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Hotel ballrooms are not just excellent venue choices for the amenities that they include, they also play host to an impressively wide variety of events. While most would associate the renting of a hotel ballroom with a wedding venue, these ballrooms are also great for other large family activities such as family reunions and large birthday parties. They can also host more professional gatherings as well including, but not limited to, corporate and training events, conferences, charity and benefit events, large meetings, and even small concerts.

Looking for a hotel ballroom or function room for your next big event? Hotel wedding venues are still a very popular choice for guests, as many travel from out of town and prefer not to drive once they get there. Find a hotel for any function at

When hosting your special day at a hotel wedding venue there are a lot of benefits that come with having the event at such an inclusive venue, but with having these amenities come quite a few detriments. Pros - You can save money on furniture rentals, both the ceremony and the reception can be held in the same place, built-in accommodations, high-quality facilities on-site, an experienced staff on-hand, comes decorated, can hold a large number of guests, and the wedding packages provided can sometimes be cheaper than finding individual vendors. Cons- There can be unexpected costs (overtime charges, valet and parking, cake-cutting fees, etc.), wedding packages can be expensive, decoration and layout can be inflexible, might not be as private as you’d like in such a public venue, not much room for creativity and personalization due to hotel restrictions, and might require a certain number of guests to book rooms in the hotel.

While the type of event you are hosting is already bound to affect the price of renting out a hotel ballroom, there are several other factors that impact the price. Certainly ballrooms in big city centers will cost more than rooms in small towns and larger rooms tend to cost more than smaller ones. Often, the price of the room is included in the catering package selected, but there might be a minimum guest count required. Gratuities and taxes can vary somewhat by the location. Some rentals might be included (like a microphone, podium and decorations) and sometimes those cost extra. Consider that your guests may need to pay valet or parking fees. Be sure to get a detailed breakdown and to ask for a list of what's NOT included as well.