Wine Themed Bridal Shower

29 Exciting Wine Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

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Planning a brunch bridal shower? Or maybe a nice evening bridal shower? Regardless of the time of day, it is always a good time of day for a glass of wine, so why not just plan the bridal shower to be a wine-themed bridal shower! Wine is a classy, smooth, and mature drink that can be fun to celebrate the soon-to-be bride. Wine is such a nice way to bring people together warmly and invitingly!

Below we have tons of ideas for your wine-themed bridal shower! Ideas from decorations and party favors, to basic party supplies and invitations!

Wine Themed Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

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1. Centerpieces

Having the perfect centerpiece can set the tone for your wine-themed bridal shower! Given this is a wine-themed bridal shower, using wine bottles as centerpieces is more than acceptable! They can even be filled with wine and your guests can drink from these. Or they can be empty bottles that are used as vases for fresh flowers! You can use both green and purple grapes at accents for your tables, as well as cork-filled mason jars or vases. To help make cleaning up easier, make the centerpieces with cheese, grapes, crackers, and wine. There are also tons of cute options on Etsy!

2. Grapes and Grape Leaves

Do not be afraid of using both green and purple grapes as well as grape leaves! Use them as part of your centerpieces, or as a garnish for your food table. You can choose to purchase fake grapes, or you can use real ones and allow your guests to snack on them during the bridal shower!

3. Wine Cork Decor

There is so much you can do with wine corks! Utilize them as a guest book and as decoration! Either have some corks beforehand, or collect them throughout the bridal shower, and have your guests write their names on them as well as the date. Place them in a basket or a cute personalized jar for the bride to take home with her. You could also DIY tea candle holders with the corks by hot-gluing them into a circle and place a tea light inside. Have a custom DIY cork monogram as well, this will be guaranteed to be a hit! 

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4. Color Scheme

Making sure you have the color scheme perfect is so important! If the bridal shower is taking place in fall or winter, burgundy and gold would be beautiful options for colors. Burgundy and gold together make for an elegant and classy look. If the bridal show is in spring or summer, pink and gold would give a light and fun feel to the shower! Other color schemes that would work beautifully would be navy and pink or green and burgundy.

5. Mason Jars

Mason jars have so much versatility to them! Use them to hold used corks or utensils at the food table. If you have a non-wine drinker attending the bridal shower, these would be a cute alternative to a wine glass or normal cup for them to drink out of. You can fill them with dried nuts, seeds, and spices and use them as centerpieces and other decorations around the room!

6. Burlap

If you are wanting your wine-themed bridal shower to have a rustic feel to it, then burlap will become your best friend! Use burlap as a table runner for the food tables and the tables for guests. Tie it into a bow to place on the backs of chairs, or just wrap them around the backs of chairs to give them a whole new look. You could even cut the burlap up to really small pieces and use it as an alternative to confetti to garnish tables. Burlap can also be purchased with lace attached to it to give it a more elegant feel!

Wine Themed Bridal Shower Party Favors

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7. Wine Glass Charms

Wine glass charms are something that would be placed on the neck of a wine glass. These are most popular to be used while at a party where there are a lot of wine glasses being used, wine glass charms help with identifying whose drink is whose. There are so many cute charms that you can choose for your guests and the charms can be given to your guests at the start of the bridal shower and they can be used throughout the wine-themed bridal shower! 

8. Custom Wine Glasses

No one can ever have enough wine glasses. Plus, there isn’t much cuter than a personalized wine glass that is made special for your guests. To do this as a party favor, guests would need to RSVP and make sure they arrive. It would be an uncomfortable situation if someone did not RSVP and there was no glass for them! Custom wine glasses could also be a DIY activity that you do with your guests at the bridal shower!

9. Decorative Wine Stoppers

A wine stopper is what you use to reseal a bottle of wine that once had the cork in place. These are a must-have for any avid wine drinker. This is a party favor that can be used by your guests for years after the knot is tied!

10. Wine Scented Candles

Candles are a popular party favor to give for any party, especially as a party favor for a bridal shower! Given this is a wine-themed bridal shower, it is more than fitting to send each of your guests home with a wine-scented candle. There are so many different scents you can choose from or if you want to get crafty, you could even look up wine scented candle recipes!  

11. Wine Bottles with Personalized Labels

Depending on what your budget is, this would be a more than fitting party favor to send home with your guests. To make it more personalized, create your labels to stick on the bottle. It can include the soon-to-be Mrs. and Mr.’s last name with the established year. You can also include the name of the wine as well as the occasion- bridal shower- and the date! For an even more personal touch, on the top of the cork, add something like a monogram or the year to it!

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Wine Themed Bridal Shower Food Ideas

12. Cheese and Crackers

Have a variety of different cheeses and crackers available for your guests to snack on throughout the wine-themed bridal shower. When wine tasting, there are commonly cheese and crackers that go good with certain types of wine. Let your guests find combinations that they like, and even have them write them down on little cards to take home with them for later or for them to share with other guests at the shower!

13. Wine

This should go without saying, to have wine at a wine-themed bridal shower! But, be sure to have a wide variety, everyone likes something different. Red wine and white wine, sweet and dry, merlot and rose, sparkling wines, and the list can go on and on from there! Don’t forget to have a bottle or two of the bride’s favorite wine for her to have to herself!

14. Dessert Foods

Sweet treats go great with wine, and different sweets go great with different types. Be sure to have a variety of sweets such as macarons, sugar cookies, types of chocolate, cake pops, etc. The fun part of the majority of these foods can be matched with your color scheme. You can make the macarons with colored dough and icing, ice the sugar cookies accordingly, same for the cake pops!

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15. Cake

This is a celebration! There has to be cake! If you choose to have a tiered cake, corks can be used as a topper and on the cake as decoration. If you go with a sheet cake, have it be made in the shape of a wine glass or a bottle of wine. What would be so fun with a sheet cake is serving it in wine glasses! Yes, you read that right. Find plastic wine glasses and you can use them to put the cake inside. It is unique and a different and fun way for everyone to eat their cake. Guests can even use them after cake for more wine!

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16. Small Bite Foods

Having small foods like sliders, BBQ, mozzarella and zucchini hoagies, deviled eggs, veggie trays, finger sandwiches are easier to serve in a setting of many people and it is usually cheaper than having a catered event. Many grocery stores will offer trays of pre-made sandwiches and you can buy BBQ in bulk and stick it in a slow cooker to cook. Label all your food options with these cute chalkboard stands!

Wine Themed Bridal Shower Games and Activities

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17. Blind Wine Taste Testing – Guess the Wine

Blind taste testing does not necessarily mean putting on a blindfold and taste test, although that would be a fun activity to do. But you could purchase various types of wine, and cover the labels with a personalized cover. Have your guests test which wine is which to make for a different and exciting game for your wine-themed bridal shower!

18. Guess How Many Corks Are In the Jar

This is a classic little game, typically played with candies or beans. But in this case, it would be with wine corks so it would fit the theme. Fill up a large jar or clear container with corks and throughout the bridal shower have guests take their guesses of how many are inside. Then at the end of the bridal shower, see who got the number right or who was closest! The winner can be sent home with a bottle of wine or any other prize you want to give!

19. Wine Flight Tasting Placemats

Let your guests become wine connoisseurs! Have them taste-test wines, either knowing which wines they are or have guests blindly taste them. With these placemats, there are different options for the look of the wine, how it tastes, smells, and the details. Then finally they can rate how they like the wine but coloring in a smiley face! This can be a fun way for everyone to interact with each other.

20. Don’t Say “Bride/Groom/Wedding”

Just like the classic baby shower game, “Don’t Say Baby”, this is the same thing but your guests are not allowed to say bride, groom, or wedding. Give the traditional game a twist for the wine-themed bridal shower. If you want to make the game even more interesting, your guests are not allowed to say wine, at a wine-themed bridal shower! This will keep everyone on their toes and this is fun to create constant laughter during the bridal shower!

21. Game Bundles

You can find game bundles like this one from Etsy and they include games such as Bridal Bingo, Bridal Mad Libs, Who Said It, and so many more! Not all the games have to be played of course, but it would for sure make for a good time with your guests!

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Wine Themed Bridal Shower Party Supplies

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21. Decoration Kits

Decoration kits come with everything you would need for your party. These may come with everything from tableware, banners, streamers, balloons, the list is endless! If you cannot find a wine-themed kit that you like, finding one with matching colors for your color scheme so everything can match beautifully!

22. Plates, Tableware, and Napkins

This is a given but sometimes when working on all the other details of the bridal shower, these simple items are forgotten about then you end up having to use ones that do not completely match your theme. A simple pack of plates and napkins that are the same colors that match your scheme. Also, don’t forget the wine glasses, stemless and with stems!

23. Plastic Wine Glasses

Yes, glass wine glasses are ideal for wine, but you don’t want to use these to serve cake in! This is if you choose to serve cake in a wine like what was mentioned above. These can be purchased in bulk and are the perfect size for a nice serving of cake!

24. Hanging Decor

Have cute streamers and images hanging around the room! You can hang them from doorways, the ceiling, tables, and chairs!

25. Balloons

Balloons are a must have for any celebration! These are so cute and would be great for an extra touch as well as props for some super cute pictures!

Invitations for a Wine Themed Bridal Shower

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25. Watercolor Designs

You could always let your creativity flow and use watercolor paints to make your invitations. Watercolor painting is starting to make a comeback! These invites are so cute and come in a digial download file so you can print them out for use whenever you are ready for them!

26. Rustic

Any sort of wine party typically has some sort of rustic feel to it. So, why not carry it to the invitations as well! This natural looking invite is perfect and has the perfect touch of wine and simplicity!

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27. Elegant

These may not be “wine-themed” perhaps, but they are so elegant and beautiful that we couldn’t not include them! This invitation comes with twenty invitations and envelopes, so all you have to do is fill out all the details and send them out!

28. Natural

This invitation from Etsy is so beautiful and light in color. It comes to you in a digital download and you can add your details to it, then print it out on your paper of choice!

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29. Bridal Brunch

If you are wanting your wine-themed bridal shower to be around “brunch” time, then these invitations are perfect for the occasion! These can be shipped right to you and they even include envelopes!


Make sure this event is more than special for your soon-to-be-bride! Have some fun with it and let your creativity flow like wine when putting together this wine themed bridal shower! Hopefully, our top 26 ideas gave you some ideas to get started on planning for this special day! 

Written by: Lauren Bolt

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