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Bachelorette Party Checklist

Bachelorette Party Checklist

Updated on: Mar 11, 2024

Congratulations! You are the trusted friend to planning a bachelorette party for your beloved bride. It is time to get together all of the bride’s closest friends and plan a special weekend. Time to start planning all of the group dinners and activities.

Stressed, yet? Don’t be! Our bachelorette party checklist will help you plan all of your bottomless cocktails and nights on the town. It'll even remind you about gifts and other necessary supplies that'll make sure the you don't forget a thing. .

Our checklists are interactive and completely customizable for your event. You will be able to input every detail for your event to stay on task and organized up to the big day!

1. Set Up a Guest List

The maid of honor or friend of the bride should discuss a guest list with the bride. This does not just have to be people in the wedding party. The bride may want to invite a few guests or additional family members to participate in this event!

2. Discuss the Type of Event

Every bride is going to have something different in mind for her bachelorette parties. This may be a weekend getaway to a beach, a night at local bars, or a cocktail party at a friend’s house. It is important to know what kind of event will make your bride happy.

3. Go Over Dates

Set up a time to discuss future dates with your bride. There is a lot of planning for her whole wedding timeline and this is only a small piece. Some couples may want their bachelor and bachelorette parties on the same weekend. Go over a few dates to give her options and possibly the attendees some options as well.

4. Create a Budget

Planning a bachelorette party can become expensive. Go over possible price points for your bride. Find a few different price points that could accommodate everyone. Many times you can get group specials on hotels or night clubs for a cover charge. See where you can get discounts for your whole group to make it affordable for all guests.

5. Establish an Itinerary

It will be easiest for you and the bride if you establish a rough itinerary before sending out the initial invites. The itinerary could include possible dates, destination, and any activities that would be included in the weekend. This may help guests decide if they will be in attendance or not.

6. Ask for Contact Information

Once the guest list is established, ask your bride for contact information for all the guests. Keep an organized list of contact information for when guests begin to RSVP.

7. Send Out an Invite

Once you get the contact information from your bride, send out your invitations! Email invites have become very popular over the years. Another tip is to set up a Facebook page for all guests to join to RSVP and post updates on the trip. Make the communication easiest for you and your plans!

8. Finalize the Itinerary

Get an accurate count for your guest list to begin the finalizing details. At this point, you should book the hotel accommodations for everyone if you are all staying together. You should establish which transportation everyone will be needing. Find out any group rates you can receive for the night or weekend. Let all of the guests know how much money is owed after the details are finalized.

9. Purchase Some Bachelorette Accessories

When planning a bachelorette party, decorations and accessories are a must! Many bachelorettes want to match with their guests! This could be group t-shirts or sashes to wear for the night. Grab some decorations to decorate her hotel room. Find a tiara or veil for your bride to wear for your night out. Make sure your bride feels like a bride and gets all the attention she deserves!

10. Grab Last Minute Necessities

Make sure to purchase anything that the group may need for the day or weekend. Make a grocery list if your group will need any snacks or beverages for the weekend. If your group will be going out many nights, pack some water bottles and ibuprofen to keep everyone feeling well!


While there is a lot that goes into this event, it is so worth it when you see your bride having a wonderful time with friends. Our interactive checklist will help you keep yourself on task in planning and budgeting for your event. We are sure that it will be a success!

Written by Tatum Shirk; Contributors: Ana Fabijanic and Max Kahn

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