Build an affordable, flexible plan that works for you. All options sold a la carte


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If you’re tired of How about
Watered-down leads sold to everyone Leads sold to only 5 Vendors (10 Venues)
Low-probability ROI High-probability ROI
Not enough leads because prospects are forced to complete a form to contact every single separate vendor, which is far too time-consuming. With a single form, users can request every service they need for their event.
Poor response rate because prospects think they’re just requesting quotes from the Vendors they click on but the site sends those same leads to everyone. Users have choices:
  • 1. click to chat instantly with you at no charge to you
  • 2. request a quote just from you
  • 3. request quotes from multiple vendors at once
Not knowing the price ahead of time Always know the price up front
You overpay for Site Leads because they’re included in a high-priced package even when some event dates and budgets don’t make sense for your business. You buy only the Site Leads that make sense for you, at a fair price per lead.


Build an affordable, flexible plan that works for you. All options sold a la carte

Profile Leads are generated when a User submits a quote request specifically on your profile. Prevailing lead rates apply. If a user wants to simply message you, they will simply click the Message button and there is no charge for that.

Site Leads are generated when a User wants to hear from multiple vendors. Only the first five vendors per category can purchase the Lead and reach out to the User through EEP’s site.

Leads are sold a-la-carte to Vendors with Free, Enhanced, and Featured Profiles so you’re not forced to either pay a high fixed price per month for all leads, when you may not want some of them.

Leads can only be purchased by 5 Vendors (or 10 Venues). We do that for increase your ROI and to provide for a better User experience. If a User gets inundated with responses, they’re not likely to respond to anyone.

Users can request to hear just from one or multiple selected Vendors or they can choose to hear from any Vendors who wish to respond to their request. Because they are given these options, they are expecting to hear from you.

Leads are purchased with EEP Bucks, which are purchased in advance. EEP Bucks never expire. EEP Bucks are sold in bundles, starting at $20. The more Credits you buy, the more free bonus Credits you get.

EEP Bucks


Never expire Buy more and save Double EEP Bucks 10% Loyalty Discount
No risk! EEP Bucks Starts at $50 50% more your first time purchasing With Auto-renewal

EEP Bucks are used for clicks for Featured Profiles and Leads. They can be applied toward Display Ads as well.

Purchase this many EEP Bucks Get this many free 50% More in EEP Bucks in Your First Purchase (Only)
$50 $5 (10%) $2.5
$250 $50 (20%) Get $100 free
$500 $125 (25%) Get $250 free
$50 $5 (10%) $2.5
$1000 $300 (30%) Get $600 free

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