Easy Event Planning Internships

Easy Event Planning LLC (EEP) has one of the top internship programs in the country. We offer unprecedented internships in digital marketing, hospitality/event management, sales, HR, and database management. Students majoring in marketing, creative writing, business management, hospitality, leadership and entrepreneurialism, in particular, love our digital marketing internship.

Our entire program is built around optimizing student resumes.  Our interns have gone on to work for Fortune 500 companies (including Amazon), secure highly competitive paid internships, land incredible full-time jobs, and gain entry into graduate school as a direct result of what they learned here.

Our flexible, fully virtual internships allow students to learn and grow in a warm, fun, supportive environment. We’ve been successfully hosting virtual interns and developing leaders for 15 years. Student set your own hours and name then own end dates. Many students will have the opportunity to secure leadership roles.

Our positions are highly competitive and limited in number. We are looking for go-getters who will take initiative and learn everything they possibly can. Students must be engaged and take initiative for a virtual internship to work.

EEP is a socially conscious technology company that is changing the way people plan events. We have the fastest-growing event planning site in the United States. The site is poised to become very high-profile in the coming years.

Our spring 2022 session kicks off January 24th.

Digital Marketing Internship (includes Creative Writing, Leadership, Entrepreneurialism)

We are in a unique position, due to the rapid growth of our site, to offer students something they can’t find anywhere else – results on their resumes that can blow employers away. Our top-performing students have resumes that rival those 10 years out of college.

Digital marketing changes too rapidly to be effectively taught in traditional classroom settings. Search engine optimization is still arguably the most important tool in the marketing toolbox, yet almost no schools teach a proper course in SEO. Gaining not only knowledge but skills and measurable success in SEO can set students apart significantly from other job seekers.

What You Can Gain

  • Knowledge – Virtual weekly training is conducted live with EEP’s own CEO, a top expert in the field.
  • Skills – Students take what they learn in the lecture and apply it on live websites. This is way beyond an internship; it’s a practicum.
  • An Impressive Portfolio – Students can build an impressive portfolio to display skills in search engine optimization, blog writing and content writing.
  • Confidence – Only through actual doing will students develop the confidence that will set them apart on interviews.
  • Results – Employers love result-based experience on a resume. We’ve taught students how to get keywords not only to page 1 of Google but to position 1 in many cases – out of millions of results.
EEP ranking Keywords

Over 130 students have achieved page 1 placement for at least one keyword; some have done so for 80 keywords. Each team is assigned a digital marketing coach who will oversee your work and provide one-to-one feedback.

Exceptional students are given the opportunity to stay on for an additional semester and coach. Coaches learn advanced skills and strategies.

What you learn:

  • Search Engine Optimization – learn about on and off-site SEO
  • Content Writing – we teach you how to write several different types of blog articles and all the steps that go into writing a great blog post. This is an amazing internship for creative writers. You’ll learn how to monetize your writing so you can always do what you love.
  • Content Optimization – learn about content hubs, content clusters, and link building
  • Monetization of a blog – learn how to integrate links and images from affiliate sites
  • Directory optimization – we teach you how to write content for category pages
  • Social media – select students get an opportunity to work on social media for a national brand.
  • Basic graphic design – you’ll learn how to create featured images that really pop in a couple of very easy steps

This internship is ideal for students in the following majors:

  • Marketing – SEO and content writing are the most essential skills needed in marketing careers today.
  • Hospitality/event management – this is actually an incredible opportunity to not only gain experience in the industry but to set yourself apart. Employers love candidates with marketing experience.
  • Social media management
  • Leadership – we have great opportunities for students to gain leadership experience. We have team leads, assistant leads, assistant coaches and project management spots. Students may be invited to stay on for another semester as a coach. Those students learn more advanced digital marketing skills. Students receive a leadership manual and meet with our CEO weekly for mentoring.
  • Entrepreneurialism – no matter whether a students wants to pursue their own business after graduation or years later, knowing how to affordable and effectively market a business is job one. Although we won’t teach it this semester, we provide indepth instructions on creating your own website from scratch.
  • Creative writing – students learn how to monetize their writing and create their own blog so they can always do what they love. They’ll learn how to write several different types of content and build a portfolio of published work.
  • Graphic design – students can design social media content, EEP’s blog and website. Graphic design students can either focus just on graphic design or take our digital marketing course as well. They can also develop downloadable games and other fun event planning tools. 

Hospitality/Event Planning

Hospitality and event planning majors are welcome to take the digital marketing course but can opt instead to work exclusively on one or more of these projects:

  • writing content for Easy Event Planning’s blog
  • create downloadable baby shower and bridal shower games in conjunction with graphic design students
  • enhancing our planning checklists and budget worksheets
  • creating local wedding guides in an area of interest, which is a great way to network and learn about the venues and companies that make up the event industry in a specific area
  • perform virtual event planning – they can reach out to vendors on behalf of a user planning a big event to see who is a great fit, available for their date, within budget, etc.

They will develop a portfolio of work and can be positioned as an expert in the field before they even graduate.  


This is a terrific internship for those wanting sales experience.  We have the fastest-growing event site in the country, averaging 125,000 unique users per month, which will be of great interest to major companies in the event industry (Men’s Wearhouse, Macy’s, hotel chains, etc). We are strong believers in consultant-style sales – learn your product and present options but don’t be a pushy salesperson.  It’s a very low-pressure, supportive environment. 

Students may:

  • Sell booths to event vendors in Upstate NY. We have held the highest-attended bridal shows in upstate NY for 16 straight years. Our shows have a great reputation.
  • Research decision-maker responsible for making brand-level decisions at chain businesses.
  • Sell website advertising to individual one-off businesses, such as a catering company and to chain businesses as well.
  • Handle inbound sales inquiries

You get the chance to not only sell two different products (trade show booths and website advertising), you sell to different types of customers.

This is a 100% remote internship. Students will need some availability between 9 am and 5 pm (in various time zones), Communication will take place via Zoom, Skype video, audio, and chat. Students will work directly with the company’s CEO unless a sales director is hired. 20% commission will be paid on payments received on student sales while they’re still interning with us. Permanent sales positions are also a possibility.

Data management/Analytics

This team will:

  • Collect new data from lead generation sources
  • Append data to our current master spreadsheet of event vendors
  • Identify and eliminate duplicates by merging data from multiple records into one using scripts
  • Assign one or more categories/sub-categories to our data set of 400K vendors
  • Manage email marketing data
  • Work on a variety of data projects that come up during the semester
  • Create a weekly report to show students their SEO progress
  • Watch videos of users interacting with our site to

What our Interns Have to Say

Hi Ms. Kilmer, I just wanted to thank you for deciding to create this internship. I just got off the phone for the first round of interviews for an associate copywriter position with a startup tech company in the flooring industry (Broadlume). They said they have received 500 applicants and that I was one of the 8 people they are interviewing. It would not have been possible without what I had learned here.

Jack Leduc, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

I believe the EEP internship helped me land a full-time job with Cintas because of the different opportunities. I was able to pursue different positions in a variety of groups along with various leadership positions. Also, during these times it is important to be flexible and adaptable. The EEP internship helped me with that immensely. The internship also helped me be independent with my work while providing feedback on how to improve.

Megan Sackman, Michigan State University

I only have good things to say about the internship. The work schedule is efficient, there is a sense of community; I had no idea what SEO was prior to the internship, and I now believe I am proficient in the field.

Chip Draper, James Madison University 

Application Steps

  1. Read this document fully.
  2. Complete this form it not yet completed.
  3. Register to attend this info session August 13th at 12 PST with our CEO, Ms. Kathleen Kilmer. She explains her company’s mission, the internship details, the requirements and more. Space is limited.
  4. We will review your application (usually within a week or less) and reach out if we find there is a fit.  
  5. You may be invited to an individual or group interview or other screening process.
  6. Offer is extended and you have 3-4 days to accept. We get ~1000 applicants per month. 

Email any questions to [email protected]


Can I get credit for this internship?

Absolutely! Just let us know what paperwork your school requires and give us 7 days’ notice when evaluations must be submitted. We do not require you to get credit though.

Is it paid or unpaid?

All of our internships are unpaid. But they often lead to paid internships, part-time jobs while finishing school and incredible first jobs out of college.

Are there fees?

It is an unpaid internship but there are no fees unless your school requires you to pay fees to get credit.

How do I get paperwork signed for my internship?

You will receive instructions inside our Orientation document once you come on board.

What are the start and end dates for the internship?

Students will begin their internship on August 30th.  The end date is flexible as long as you commit to at least 12 weeks.

Do you follow department of labor guidelines?

Easy Event Planning LLC is headquartered in Nevada. EIN 80-0188059. Business license available upon request. We abide by US Department of Labor Federal Internship Guidelines.

What do we look for in an intern?

We love working with students who really want to capitalize on this opportunity and possibly grow into leadership/coaching roles. We need all students to be highly responsive and proactive. Communication is key!

Are your internships on Handshake?


How many hours do you require?

10 is the minimum per week. Anything below that and you won’t have enough time to put into practice what you’re learning. Some students chose to work 30+ hours per week. We encourage you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and put in as much time as you are comfortably able to. 

What specific hours do I need to work?

If doing a sales internship, students will need some availability during regular working hours. Otherwise, all students just need to accommodate their team members, as you’ll be meeting as a group Mondays and Thursdays. But otherwise, it doesn’t matter if it’s late at night or a weekend, etc. If you can’t attend the training sessions live you can watch the recordings. 

What are the weekly requirements?

All students need to track their time and accomplishments each week. This will make updating your resume very easy. They will attend twice-weekly meetings with their team. For digital marketing, there is also a weekly lecture to attend.

How do you assign people to teams?

We try our best to assign geographically if assigned to a Digital Marketing team and always try to keep students attending the same school together on a team for the sake of networking. Your major may also play a role in team assignments, as we try to have a variety of majors on the same team when possible.

Can I be on multiple teams?

You are assigned to one team at a time but you can volunteer for short-term projects that involve working with people from multiple teams.

Can I get promoted to a team leader position? 

Team leaders and assistant team leaders are initially chosen based on prior leadership experience and an interview with the CEO. During the semester, we look at the recommendations of team leaders to suggest students for leadership roles.