Wedding Drink Serving Tips

5 Helpful Wedding Drink Serving Tips

Having drinks at your wedding reception is just as important as having the party food. You can see if the catering companies or wedding caterers you’re interested in hiring provide bar services. You can also visit wineries or liquor stores on your own to pick out the drinks you want to serve. Make sure to account for the size of your wedding and your budget beforehand. Here are some simple wedding drink serving tips.

Top 5 Wedding Drink Serving Tips

1. Matching the Theme

Look at the theme and style of your wedding. Whether you’re planning a classy vintage party or a chic modern celebration, you can have your drinks match your celebration. Try searching for fun drinks either online or in cocktail books beforehand. If you’re having a catering company help serve drinks, ask if they could do a few specialty drinks. Look for drinks with name puns that go with your theme or relate in some way to your specific wedding. It will be a hit with your guests. You can also print out the recipes you found on small note cards so that your guests can take it home with them and recreate it later. 

2. Newly Weds Drink

Along with matching the theme drinks, you can see if the catering services will let you provide a special drink for your guests based on a drink both the bride and groom love. You can name the drink whatever you like(usually, it’s the name of the couple) and make sure all your adult guests get to try it. If you want some more specialty drink ideas, include a drink that you prefer and include a drink that your spouse prefers. Name them after yourself and your spouse by trying to use alliterations or fun qualities that you have. 

3. Cash Bar

If you really can’t afford or simply don’t want to put a budget toward an open bar, then consider using a cash bar. Ensure your guests know that it is a cash bar at the reception (so they can prepare and bring cash).

The only limitations this has on guests is how much money they have in their wallet, so make sure you’re prepared if some of your college friends start thinking of your wedding as a college party, things may get messy on the dance floor. Cash bars can be a great idea if you have a lot of guests as the bar tab could get very high for you and your spouse. This way, people will still be able to order what they want and the amount they want without having to worry about your budget. 

4. Open Bar

If you’re interested in having an open bar, however, and you don’t have the budget to provide several drinks for everyone, you can always limit drinks per guest. Make sure the bartender from the wedding caterer knows that you are only having each guest X number of drinks.

This allows your guests to choose their drinks while also letting you stay on your allocated budget. Be sure to discuss how many guests will be at the party beforehand to figure out how much of your budget will be going towards drinks. If you’re having a smaller wedding party, an open bar can be a good idea because there are fewer guests and won’t have to worry about carrying money. 

5. Picking the Adult Drinks

You can visit local liquor stores, wineries, or winery shops to figure out how many types of alcohol you want to use will cost. This will further help you figure out your budget and continue to give you an idea of how much you’ll be spending. As a rule, you should always serve the good wine first, then the cheaper wine once guests can’t taste the difference.

Discuss the types of drinks that will be at your wedding if you’re purchasing the alcohol to make sure you have all the ingredients. For some specialty drinks, you may need to buy some other items from a grocery store, like limes, but most items can be found at the liquor store. 


Serving drinks at your wedding can be quite the planning process. Deciding what type of bar you want, how it’ll be run, and what drinks to serve are a few of the major parts of the planning process. Be sure to discuss with your partner on what type works best for the wedding you want and can afford. Whatever you decide, just be sure to plan ahead and be clear with your guests beforehand. 

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