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Special Wedding Invitations – 28 Things you Need to Know

When planning wedding invitations, choosing the right one can be extremely stressful. You want to make sure it sends off pleasant vibes and makes the guests feel welcome ahead of time. Consider asking for professional advice regarding pricing and recommendations. This handy list of ideas and questions is just what you need to discuss the many twists and turns of wedding invitations!

Wedding Invitations- Themes

The invitation sets the tone for your event. Make this invitation personal and unique to you. Ask yourself if your wedding has a theme. Does your wedding utilize a color scheme? Where is your wedding and how can you incorporate the location in your invite? These are some questions to get your mind rolling on what you want your invite to look like. Here are some ideas.


The time of year is important when making an invitation. A spring wedding could have watercolor flowers painted on the cards. A fall wedding might have maple leaves or autumnal colors implemented. A winter wedding can have snowflakes stamp-cut on the invitation itself. There are many ideas, but the season is a great thing to fixate on when coming up with the look of your card. 


If you’ve had professional pictures taken of you and your fiancé, then you can make those pictures the invitation. Choose up to three pictures you’d like. One can be in the front of the card and the others on the back. You can just choose one great picture of the two of you as well. This sets the tone for your wedding. It makes a great memento for your guests as well. 

A Few Notes On What To Include With Your Wedding Invitations

A Few Notes On What To Include With Your Wedding Invitations

a. Celebrate Culture

Create a sense of togetherness between the families and friends by including cultural elements in the invitations- art, food, colors of the country, or countries the bride and groom have lived in. 

b. Past and Present

Incorporate past and present memories such as childhood photos of the groom and the bride or the families’ recent pictures to make the guests feel more united.

c. Handcrafted

For those in need of sticking to a strict budget, create your own invitations. You can capture the essence of the wedding in whichever colors, textures, and fonts you desire. 

d. Pre-wedding favors

Send simple pre-wedding favors along with the wedding invitations, such as  dried flowers, a glimpse of the wedding menu, or fancy candy. Give the guests a taste of the celebration!

e. “Planting a Seed”

Send a bag of the bride/groom’s favorite flower seeds with your invitation to “plant” the seed that begins the couple’s journey into married life. That way, the memories of the wedding will always be at each guest’s home.

f. Camera Ready

Include a picture frame with your invitation to give the guest something to hold memories of the wedding in. Engraving the frame with the wedding date would be a nice personal touch. 

Questions on Pricing

1. Do you have a set price?

Often, invitations will have a set price per design, but sometimes, additional decorations have hidden costs. Make sure that the invitation professional is upfront about the overall price.

2. What do you include in the price?

Again, some components of the invitation may have additional costs. Make sure you know exactly what is included.

3. Is a deposit required?

Most companies require a nonrefundable deposit when you place your order to ensure your business. Ask how much the deposit will be so that you are prepared.

4. Are there any possible discounts?

Before you place your order, see if you qualify for any bulk discounts. 

5. How expensive will it be to mail my invitations?

The size, shape, and weight of your invitations will affect your postage cost, which may influence your design decisions. Choose a design that’s within your budget, cost included.

6. Do you have a late delivery policy?

Check to see whether you will receive a refund should your invitations arrive late.  

Questions on Design

7. Do you do your own printing? 

A stationer who does their own printing will be able to deliver your invitations more quickly. If you’re on a tight schedule, this is the choice for you. 

8. What are my different design options? 

Find out every option before making a decision, including your options for paper, ink, font style, color, and word limit.

9. Can I include a photo on my invitation? 

Ask whether it’s possible to include a photo on your invitations. If it is, find out the required logistics, such as the required file format and whether retouching or color conversion is available.

10. Do you have any environmentally-friendly options? 

Ask whether you can have your invitations printed on recycled paper or with soy-based ink for an environmentally-friendly invitation. 

11. Do you offer any specific brands? 

If you’re looking for a specific brand, in particular, ask to see whether your stationer offers it. If they don’t, ask to see any similar brands.

12. Do you offer personalized envelopes? 

Check whether your stationer offers personalized envelopes in addition to invitations. 

13. Are there any popular trends in color and style?

Keep your invitations looking fresh by asking your stationer about the recent trends in invitations.

14. What is the most popular paper choice?

Ask about the paper trends and choose accordingly.    

15. What do you think of response cards?

If you can’t decide whether to send response cards, ask your invitation stationery. Your stationery is a terrific resource for advice on any decision you may have that involves your invitations.

16. Will you provide a sample of my invitation? 

Check for any mistakes on the sample invitation. 

17. Can I order other stationery items from you?

If you wish to have other paper items such as menus, table numbers, programs, or place cards at your event, see if you can order them from your stationer – there may be a discount for bundling your order with one company.

Questions on Quality

18. Is there a deadline for printing? 

Ask the company how long you have to make a design choice before they need to be printed. 

19. What is your turnaround time? 

You must ask how long it will take to make the invitations so that you can receive them and send them out in time. 

20. How much does a sample invitation cost? 

Seeing a sample invitation is a helpful way to choose your design, so it needs to be within your budget constraints.

21. Do you offer artisanal or handmade papers?                                                     

Artisanal and handmade papers offer a nice touch to invitations, and this question will also give you a feel for the kind of stationery you’re working with.

22. Handwritten or digital? 

Ask a calligrapher if they do their work by hand or by computer. If the work is printed from a computer, it’s not technically considered calligraphy and may look different from handwritten calligraphy.

23. Has anyone else chosen a similar design? 

If someone has recently chosen the design that you’re considering, the stationer may have an example on hand to let you view what the invitations will look like.

24. Who assembles your invitations? 

Knowing who will actually be assembling your invitations is helpful if you want to add any extra details on your invitations, like ribbons or bows. You can instruct them to detail the invitations exactly as you wish. 

25. Will you stuff the invitations onsite? 

Ask whether your stationery will stuff the invitations themselves.

26. How will my invitations be transported? 

Confirm that your invitations will stay safe on the track from the printer to your house. You don’t want to spend all this money to have them ruined in transportation!     

27. Who will be held responsible for any errors?                                       

You don’t want to be held liable for any mistakes that the stationer may make – you want to make sure that you get the invitations you paid for! 

28. View Their Portfolio

Take a look at their prior work and ask them questions about their experience. Discuss how you envision the calligraphy to be done and be sure that they’re on the same page as you are. Make sure the calligrapher is well rounded with their styles of calligraphy. Some are only used to doing a few specific styles and may not match your needs.


A good invitation will be enough to get the guests exciting, and a bad one can turn them away. So, after looking through this list, you should have a better idea of what to look out for when creating an invitation for arguably the best kind of celebration ever.

Written by Chelsea Jung and Stephanie Castillo

Co-Author Matvei Mozhaev

Edited by Amy Chiang 

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