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Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist

Updated on: Apr 12, 2024

Congratulations on your engagement! You’re about to start planning one of the most important days of your life. While this is a super exciting time, figuring out all the details and actually planning the wedding ceremony, wedding reception and other wedding-related events can be stressful unless you have the right wedding checklist. But it doesn’t have to be because we are right here every step of the way to guide you. This checklist will include things like choosing a venue, figuring out what kind of entertainment you want, finding the perfect dress, and more. And the best part? It's automatically scaled to match your exact timeline, right down to the day!

Not sure where to start? You’re in luck! Easy Event Planning has compiled a list of tasks you’ll need to complete and put them into an easy-to-use checklist template! Fill out the downloadable checklist as you follow along with our guide, and check out our other checklists to keep track of all of your events.

4 Reasons to Love Our Wedding Checklist

1. Automatic Timeline

Once you add your wedding date and the date you’re starting to plan, this sheet will automatically update to let you know what day you should have specific tasks done, even up to tasks to be completed minutes before the ceremony! Whether you have allowed yourself 15 minutes, 15 weeks, or 15 days to plan, the entire sheet scales to exactly fit your personal timeline. It's your day after all!

2. Easy-to-View Formatting

Finished a task? Simply click the checkbox in that task’s row to turn it green, allowing you to visually spot what tasks are still outstanding.

Falling behind schedule? This sheet will let you know what tasks’ due dates are coming up by turning yellow. Once the date has passed, they’ll turn red. This will help you visually see which tasks should be your priority!

3. Shareable!

You can easily share this document with the people you are planning with through google sheets, and everyone can be on the same page!

4. Helpful Links

Through this checklist, Easy Event Planning also gives you access to lots of useful links for helping to plan your wedding event. We have a list of wedding ideas and can help you plan out your ceremony, entertainment, attire, wedding favors, and more.

There are links to vendor pages if you need help finding a professional such as a photographer, and you should check out our photographer checklist as well.

There are also links to checklists for wedding-related events checklists inside the wedding checklist that you can pass along to the ones planning those events for/with you - bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, an engagement party, for example. A link to them will be included for that task.

Lastly, we also have a link to our budget sheet for weddings, which will further help you plan and organize your event.

How to Use Our Wedding Checklist

Changing and Adding Tasks

If you have extra tasks personal to you, you can easily add them or swap them with tasks in this sheet. To swap a task, simply overwrite what is currently in the task box.

To Add Another Task:

  • Add another row to the inside of the checklist by right-clicking on the row number and selecting ‘insert one above/below’.
  • Be sure to merge the three cells in the task box so you have room.
  • This task will not have a date associated with it, however, so be sure to assign someone to it!
  • You can also manually give it a due date, if you want. If you do so, the sheet will let you know when that day is coming up or passed, just like the ones that came with the document.
  • To delete a task, just right click on the row number and select ‘delete row’.

Assigning People

Do you have a group of friends or family who will be helping with your wedding? This sheet will help you organize who is doing what. Just add their name to the ‘Person Assigned’ column, and you’ll be able to tell if a task is being taken care of or if it still needs someone to attend to it.


While planning, you can easily filter the checklist to see which tasks are still outstanding, see which ones are assigned to a particular person, or see just all of the tasks of a particular type. Simply click on the triangular icon on the title bar and select:

  • ‘FALSE’ if sorting for unfinished tasks in the ‘Done?’ column
  • =Whomever you’re looking for in the ‘Person Assigned’ column
  • The task type (DIY or other) in the ‘Task Type’ column.

Changing a Due Date

If there’s a task you want to complete at a different time, and you want the colored reminders for that new date, simply overwrite the date given. This date will not auto-scale if you change your wedding date.


Our wedding checklist can make sure everything is taken care of in time for your special day. It is super easy to use, includes helpful tools, and is simple to customize to your individual wedding! This checklist will make sure you don’t forget a thing. Tie the knot with this template and start the countdown to your wedding! If find our checklist helpful you might also find our budget worksheet to be helpful aswell, and when you're planning out your honeymoon we have a checklist for that too.

Written by Kayla Lattas; Contributor: Jack Leduc