Wedding Hair Tips

18 Helpful Wedding Hair Tips and Questions to Ask Your Stylist

You have planned every detail of your wedding day, but you still have to pick a hairstyle for your big day. What details will you use to stand out? All eyes will be on you, and you want to put your best foot forward. You have your dress, shoes, and bouquet, but now you need to put some thought into your hair. It is important to know some wedding hair tips so that you have the best style possible for your special day.

Selecting a hairstylist to hire for your wedding day should be a guilt-free process. The stylist should understand that you want your look to be perfect for you, and a good stylist will have no problems assuring you that you are in great hands. You don’t have to stick to the same person who cuts and styles your hair routinely, but in some cases, brides trust their regular stylists because their stylist understands their preferences better. Before you hire a hairstylist, consider these wedding hair tips and questions to ensure you are well prepared for your wedding day.

Wedding Hair Tips

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1. Stay True to You

This is one of our most important wedding hair tips. On one of the most special days in your life, you want to be you. Don’t switch up your appearance on a day where you are celebrating finding the person who loves you for you. If you typically rock an updo, consider wearing an updo. If you always wear a braid in your hair, go with a beautiful braid. If you are most confident and comfortable with your hair down, rock it down!

2. Try Before You Buy

You don’t want the first day to try something new to be the day of your wedding. Always try out what you think you want your ideal look to be before the day. If you want to go with different hair color, try that hair color out before your wedding. If you like it, go in for a root touch up. The same goes for getting haircuts.

3. Determine Your Length

If you like extra length in your ponytail or extra body in a half up half down do, ask your hairstylist about hair extensions. Decide if you want to add length for a more dramatic effect, or stick to a natural, classy look with subtle hair extensions.

4. Choose A Headpiece

There are so many different options for headpieces: veils, hair clips, headbands, halos, ribbons, tiaras and so many more! If you decide to wear a head headpiece, make a selection after you choose your dress. The headpiece should complement your dress and should not distract from your ideal look. Consult with your stylist about what piece would go best with your ideal hairstyle.

5. Add Height

If you’re looking for extra height for your wedding day, consider adding volume to your style. Updos elongate your neckline and create an illusion of your taller self.

6. Keep it Classy

Keep in mind that classy is also simple. Instead of obsessing over finding the “perfect” style for your wedding, start with simple styles, then add details like volume and color to give it the “perfect” effect for you. Classy hairstyles can be as simple as a braid with highlights and accessories or wand curls that hang from an up-down hairstyle. Either way, simple will always win!

7. Always Bring Extra

Any and everything that your hairstylist used to do your hair, go buy extra for your wedding day. Hair malfunctions are real, but you can quickly combat hair emergencies if you come fully prepared!

8. Appointment Hair Preparation


Depending on the type of hair, sometimes the hair will hold best when it’s dirty. You can determine if you should prep your hair in a dirty or clean state. It’s also a good idea to consult with your hairstylist to see how your hair needs to be for your ideal hairstyle. Some hairstylists have a magic tool that adds oil to the hair to make clean hair hold better, without the greasy look, so you can skip the prep altogether.

9. Have Options

If you have some inspiration photos to show your stylist for your ideal look, make sure you bring a few photos. You want to pick out details you like from each photo, so your stylist can have an idea of the preferences you like. This will also allow you to come up with your own unique look.

10. Be Practical

Even though we do look to our stylists to perform miracles with our hair, they are not magicians and cannot make you look exactly like your inspiration photo(s). Everyone has different features and you can’t expect the same results from a hairstyle or look. Don’t obsess about looking exactly like your model, or you will find yourself not liking the style altogether.

11. Limit Your Opinionators

For your wedding day, of course, you want the opinion of your loved ones about your ideal look. This is a beautiful way to incorporate your family into your wedding, but it could create more stress for you when trying to make a decision. Find someone that has the same style or knows your preferences the best and only ask and listen to them.

12. Be Openminded

You and your stylist should have a mutual agreement on what your ideal style is. Your stylist knows how important our wedding day is to you, so trust that they will use your preferences to create your look. Don’t create unnecessary anxiety; relax and enjoy yourself!

Wedding Hair Tips – Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Hairstylist


13. What Are Your Price Ranges?

First, talk about money with your hairstylist. How much do they charge for a wedding party your size? Will they have extra help that will increase the cost? Ask if there are bridal party deals. What forms of payment do they accept? Confirm the deposit price before the services, and make the payment as soon as possible to secure an appointment date.

14. Do You Have A Portfolio Of Your Work?

If you are still trying to make a decision for a hairstylist to hire, ask to see their prior work. An experienced hairstylist will always keep a profile of their styles in a portfolio or on a social media page. You can gain some ideas on what you want your ideal look to be by using styles that they have already done. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because they are going to expect you to!

15. Can You Travel To My Venue?

This is a very important question to ask because it will be convenient for you and your bridal party on the day of the wedding. A traveling stylist can do your hair at the location of the ceremony to cut back on commuting, and give you more time for preparation. Also, your hairstyle will appear fresher because they can fix you up closer to the time you make your appearance.

16. Do You Offer Makeup Services?

Some stylists are multi-talented and offer more than just hair services. Ask your stylist if they offer additional makeup services. If your stylist can style your hair and glam your face, you can save money and time by going to one person. If your stylist does not offer makeup services, ask if they have a make-up artist reference(s) that may execute your ideal look.

17. Can I Schedule A Pre-Appointment?

It may ease your mind to have a trial run before your wedding day. Your hairstylist may be able to set up a day where she can style your ideal hairstyle to ensure that it is perfect for your day. In your pre-appointment, make sure that you experiment with your options, so you can create your look. Feel free to input your ideas into your style and most importantly, be honest with your stylist!

18. Are You Available On My Wedding Date?

Once you are confident that you have the right stylist to complete your wedding look, ask about the date you should book your appointment. Some stylists can be very busy with their schedule and you want to make sure that your stylist is going to have plenty time to do your hair and your bridal party’s hair the day of your wedding. Plan accordingly to set an appointment time with your stylist.


Your wedding day is your day to shine. You should feel nothing but confidence! With this list of wedding hair tips and questions we created for you, you can decide your perfect wedding day look and find a stylist that will make you look fabulous! If you enjoyed this blog, visit some of our others at!

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