Wedding Budget Saving Tips

7 Helpful Wedding Budget Saving Tips

One of the most commonly known aspects of planning a wedding deals with the event’s expenses. However, until you actually have to plan a wedding, you may not know just how expensive it really is. If you are worried that you will not be able to afford the wedding of your dreams, don’t fret. We have some wedding budget saving tips for you

This is when you’ll have to choose what parts of the wedding are most important and will be given the most funding. To make sure that you have enough money for these parts, you’ll want to save some money to spend less on other parts of your wedding. Here are 7 Wedding Budget Saving Tips that’ll help you achieve that goal while you plan your wedding. 

Wedding Budget Saving Tips

1. Savings, Savings, Savings 

If you are in a serious relationship with someone, have recently gotten engaged, or are simply planning ahead, consistently putting money away for your future is a great idea. Prior to choosing wedding planning businesses or event coordinators, begin putting some money aside. One way to do this is by putting two dollars each day in a box that will go toward your wedding expenses.

If that is too much or too little, you can adjust it to work for you. Perhaps, you can set aside the money you would have spent on a coffee or treat once a week. If you think to do this year before your wedding, you will be able to save a fairly large sum of money. Anything counts, so this tip will help you no matter what.

2. Simplify the Food 

Regardless of what anyone says, just because it’s a wedding doesn’t mean you need luxurious steak or shrimp entrees. Your guests will simply be thankful that you have been generous enough to provide a meal. Some cheaper options to consider are food trucks, potlucks, or if you have a chef in the family, might as well let them work their magic! 

3. Location 

Many wedding venues are beautiful but expensive. Don’t let this discourage you though! There are many other locations for you to consider that can fit into your price range and suit your wedding such as a park, local church, friend’s backyard, or anywhere else you can envision. Be sure to account for your decorations and hygiene services (bathrooms!) for your guests when choosing a location.

Another money saving option is to hold your reception at a more expensive location but have the ceremony somewhere else or vice versa. That way, you will be paying less for the location because you’ll only be using it for a shorter amount of time. Choosing a gorgeous but cheaper location can save you hundreds of dollars.

4. Date

Not many people know this, but the specific date you choose to hold your wedding can affect pricing. Although weekends are most convenient for everyone, they are also the most common wedding dates. Because of this, almost every service will be more expensive on those days. Similarly, May through September is typically considered peak wedding season. Depending on the location of your wedding, this may vary, but it’s fairly common throughout the country.

December is also a very expensive month because of all the holiday parties. To combat these, book during months outside of this season, and the price will be significantly lower. March and April can be great wedding months because the weather is typically pleasant and they’re considered “off season” months. This means that all event coordinators, vendors, etc. won’t have as much business. Thus, you won’t get charged as much, and they may have more time to dedicate to your special day. 

5. Entertainment 

Hiring DJs, live bands, and other types of entertainment can be very expensive. One way to save money in this area is to have some of your friends or family be in charge of entertainment. If you know someone with musical talent or a band, ask them to perform live. This can be a great networking opportunity for them. If you don’t have anyone willing to perform live, simply create a playlist and ask someone to “DJ” for you. With a playlist already made, you can be sure that the songs are ones you have approved, and you will not be surprised. 

6. The Dress 

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the dress. Bridal gown prices usually begin at around $500. This price does not include alterations and most dresses are more expensive. To save on this aspect, you can search stores that don’t specialize in wedding dresses. White prom dresses that can be found in department stores are a great choice.

Boutiques might be a good place to check as well, but their selections may be smaller. Although sometimes out of style, consignment stores will have marked down dress prices. With some alterations, they could become the dress of your dreams, without breaking the bank. 

7. Look for Discounts 

You don’t have to wait until the month before your wedding to purchase decorations or anything else you may need. The second you begin wedding planning, keep an eye out for deals on the products you know you will need. That way, the second a good deal pops up, you will be able to take advantage of it. You can also ask for discounts. You might not get any, but there may be group, or large purchase discounts you are unaware of. When shopping for flowers and decorations, you can also shop at smaller, local businesses.  Though their prices may sometimes be more expensive, they may also give better discounts!


Hopefully this list was able to assist you in your wedding budgeting. Although weddings are typically expensive, they don’t have to be unreasonable. There are many ways in which you can save money while still having the day of your dreams. Be sure to check out Easy Event Planning’s blog for more event planning tips and tricks! 

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