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7 Fun Wedding Anniversary Games

Does it feel like the first year of your magical marriage has flown by? The first year of marriage is a period of transition and change: it is not always easy. Creating a loving life with someone for an entire year should be celebrated. Our team has created a list with awesome wedding anniversary games.

While it’s true that there will be many more years of celebration to come, your 1st wedding anniversary is truly special! This occasion is a wonderful opportunity to get all your friends and family together to celebrate this amazing accomplishment. Some of the best ways to entertain your guests are with a collection of fun and interactive party games.

Wedding Anniversary Games

Exciting Wedding Anniversary Games

1. Necking

If your guests are not afraid to get close and personal, necking is a hilarious game for both onlookers and players. Have each couple line up across from one another. One partner holds an object under their chin while the other tries to retrieve that object from their partner (with their neck) without dropping it. No hands in this game–get close and get competitive! A round of applause and endless laughter will erupt for the last pair standing.

2. In the Dark

In the Dark is an entertaining game for larger parties with open spaces. During this game, players will blindfold themselves and use some of their other senses (sound, touch, smell) to find their partner. Make sure you assign a volunteer spotter or two in order to prevent potential accidents among the blindfolded group. First person to find their partner wins!

3. Throne (Musical Chairs)

While musical chairs may seem childish, it is always a fun and exciting game if prizes are involved. Count the number of participants and remove enough chairs so that there’s exactly one less chair than the number of guests playing. Then start up the music! Once it stops, everybody scrambles to take a seat. The last person left standing is knocked out of the game. Take away a chair each round and play until there is only one person left to crown the winner! Once a winner is chosen, offer a bottle of wine or a small gift card for the win. No one can refuse a nice token of appreciation!

4. The Year Of The..?

Write down the years 1-15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 55, 60, 70, and 75 on pieces of paper and ask participants to guess what symbol represents a particular group of anniversary years. These are great for 1st wedding anniversary games, as they get newlyweds thinking about preparations for anniversary parties to come.

5. Desert Island

Each couple playing is given a sheet of paper that symbolizes their piece of the island. Then, each couple must answer questions about their spouse. When a wrong answer is given, fold the paper in half to “shrink the island!” The pair with the least amount of folds by the end is the winner! This game is a personalized trivia game and is a great option for couples of any age. It pushes couples to work together and reminisce about past memories. It also is a great opportunity to learn more about your partner if you get a question wrong. Everyone wins in some way!

6. Newlywed Games

The Newlywed Game is played by asking each couple individually a set of questions either about themselves or their spouse. Each couple will write down their answers, which are subsequently compared to their spouse’s answers. The couple that gets the most answers correct wins. This game is similar to Desert Island but can be reconfigured. If your guests know a lot about you and your spouse, you could ask them questions about your relationship and marriage. If your bridesmaids, groomsman, and parents attend your anniversary party this game will quickly become competitive and work seamlessly. 

7. Name That Year

Create a timeline and word bank of significant life events consisting of the anniversary couple’s life (their dating life and events since they’ve gotten married). Have guests try to place these events in order with the correct year. If the couple hasn’t been together long, or you’d like to make the game even more challenging, task them with guessing the month too. These activities show who really knows the couple the best!


Anniversary parties are a wonderful chance to connect with close friends and family, reflect on your flourishing relationship, and discuss future milestones to come! Not all parties need to be formal or have a central theme, they should just need to celebrate your unity and bring your guests together.

Newlywed games and Desert Island, are perfect for any age and bring other couples into the celebration. These creative games serve to multiply the excitement and playfully test partners’ relationship trivia. If your guests are hesitant in participating in games, incentivize them with small gifts or party favors. This list of wedding anniversary games will entertain any party-goer and are unique ways to celebrate your first year of marriage! We hope you use these tips when planning your next 1st Wedding Anniversary.  

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