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31 Exciting Color Theme Party Ideas

Color Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 24, 2024

Colors: we can’t get enough of them! Make certain that your themed party is extra exciting and unique by including lots of colors, fun, and thrilling games. Start by choosing what color palette fits your party, then use this color scheme to enhance your theme and games. Guests of all ages from kids to adults will surely be entertained and happy with unique color-theme party games and activities that will require some friendly competition. Check out these exciting ideas for a color-themed party as well as our helpful budget worksheet to help you get started.

Color-Themed Decorations

1. Flower Arrangements

Flowers come in a variety of colors and combinations, allowing for total freedom in creating arrangements for guests. Planting flowers in cheap vases or pots that reflect the color scheme of your party also can be a fun way to decorate while giving guests something to take home afterward.

2. Chair Sashes

Chair sashes are a unique way to spice up the seating arrangements that you have at your party. They are simple, yet add a nice pop of color to what may seem like a boring chair.

3. Hanging Honeycomb Balls

Of the various hanging decorations you may choose to have at your color theme party, honeycomb balls are a great option to add to your list! They are vibrant, light-weight, and easy to put up. You can either choose to have a specific color of the honeycomb balls or choose a variety of different ones to have your party pop!

4. Media-Based Decor

Popular media figures, such as princesses and superheroes, tend to already have a color scheme surrounding them, making it easy to find inspiration for what colors to use. Princesses in the media are usually associated with colors like pink and purple, so if your party is for someone who likes princesses, they will likely enjoy a color-themed party that has these color palettes.

5. Holiday-Based Decor

Using holidays traditions from your local area, provide colors that are associated with a holiday in order to make guests feel more immersed in the experience. American holidays like Halloween are associated with colors such as orange and black. This makes it easy to use these colors as a theme for a party and give off a creepy, dark impression.

Color-Themed Party Favors

6. Creative Shoe Laces

If your guests have ordinary white shoelaces, spice them up by providing some colorful shoelaces. Choose any colors that you think would look great with your guests’ shoes, or let the guests choose what color they want and watch as a rainbow of feet transform the party.

7. Colorful Coloring Books

Give out fun and creative coloring books to each of your guests with some top-notch crayons or colored pencils. It’s a thoughtful idea to give guests a coloring book that matches the interests they possess. For example, if you have a guest that loves animals, give her an animal coloring book.

8. Artsy Creations

Allow your guests to make beautiful art creations by supplying them with paints. Make sure to offer different colors. Watercolors and acrylic paints allow for more nuance in the designs. Once everyone has finished, hang your masterpieces for everyone to see!

9. Paint Brush Bonanza

Provide your guests with sets of paintbrushes so that they can paint their own colorful art. Offer a variety of sizes and styles so they can create all sorts of paintings. Be sure to get creative with this one, mixing paints and creating new colors to add to your color palette.

10. Scratch Sets

Scratch sets are simple yet nifty gifts to provide to your guests. They are easy enough, so even the least-artsy of the bunch can have a go at making something nice and colorful.

11. Canvases

All artists need something to create on, so providing your guests with canvases will allow them to get their creativity flowing while at your party and also have the ability to take something they made home with them!

Color-Themed Food Ideas

12. Cookie Art

Bake delicious cookies ahead of time. When your guests arrive, ask them to decorate the cookies with colorful frosting, icing, or gummies. Be sure to provide other edible decorations so your guests can show off their creativity.

13. Tasty Sweets

Bake delicious sweets, such as brownies, cookies, and cakes. Use food coloring to make them whatever color you want. Wrap them up and decorate them with plastic colored paper and colored ribbon for an extra touch. These tasty treats make fantastic giveaways or favors for your color theme party.

14. Yummy Pops

Give out colorful lollipops of a variety of colors to guests. Watch their tongues turn different colors as they lick the lollipops. For an added bonus save the wrappers to make an even more colorful creation afterward.

15. Vibrant Refreshments

Creating drinks that can be incorporated into the party's theme is a fun and refreshing way to include another color element for guests to enjoy. Have fun creating these drinks and include elements such as dyed ice for additional colors.

16. Colorful Fruit

Edible arrangements come with a variety of colorful fruit, from red and yellow to green and blue. Buying a fruit platter or making your own by buying an assortment of colorful fruit is definitely a healthy way to incorporate color into your food items!

Color-Themed Games and Activities

17. Tie-Dye Burst

Teach guests how to make tie-dye clothing. Ask them to bring any article of clothing that is white, such as shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. then tie-dye the article of clothes to match the theme of the party!

18. Crayola Trivia Game

Set up some Crayola trivia questions that your guests will have to take turns answering. Search for intriguing facts about colors. Divide the guests into teams and go back and forth as they take turns answering the questions. Award the winning team with a new set of crayons or a coloring book!

19. Creative T-Shirts

Provide colored t-shirts that match your color theme party. Layout fabric markers, as well as fabric paint, so your guests can decorate their own t-shirts. After they have finished, put the shirts in the dryer machine, so the colors don’t wash off or get smeared. Award prizes for the most creative, artsy, or silliest designs.

20. Piñata Explosion

Purchase the most colorful piñata you can find and fill it with lots of different colored candy and trinkets. Have your guests take turns trying to break open the piñata with a stick or a baseball bat.

21. The Four Colorful Corners

Choose four colors and hang a piece of construction paper of each color in a designated corner of the room. Create note cards with the same colors for the director of the game. Next, turn on exhilarating music as your guests dance freely about the room. When the music stops, everyone must run to one of the four corners of the room. The director then picks a random note card and calls out the color. The people that are standing at that color are out! Continue playing until there is only one person left. That person is the winner.

Party Supplies

22. Plates

Serving food with colorful plates will ensure that your guests are surrounded by your party's theme as they enjoy a nice meal and add extra pizzazz to your party!

23. Tablecloths

Tablecloths are multi-purpose; not only do they protect the tables that you may be placing nay items on, they allow you to incorporate more of your chosen color into your decor.

24. Utensils

Utensils are an essential part of any party. Why not make them fun and colorful if you can? Buying colorful utensils gives you the ability to make eating yet another festive aspect of your party!

25. Straws

If drinks are to be served at your party, what better way to incorporate another bit of spice than with colorful straws! You can purchase them or order unique ones ahead of time!

26. Balloons

What's a party without ballons? They're fun, colorful, and even an additional party favor for any young kids who may want to take a balloon home with them as a way to remeber your amazing color-themed party!


27. Tye-Dye Invitations

Making small tie-dye-themed invitations would be a great way to give your guests a sneak peek as to what they can expect to see at your party.

28. Handmade Ones

The saying "It's the thought that counts" can apply to your invitations. Handmaking them will allow you to input your own creativity into the invitations and achieve exactly what you want in comparison to pre-made ones. They can be more sentimental as well, so if you have time, you may want to consider creating homemade invitations.

29. Fill-In-The-Color Invitations

Similar to a coloring book, including colorless stencil designs and images on your invitations and inviting guests not only to your party but to color in the invitation as they please will allow them to personalize their invitation and make it one more thing they can keep to remember your party.

30. Color-Coded Invitations

If you want to spice things up with your invitations, you can assign certain meanings to certain invitation colors and give them to guests accordingly. For example, you can assign those with pink cards to one activity and those with blue cards to another. Have as much fun with this part as you want!

31. Keep the Color Wheel in Mind

It's important when planning a color-themed party to be familiar with the color wheel and know what colors compliment each other in creating a contrasting harmony. One example of color combinations on the color wheel is complementary colors which include red and green, yellow and purple, and orange and blue. These color mixtures create a high contrast combination that is sure to make your party decor pop!

Color Theme Party: Conclusion

We hope these color theme party ideas have helped you on your way to host a fabulous birthday party or event. Don’t forget to check back with us for all of your party planning needs! We also have the best gift ideas for loved ones.

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