Easy Event Planning Internships

Easy Event Planning LLC (EEP) has one of the top internship programs in the country. Our entire program is built around optimizing student resumes. Our interns have gone on to work for Fortune 500 companies, secure highly competitive paid internships, land incredible full-time jobs, and gain entry into graduate school as a direct result of what they learned here.

Our flexible, fully virtual internships allow students to learn and grow in a warm, supportive environment. We’ve been successfully hosting virtual interns and developing leaders for over 15 years. Student set your own hours and name their own end dates. Many students will have the opportunity to secure leadership roles.

Our positions are highly competitive and limited in number. We are looking for go-getters who will take initiative and learn everything they possibly can. Students must be engaged and take initiative for a virtual internship to work.

Our spring 2024 session kicks off around January 15th.

Application Steps

  1. Please complete this form it not yet completed.
  2. We will review your application (usually within a week or less) and reach out if we find there is a fit. 
  3. You may be invited to an individual or group interview or other screening process.
  4. Offer is extended and you have 3-4 days to accept.
  5. Email any questions to [email protected].


Absolutely! Just let us know what paperwork your school requires and give us 7 days’ notice when evaluations must be submitted. We do not require you to get credit though.

All of our internships are unpaid. But they often lead to paid internships, part-time jobs while finishing school and incredible first jobs out of college.

It is an unpaid internship but there are no fees unless your school requires you to pay fees to get credit.

You will receive instructions inside our Orientation document once you come on board.

Students will begin their internship on August 30th. The end date is flexible as long as you commit to at least 12 weeks.

Yes! We abide by US Department of Labor Federal Internship Guidelines. Our EIN is 80-0188059.

We love working with students who really want to capitalize on this opportunity and possibly grow into leadership/coaching roles. We need all students to be highly responsive and proactive. Communication is key!


Alternate Text

10 is the minimum per week. Anything below that and you won’t have enough time to put into practice what you’re learning. Some students chose to work 30+ hours per week. We encourage you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and put in as much time as you are comfortably able to.

If doing a sales internship, students will need some availability during regular working hours. Otherwise, all students just need to accommodate their team members, as you’ll be meeting as a group Mondays and Thursdays. But otherwise, it doesn’t matter if it’s late at night or a weekend, etc. If you can’t attend the training sessions live you can watch the recordings.

All students need to track their time and accomplishments each week. This will make updating your resume very easy. They will attend twice-weekly meetings with their team. For digital marketing, there is also a weekly lecture to attend.

We try our best to assign geographically if assigned to a Digital Marketing team and always try to keep students attending the same school together on a team for the sake of networking. Your major may also play a role in team assignments, as we try to have a variety of majors on the same team when possible.

You are assigned to one team at a time but you can volunteer for short-term projects that involve working with people from multiple teams.

Team leaders and assistant team leaders are initially chosen based on prior leadership experience and an interview with the CEO. During the semester, we look at the recommendations of team leaders to suggest students for leadership roles.