Build an affordable, flexible plan that works for you. All options sold a la carte

Limited to 3

  • Per Page

Custom design

  • 250×300 ad

Always viewable

  • They remain in place as the user scrolls

Your place or ours

  • Link to your site or EEP profile


Build an affordable, flexible plan that works for you. All options sold a la carte

Tired of How about
Paying high rates for exclusive positioning, only to disappear from view as soon as the page scrolls? Having your ad remain prominently in view as the page is scrolled?
Having no way to stand apart from all the vendor profiles on the page? Having a custom-designed ad
Hoping potential customers eventually make their way to your website from your profile page? Letting them click right from your ad on the category page before they even notice your competitors?


Build an affordable, flexible plan that works for you. All options sold a la carte

Ads appear at the top right of the category/subcategory page and remain in place as prospects scroll the page. That means your ad is always visible no matter where the user is on the page! Use the scroll bar in the “how your ad will appear” section above to see how this works.

These display ads are unlike anything the industry has offered before.

  • They stay in place as you scroll the page so you’re always right in front of potential clients.
  • There are only 3 per page.
  • They are completely custom so they draw more attention then the average profile.
  • You can link directly to your website from the ad, unlike a profile where the user has to first go your profile.

Display ads are in the right margin, so they don’t appear within the search results themselves. You can have a free profile even when you have a profile but it’s possible users will never see your profile in the search results, depending on the number of paid profiles on the page.

Only 3 ads are sold per Category and Subcategory page in each Market.

There is an initial 12-month commitment and then you pay month-to-month.

Your credit card or bank account will be auto-charged monthly.

Rates are locked in for at least the first year your ad runs. Rates are subject to change after that, dependent largely on our costs to drive traffic to the page but you will have a choice to cancel any month after that first year.

We have 3 ways to save:

  • Save 30% on all monthly rates for a limited time.
  • Get 3 months free when you pay for 9 months up front.
  • Save 20% on all ads when you purchase 2-4 ads and save 25% on all ads when you buy 5 or more.

You can maintain that same exclusive spot permanetly as long as you keep on time.

Rates vary by Market and Category. Scroll below to see the rates.

You can choose to take users to your website or to your profile on when clicked.

You will receive free Profile Leads (when a User submits a quote request specifically from your profile) with any Display Ad. Site Leads (where users want to hear from multiple vendors), are sold a la carte on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Build an affordable, flexible plan that works for you. All options sold a la carte

Multi ad discount Discount on all
2-4 Ads 20%
5-20 Ads 25%
21 and above Call 877-337-5261

Need a custom package or have questions?
Call 607-308-0730 or submit the form.