Winter Birthday Party Ideas

20 Awesome Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have a special winter birthday party coming up? Or maybe you are looking for some ways on how to even throw one? Below you will find a guideline on winter birthday party ideas and some tips on what to include!

Top 20 Winter Birthday Party Ideas

1. Small Family Brunch and an Outdoor Game

Top 20 Winter Birthday Party Ideas

A brunch is something that everyone looks forward to and that is why you should hold a small family brunch. First, make dishes such as quiche lorraine, asparagus tart, and sausage. Then, end the brunch off with some fun outdoor games such as an egg hunt or a jungle party.

2. The Classic Slumber Party

A slumber party is one of the most inexpensive ways to throw a winter party. This is the type of idea that makes guests feel cozy and happy. The party could include a baking contest, watching Christmas movies, and ending the night with a warm cup of hot cocoa.

3. Group Playdate Somewhere Fun

No matter how old you get a group playdate is something that can put a smile on everyone’s face. During the wintertime, the best activity to do in groups is to go sledding. If this is not your cup of tea no worries you can hold a candle and singing party with your friends.

4. Import Low-Cost Entertainment

If you want to include entertainment at the party it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to do so. You could start off by hiring a bead-store owner for kids to make necklaces at the party. If you don’t like this idea go with some at-home activities such as board games and Christmas tree decorating.

5. North Pole Party

A north pole party during Christmas time is something that everyone would enjoy. You could hire a team to bring arctic creatures such as polar bears, penguins, etc. Another activity that would be fun is to have everyone build snowmen in teams and drink hot cocoa while doing so. 

6. Baking Party

Top 20 Winter Birthday Party Ideas

A baking party is what every kid enjoys during the wintertime with their parents. You can start off by buying local baking items such as aprons, chefs hats, baking utensils, food, etc. If you wanted to you could even have online cooking classes for everyone to follow along with while baking.

7. Sledding Party

Okay, here me out when you read this title it brought you some joy. Sledding is the most popular activity during the wintertime. You should have guests bring sleds and serve some fresh warm donuts for them!

8. Spa Party

If you like the idea of holding a spa party, then find a nice spa near your home. You should make sure that the location you choose is convenient for everyone. If this is not an idea that you like then don’t worry you can hold a spa evening in your home. You should buy spa essentials from your local market such as robes, face masks, and nail polish.

9. Planetarium Star Gazing

In order to hold a planetarium star gazing party, you will need to find a planetarium near your home. Again, make sure this place is convenient for everyone to easily have access to. You could serve some warm hot cocoa with cookies while everyone enjoys the show.

10. Disney on Ice Shows

If you are inviting lots of kids to the birthday party, then you should go with an ice show theme. You can have two options here: either find a great ice skating arena near you or have this at home. If you go with the at-home option then make sure you find an affordable plan. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, just make sure you end the night with a nice winter soundtrack!

11. Ice Skating Rink Outdoor

Top 20 Winter Birthday Party Ideas

A wonderful idea on how to hold an ice skating rink at home is to hire some people to have this set-up in your background. You should end the night with some fresh eggnog and some baking activities for the guests to enjoy.

12. Christmas Light Drive

You can never go wrong with a simple Christmas lights show. Throughout the wintertime, there are always lighting shows being displayed. In the evening time after the birthday dinner take your guests out for a lights drive.

 13. Christmas Lights Show

This idea just piggy-backs on the theme mentioned above. You should find a Christmas lighting show that is near your home and also the most convenient for everyone.

14. Snack/Treat ideas

You can get very creative and come up with some cute snack ideas. Start by buying some sticks and place marshmallows or kabobs on them. In the drinks category, you can serve some apple cider or cinnamon-infused lattes.

15. Goodie bags    

The best way to end any birthday party is to have some goodie bags made for the guests. In these bags include candy, cake pops, gumballs, cocoa packets, and some small cute mugs.

16. A Winter Party Library

This section would include some winter movies that would put everyone in a happy mood. The movie list would include Elf, Home Alone, and Santa Clause. 

 17. Hot Chocolate


Top 20 Winter Birthday Party Ideas

You could set up a cute hot cocoa station that allows each guest to make their hot cocoa the way they would like to. Everyone has a different taste so buy an assortment of flavors such as marshmallows, hot cocoa packets, and creamers.

 18. Denim and Diamonds

This is more of a dress-up idea. You could have your guests dress up in their favorite denim clothes and favorite diamonds. This is definitely a unique idea if you want to look different from everyone else.

19. Champagne Testing

Top 20 Winter Birthday Party Ideas

If you are holding a birthday party for adults then include a champagne testing station. This station should have a variety of flavors for people to test out.

20. Ice Cream Social

You should have an ice cream social-another term for an ice-cream station. Everyone loves a different flavor of ice cream so you should buy chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc. You should also buy an assortment of toppings such as gummy bears, chocolate chips, and candy.


Winter birthday parties have a special warm feeling to them. You should consider yourself special if your birthday is in the wintertime or if you are planning one during this time. I hope after reading this article, you found some winter birthday party ideas that sparked your imagination!

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