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Barn, Farm and Rustic Results


Barn wedding venues are a huge trend across the US, expanding to include the likes of farms and various rustic venues. Easy Event Planning can find you the perfect rustic setting for not just weddings but corporate events and parties.

As with any venue, barn weddings have a variety of pros and cons. The location of the barn will provide a beautiful outdoorsy vibe. Barn wedding venues are often surrounded by miles of countryside that create a peaceful, private atmosphere. Most barns are also free of any decoration, so this gives you the opportunity to work from scratch. You will be free to bring your vision to life when renting the bare bones a barn venue provides. This, unfortunately, also increases the cost of having a barn venue seeing as you have to buy/rent everything from scratch. Barns also usually lack electricity and plumbing. This can be a great inconvenience when considering your guests' needs. The absence of these necessities means having to rent portable toilets, heaters or fans, and more. If the barn has no kitchen or electricity, there may be issues with setting up catering. Parking is also difficult to organize with barn venues. Most barns have plenty of grass to park in, but this can have several downsides. Grass and dirt aren’t usually too kind in wedding attire, and having an outdoor wedding is off the table if space is being used by cars.

When thinking of rustic venues, barns are the most common. Barn weddings need no help to give off a rustic vibe. All you need is the right rustic wedding decorations to enhance the casual atmosphere and you are good to go. A creative idea that is a little more out of the box would be a treehouse ceremony. Being among nature and trees is the perfect way to create a rustic feel. For larger weddings, you can switch from a treehouse ceremony to a clearing in the woods. The right lodge can also give you some of that rural feel. Wineries and vineyards are also great for an elegant, rustic vintage wedding. Plus, you know the wine will be great! Craft Breweries and distilleries are great for the same reasons. Nature resorts are also an option as you know they will be a beautiful, nature-connected location.

Barn weddings cost, on average, $5,000 to $12,000. These prices depend on several factors. Renting the barn itself can cost around $2,500 to $4,000. However, with barn venues, buying/renting many other wedding essentials will be necessary. Barns rarely have necessities like tables or chairs available, so these will have to be rented from elsewhere which will raise the cost of the wedding. Having these items delivered to you will also be pricey considering most barns are off the beaten path. Barn weddings have an on-season, and renting one as a venue during this time can lead to a higher price tag. The number of guests attending can also influence the price. Many barn venues charge a fee per guest over a specific size, however, some do charge a flat rate.

Barn weddings hit their peak from 2008 to 2013, but they are still hugely popular! Rustic chic weddings are a trend that everyone wants to be a part of, even now. It’s the perfect way to have a casual, natural ambiance that still connects your guests with the feelings a wedding brings. With all the fresh air and space, there’s just something peaceful about a barn wedding. Barn weddings will definitely have beautiful surroundings and with the opportunity to decorate however you’d like, so many couples are pulled to having an elegant barn wedding.