropriate party. Do you throw them an extravagant party? Or do you invite a few friends over for a small sleepover? Luckily, we have generated a list of fun and fresh tween birthday party ideas that your child will absolutely love!

13 Fun Tween Birthday Party Ideas

1. A Slumber Party… But Better

Fun Tween Birthday Party Ideas
Pink and white tents for pajama party at home

No matter what age you are, slumber parties are always a great way to have fun and keep the party going all night! But, take your slumber party to the next level by decorating the room or buying each party-goer a matching robe. Plus, the robes can double as a party favor!

2. Outdoor Movie Night

Fun Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Watching movies is fun… but it isn’t very unique. Instead, set up a projector and decorate the lawn with blankets and throw pillows. Serve popcorn and slushies to enhance the movie-going experience. This party idea can be fun for the whole family!

3. Pool Party!

Fun Tween Birthday Party Ideas

If you have access to a pool, a pool party can be a great idea. Not only does it eliminate having to look for a venue, but it also is fun for every age-range. All you need is cool floaties, a clean pool, and some snacks to create an amazing experience for every guest. 

4. Add A Photo Booth

Fun Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Photo booths are possibly the best part of every birthday party. Cramming yourself into this little box to take photos with your closest friends is always a memorable experience. Setting up a photo booth in your backyard can transform any party into something incredible. Every party-goer will be excited to bring home a visual memento from your birthday party.

5. Spa Themed Birthday Party

Fun Tween Birthday Party Ideas

*Places cucumbers on eyes*… Everyone needs some pampering once in a while. Layout some face masks, face steamers, and nail polish, and create a serene oasis for your tween and their friends. Self-care is always important!

6. Tea Party

Fun Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Some tweens want to feel as “grown-up” as possible, so high tea is a perfect way to throw your budding tween to a more sophisticated party experience. Just fill your kitchen with finger sandwiches, elegant teacups, and sugar cubes

7. Video Game Themed Party

Fun Tween Birthday Party Ideas

It isn’t uncommon for your tween to spend hours on end playing video games. So, throwing a party based on their favorite video games would make any gamer happy. Set up some gaming consoles, arrange a tournament, and set out some game-themed cake pops, and create a space your tween will love.

8. Luau Or Beach Theme Party

Fun Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Say aloha to your next extravagant birthday bash. Luau themed parties are perfect for any tween who loves bright colors, palm trees, and the sand. Amazon has a plethora of blow-up palm trees, tiki torches, and rainbow leis, to make any Luau party a more immersive experience. Here’s a tip: If you mix together Sprite and Hawaiian Punch Polar Blast, and place Swedish fish at the bottom of a beverage dispenser it creates the perfect underwater-themed drink. 

9. Karaoke Party

Fun Tween Birthday Party Ideas

If your tween is musically inclined or just loves music, a karaoke party would be a great idea. You will need a microphone, sound system, and something to view song lyrics on. From ordering cake pops that resemble microphones to hanging up mini disco balls, this party can be entertaining for every guest (whether they want to sing or not). 

10. Everyone Is An Artist Party

Fun Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Whether your tween draws in their free time or takes art classes, being creative is an important form of self-expression and fun… so why not make a party out of it? You can either buy your own art supplies or hire a professional to teach a painting class. Try setting up each tween with an easel, paint brushes, paint, and water cup. Have someone take pictures during the activity, get some nice candid shots, and mail them to each guest as part of their thank you cards. Not only is this experience fun but also memorable since each painter will get to take home their masterpiece. 

11. Space Themed Party (It’s Out Of This World!)

Fun Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Whether your tweens are obsessed with movies like Star Trek and Star Wars or love NASA and all things space, a space-themed birthday party can be an out of this world experience for all ages. You can order spaceship and astronaut cut-outs, silvery moon-like gumballs, and star-shaped balloons to turn your backyard into a real-life space expedition. Your guests will be over the moon about this space-themed event. 

12. Cupcake Decorating Party (Yum)

Fun Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Decorating cupcakes, cookies, or cake pops is a delicious and fun treat for your tween guests. Set out some pre-made cupcakes, piping bags, and sprinkles and watch your guest use their imagination and creativity to create some amazing sweet treats. You could either suggest a theme for your baked goods or give creative freedom. A decorating competition could also be a fun addition! PSA: Always remember to check food allergies before buying certain ingredients. 

13. Visit Their Favorite Restaurant

Fun Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Not all tweens want a big birthday bash, some prefer a more private party with one or two friends and some close family members. For them, going out to a nice dinner could be the perfect way to spend their birthday. Remember to book your reservation ahead of time and get a headcount before you go. 


These were all the tween birthday party ideas included in this article. We hope these ideas help you make your tween’s birthday party the best that it can be. At the end of the day, parents just want to make their soon to be teenager happy and comfortable on their birthday. Whether it is a small private get together with a few close friends or an extravagant party with lots of decorations and activities, your tween will love what you create for them.

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