Winter Birthday Party Ideas

20 Awesome Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have a special winter celebration coming up, either for yourself or a loved one? Below you will find a guideline on winter birthday party ideas and some helpful tips on how to throw the perfect gathering.

Top 20 Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Top 20 Winter Birthday Party Ideas

1. Small Family Brunch

Brunch is an occasion that everyone looks forward to, so consider holding a small family brunch for your winter birthday party. Serve warm dishes like quiche lorraine, asparagus tarts, and sausage, along with refreshments like coffee and hot chocolate.

2. Classic Slumber Party

With the weather being chilly, consider a warm and cozy slumber party to celebrate. A slumber party is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to throw a winter party. The party could include a pillow fight, watching Christmas movies, and ending the night with warm chocolate chip cookies.

3. Snowflake Ball

For a larger formal gathering, a snowflake ball is the perfect way to celebrate. Decorate your space by stringing icicle lights and hanging snowflakes, or, to take it to the next level, incorporating ice sculptures. Have guests dress up in their best formal attire and dance the night away at the ball.

4. Winter Camping

If you and your guests are adventurous, try out winter camping. Make sure those in attendance are well-packed with sleeping bags and warm clothes, then set out to the woods to start your party. Pitch a few tents and build a fire to keep warm. Stay busy with outdoor scavenger hunts and telling stories around the fire.

5. Winter Wonderland Party

A winter wonderland party is an occasion that guests of all ages will enjoy. Consider decorating your space with mini Christmas trees, arctic animal figurines, and snow from a snow machine. If the weather permits, have guests build snowmen in teams and drink hot cocoa while doing so. 

6. Baking Bash

Baking fun and festive desserts is an excellent way to commemorate a winter birthday party. Start off by buying baking supplies such as aprons, chef hats, baking utensils, etc. Then, purchase your ingredients — and don’t forget snowflake sprinkles! When the party begins, have guests work together on their desserts or organize a baking competition to see who can create the best sweet treats.

7. Sledding Party

Sledding is one of the most popular activities during the wintertime, so why not center a winter party around it? Have guests bring their own sleds for a fun day in the snow. Teach guests new tricks or hold a sledding race. When guests get hungry, have some fresh, warm donuts ready for them.

8. At-Home Spa Night

For a relaxing indoor experience, try an at-home spa party. First, make sure you have all the spa essentials — like robes, face masks, nail polish, and lotion. Light a few candles to create ambiance, and have your favorite snacks laid out. For an added benefit, hire a masseuse to give your guests massages.

9. Nutcracker Party

Celebrate the colder weather with one of the season’s most classic and well-loved plays. Decorate your space with artificial snow, cotton-lined floors, white balloons, tea lights, and bowls of sugar plum candies. Put on The Nutcracker for guests to watch.

10. Disney on Ice Shows

If you are inviting lots of kids to the birthday party, then you should go with an ice show theme. You can have two options here: either find a great ice skating arena near you or have this at home. If you go with the at-home option then make sure you find an affordable plan. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, just make sure you end the night with a nice winter soundtrack!

11. Ice Skating

A wonderful idea on how to hold an ice skating rink at home is to hire some people to have this set-up in your background. You should end the night with some fresh eggnog and some baking activities for the guests to enjoy.

12. Christmas Light Show

A simple but memorable way to commemorate your winter party is by attending a Christmas light show. Find one near your home and take plenty of pictures with your guests!

 13. Winter Olympics

For kids with a lot of energy, a winter Olympics party may be a great option — and it can be done in or outdoors. Fun activities include hosting a sled pulling relay, starting snowball fights (try purchasing indoor snowballs), playing Minute to Win It games, or creating an indoor skating rink.

14. Frozen-Themed Party

For a child’s birthday party, consider hopping on the Frozen bandwagon and centering your party around the popular Disney movies. Choose blue and white garland, snowflake wall hangings, and props from the movie to decorate. Have the kids dress up like Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Hans, and of course, Olaf.

15. Gingerbread Party    

One of the best ways to celebrate a winter birthday is with a classic winter-inspired treat: gingerbread. Have guests decorate gingerbread men and gingerbread houses to their liking, complete with various types of icings and candy decorations. Play games like pin the button on the gingerbread man or bust into a gingerbread piñata to top it off.

16. Christmas Movie Marathon

If your winter party is near the holiday season, host a Christmas movie marathon. Have popcorn and candy bags prepared and put on winter movies like Elf, Home Alone, and Santa Clause. The more, the merrier!

 17. Hot Chocolate Bar

For a fun and informal gathering, set up a hot cocoa station. This can be a delicious addition to any winter party, but it can also stand alone as its own event. Set out a variety of decorative mugs for guests to choose from (or, better yet, have guests decorate them themselves), then offer different hot cocoa flavors, marshmallows, creamers, and candies.

 18. Denim and Diamonds

This is more of a dress-up idea. You could have your guests dress up in their favorite denim clothes and favorite diamonds. This is definitely a unique idea if you want to look different from everyone else.

19. Champagne Testing

If you are holding a birthday party for adults then include a champagne testing station. This station should have a variety of flavors for people to test out.

20. Ice Cream Social

You should have an ice cream social-another term for an ice-cream station. Everyone loves a different flavor of ice cream so you should buy chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc. You should also buy an assortment of toppings such as gummy bears, chocolate chips, and candy.


Winter celebrations have a special, warm feeling to them. After reading this article, hopefully you have found some winter birthday party ideas that will spark your imagination and inspire you to throw the perfect celebration.

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