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Anniversary Party Checklist

Anniversary Party Checklist

Updated on: Mar 03, 2024

So you’ve found a soulmate, planned a wedding, and officially tied the knot. The hard part is over, right? In the long run, yes! Anniversaries are such a fun and exciting time to celebrate beautiful relationships with friends and family. This planning can be stressful but luckily, Easy Event Planning makes it simple with a one-stop anniversary party checklist. Whether you’re celebrating the first year, five years, or 50, every detail is laid out from choosing a date to the last-minute day of preparations.

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5 Reasons to Love Our Anniversary Party Planning Checklist

1. Automatic Timeline

Has the question of how long does it take to plan an Anniversary Party been keeping you up at night? We've made it simple - It is completely up to you! Simply input your party date, and then each task included in the worksheet will get an assigned due date. This eliminates the pressure of a predetermined countdown while still making sure you have everything taken care of in time for the event. It will also lay out everything for you in a timely manner so there is nothing left to the last minute and tasks can be completed over however long of a time period you desire.

2. Event-specific

This isn't just a generic party planning guideline - it was made just for anniversary parties! Anniversary parties can be hard to find ideas for when there are so many other events such as weddings and bridal showers circulating around. We have organized everything you will need for your Anniversary Party in an easy to understand document that is specific to your event!

3. Visuals

Our template is formatted using colors to help you easily see what tasks need to get done and in which order. Once you complete a task, check the box in the row so it turns green. Any tasks with approaching due dates will turn yellow. If a task manages to slip your mind, it will turn red. This will let you know with a quick glance where to spend your time. We also provide photos for the visual learners to gain ideas from and collaborate with us on!

4. Easily Shareable

Is anyone helping you plan the anniversary party? Share the template with anyone via Google Drive. Multiple people can edit at the same time in real-time. Collaborating for events can be a fun way to incorporate everyone's ideas and sharing the document is the first step in this!

5. Helpful Links

Another great thing about the checklist template is that it doesn't just help you plan your time, it connects you with a surplus of great resources in a single click.

  • Want to survey your friends to find the best time to hold your party? Links to useful websites and apps are included.
  • Budgeting is a huge part of party planning and can be overwhelming. we make it easy with our budget worksheet, created just for anniversary parties! A link to this sheet will be included in the checklist.
  • Need to order supplies or presents? We’ve got you covered in one click away.
  • Looking for inspiration and creative tips and ideas? We’ll link right to the articles you need.

How to Use the Anniversary Party Checklist

Simply click the download button below to get started. We have created a step-by-step guide to take you through using our checklists: how to share your checklists with fellow planners, how to add/edit/delete tasks, how to sort/filter/reorder tasks and more.

Anniversary Party Checklist: Conclusion

With this checklist in your back pocket, Easy Event Planning has eliminated the headache of planning an anniversary party. All you’ll have to do come party time is sit back and celebrate another year of love and marriage. Or ten. Or fifty.

Written by Katie Fruehauf; Contributor: Max Kahn

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