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116 Exciting Candyland Theme Party Ideas

Candyland Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 19, 2024

Throwing a kid's party requires a great amount of creativity and theme parties are the way to go! With your décor and menu complete, you still need some exciting games and uniqueCandyland extravaganza! Below you will find the perfect sweet party games and candy prizes for your Candyland theme party guests to enjoy and experience a true sugar rush!

Candyland Theme Party Decorations

Before we dive in, be sure to check out our handy dandy budget tracker and checklist to make the most out of your party shopping experience.

1. Candy Castle Entrance

Welcome your guests to your sweet Candyland world by having them enter through a candy castle entrance! A castle façade constructed from cardboard or foam and decorated with candy motifs will allow everyone a grand entrance.

2. Candy Cane Arch

You can make your party even sweeter by adding a candy cane arch! Created out of red and white balloons or a large arch that’s decorated with candy cane patterns, it is sure to be a hit.

3. Balloon Candies

Balloons as hard candies can enhance the atmosphere of a Candyland theme party. Scatter them around the venue or turn them into lollipops by attaching them to long white sticks. Don’t forget to tie a colorful ribbon or large bow as a finishing touch!

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4. Candy Rain Photo Backdrop

Create a whimsical and eye-catching focal point by hanging a backdrop with cascading vibrant candy-colored paper raindrops. It will make the perfect background for photos and fun!

5. Candyland Lanterns

Light up your Candyland party with crafted DIY Candyland lanterns! Using paper lanterns and cellophane wrappers these lanterns can resemble all of our favorite candies like wrapped bonbons or hard candies.

6. Candy Centerpieces

Create one-of-a-kind centerpieces by filling clear vases with colorful candies and sticking flower-shaped lollipops into them. Make creative designs inside the vases by alternating rows of different candies.

7. Candylane Path Lighting

Start creating a magical and whimsical atmosphere before your guests even enter by lining the pathway with colorful LED lights or string lights!

8. Candy Ceiling Canopy

For a unique ceiling design, you can hang tulle or sheer fabric with vibrant candy colors and drape it to create a canopy effect. Don’t forget to attach large lollipops or candy-shaped balloons to make sure it stands out!

9. Candy Accents

Use candy advertisement posters, light-up gumball machines, Candyland signs, and other fun candy accents to add some pizzazz and a pop of color to your venue.

Gejoy 20 Pieces Candyland Party Decorations Candy Land Party Sign Welcome Candyland Birthday Party Decorations Directional Signs Street Photo Prop Cutouts for Sweet Candy Theme Party Supplies

What you receive: you can get 20 pieces candy land party signs in 10 different styles, each style has 2 pieces, all these beautiful signs are wonderful decoration to welcome your guests; Note: the package does not include wooden holder
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10. Candy-themed floral arrangements

Flowers are the perfect sweet centerpiece to make your tables special. Give your flowers some extra attention by using colorful candy-themed containers, such as jars or buckets, to hold vibrant flower arrangements.

11. Candyland photo frames

Make your photos sweeter by creating oversized photo frames shaped like candy wrappers or giant candies!

12. Road to Candyland

You can decorate the sidewalk and hallway of your home to look like the road to Candyland with pieces of colored foam or construction paper. This will add to the illusion that they are really in Candyland!

13. Candyland Character Standees

Bring your party to life by printing and cutting out large cutouts of Candyland characters such as Mr. Mint or Princess Lollipop!

14. Candyland Gingerbread House Entrance

Go big with a life-sized gingerbread house entrance covered with colorful candy decorations! Resembling the iconic game board location, it is sure to make your party stand out.

15. Confetti

Choose confetti colors that will be eye-catching and shimmering. Sprinkle-shaped confetti can be sprinkled around the venue or on tables. This is a fun way to add a magical experience to your Candyland theme party.

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16. Candyland Carousel

Show off your decorating skills by building a Candyland carousel! You can use wooden dowels and cardboard cutout horses to build the display and then decorate it with vibrant candy-colored paint and LED lights.

17. Miniature Candyland Village

Decorate the tables with mini Candyland Villages! The detailed centerpieces of miniature gingerbread houses, candy shops, and cotton candy trees are sure to be remembered!

18. Recreate the Game

It is easy to recreate elements of the game like Gumball Lake and Lollipop Woods. To recreate Gumball Lake, create a ball pit. Lollipop Woods can be made by sticking large lollipop decorations in the group so the guests can weave through them.

19. Regal Candyland Throne

Give your party the royal touch with a Candyland throne! You can use painted cardboard or foam that’s decorated with candy accents and ribbons to create your regal throne.

20. Life-size Candy

Nothing will remind your guests of Candyland like life-size candy as decoration. You can find things like tall gummy bears and lollipops.

New - 24" Inflatable Lollipop Suckers Birthday donut holes Wonka CANDYLAND valentine -4Pcs

Candyland Theme Party Favors

21. Goodie bags

Give each guest their very own personalized mini goodie bags filled with all kinds of delicious candy. Or add an interactive gift like candy-themed slime!

22. Candy Scented Candles

Offer your guests scented candles that smell like everyone's favorite candy flavors like cotton candy, bubblegum, or chocolate! Your guests are sure to be reminded of your party when they smell the candles.

23. Candyland Keychains

Gift your guests Candyland keychains in the shape of colorful candies and lollipops for their bags and keys!

24. Candyland Temporary Tattoos

Your guests will be able to show off their love for sweets when they choose from a selection of temporary tattoos featuring candy designs and wear their favorites!

25. Scented Beauty Products

Candy and/or cupcake-scented beauty products are ideal for your “girly-girl” guests. Lip gloss, lotions, and bath bombs are among a few ideas. You can also hand out nail polish that is candy-colored or named after sweets.

26. Candyland Stationary Set

Stationery sets are a great useful party favor for everybody! Create Candyland stationary sets with notepads, pens, and stick notes all featuring candy-inspired designs!

27. Candyland-inspired Coloring Books

Design your guests custom candy-themed coloring books filled with illustrations of Candyland characters and scenes and puzzles to be enjoyed long after your party ends! You can make each favor more special with personalized messages or names on each page.

28. Candy Scratch-off Tickets

Design personalized scratch-off tickets with candy-themed images and give your guests the chance to enjoy prizes and a surprise treat!

29. Swirly Lollipop Treat

Let your guests take the magical experience at home with these swirly lollipop favors. You add stickers with a personalized message saying, "Thank you for making my party so sweet!"

30. Candy-scented Hand Sanitizers

Send your guests off with mini hand sanitizers that have candy-inspired scents, such as cotton candy or bubblegum, and wrap them in colorful candy-themed labels.

31. Candyland Planters

Offer small planters decorated with candy-inspired motifs, such as colorful wrapping paper or candy-shaped stickers, and filled with plants or succulents for your guests to take home.

32. Candyland-themed Puzzle Sets

Give your guests custom Candyland-themed puzzles that they can assemble and take home as a memorable keepsake!

33. Custom Chocolates

Create personalized chocolate bars engraved with each guest’s name on one side, and/or “Your Name’s Candy Land” on the other. Wrap each bar individually in cellophane wrap and secure them with colorful ribbons or bows.

34. Candyland Crown Headbands

Your guests will rule when they are wearing Candyland crown headbands. These headbands can feature crown-shaped decorations reminiscent of Candyland characters.

35. Candyland Sunglasses

Make your guests stylish candy-themed sunglasses! Decorated in candy colors, such as pink, purple, and blue, with candy-inspired embellishments, the sunglasses will make any outfit cooler!

36. Candyland-themed Wristbands

Personalize your favors by giving out custom wristbands with Candyland designs or phrases like “Candyland Champion” and “Sweet Adventure”!

37. Gift Cards

Hand out gift cards to everyone’s favorite local sweets/ice cream shop. Personalize them, if possible, and don’t forget to stick festive bows on top of each card.

38. Candy-inspired Fairy Wings

Give your guests the chance to dress up by giving them wearable candy-colored fairy wings with glitter and candy-shaped accents!

39. Personalized Candyland Board Games

Design personalized Candyland game boards featuring each guest’s name as a playable character! These boards are sure to immerse your guests in the Candyland game!

40. Custom Candy Jars

Give your guests small glass jars filled with a variety of candies so they can take a treat home with them! Make it even sweeter by customizing each jar with everyone’s names or initials!

41. Joyful Jewelry

Edible necklaces or bracelets made of hard candies will be a sure hit. Guests will love wearing them and eating them at the same time!

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42. Original Candyland Trading Cards

Create custom trading cards featuring Candyland characters and personalized with each guest’s name and special abilities.

43. Candyland-themed Luggage Tags

Candyland-inspired luggage tags are the way to go for a unique and useful party favor! These tags can be customized with Candyland designs and each guest’s name in fun fonts and colors.

44. Seed Packets

For a great eco-friendly favor, you can hand out packets of flower or herb seeds that they can plant and watch grow into something beautiful at home!

45. Custom Candy Picture Frames

Buying plain wooden picture frames is very inexpensive and easy to decorate. Stop by your local craft store to find everything you need such as bright colored paints, glitter, and cute candy stickers. Each guest can decorate a picture frame how they would like and bring it home after the party is over.

46. Eco-friendly Candyland Stickers

Give your guests Candyland stickers made from recycled materials and featuring Candyland designs and characters so they can do their own decorating!

47. Organic Candy Lip Balms

For the perfect everyday gift, offer your guests organic and natural lip balms in Candyland-inspired flavors and packaging!

Candyland Theme Party Food Ideas

Sweet Food Ideas

48. Candyland Waffle Bar

There is no way to go wrong with the creations from a Candyland-inspired waffle bar! Serve colorful waffles in fun candy flavors like bubblegum or strawberry, and top them with a selection of candy toppings, syrups, fruits, and whipped cream!

49. Colorful Candy Cake

Take any simple vanilla or strawberry cake and use food coloring to dye them in different colors and shape them like a gigantic piece of candy, whether it’s a chocolate bar or a lollipop. And, of course, top your cake with other yummy candies!

50. Build Your Own Cookie

A fun idea for dessert would be a cookie decorating station. This area could contain things like different types of cookies, frostings, and sprinkles.

51. Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy is a great sweet treat for the guests. Getting a cotton machine with the option of multiple flavors is a great way to add more variety of food to the party!

52. Rainbow Jello Cups

Add some color to your food with rainbow Jello cups! Layer different colored jello in clear cups to create a rainbow and top with whipped cream and candy sprinkles.

53. Ice Cream Bar

Aside from the candy buffet, host an ice cream bar. Hand scoop everyone’s favorite frozen treats (preferably flavors that are candy-related, such as bubblegum and peanut butter cup swirl) in these beautiful ice cream cups, then top them off with candy.

54. Candy buffet

That’s right – a complete buffet with nothing but candy and chocolates! Provide all kinds of sweets in jars, platters, and bowls with scoops. Cover the buffet with a vintage-style striped awning. Place handwritten labels on each candy item, and don’t forget a chocolate fountain!

55. Candy sushi

Make your menu stand out with candy sushi! Made with fruit roll-ups, Rice Krispies treats, and a variety of candies. You can serve an assortment of creative playful combinations with all your favorite sweets!

56. Candy-covered Apples

Put a Candyland twist on caramel apples by dipping apples in melted candy coating or caramel then rolling them in crushed candies or chopped nuts for a sweet and crunchy dessert.

57. Rainbow Jellybean Popsicles

Create one-of-a-kind jellybean popsicles by blending fruit juice with crushed jellybeans and pouring the mixture into a popsicle mold, once they are frozen you are left with a fruity and candy-filled frozen delight!

58. Licorice Twists

Use these for straws at the party. It will add more sweetness to your drinks but also make them a little bitter so use it at your risk.

59. Rainbow Fruit Salad

Take a break from the sweets and give your guests a refreshing healthy option in the form of a rainbow fruit salad! Mix an assortment of colorful fruits such as strawberries, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, and grapes for everyone to enjoy.

60. Candy Pancake Pops

Try something special on your menu with pancake pops!! Make mini pancakes and sandwich them with a filling of melted chocolate and crushed candies, then serve them on lollipop sticks for a cute bite-sized treat!

61. Candy Kabobs

You can mix and match a variety of candies with candy kabobs. Thread colorful candies onto skewers and let your guests enjoy an assortment of candy combinations.

62. Rainbow Cake

Every party needs a cake. A rainbow cake would be a welcome addition to an already colorful party!

Fun Drink ideas

63. Candy Bar Milkshakes

Create delectable milkshakes (in miniature cups) using popular candy bars. Recipes for these treats can be found online, and they usually take five minutes or less to do.

64. Cotton Candy Cocktails

You can make your drinks just as sweet as Candyland with Candyland cotton candy cocktails! Create your whimsy cotton candy cocktails by placing cotton candy in the glasses and pouring sparking water or soda over it to make a fizzy fun drink.

65. Glittery Drinks

Give ordinary beverages a touch of sparkly fun with these edible glitters for drinks! Simply stir them in your favorite beverage.

66. Candy-themed Mocktails

Create festive sparkling candy-inspired mocktails using flavored sodas, fruit juices, and edible glitter for a dazzling sweet drink that everyone can enjoy!

67. Candy Hot Chocolate Station

Each guest can make their own signature hot chocolate with a hot chocolate station! Provide a selection of flavored hot chocolates that can be topped with candy stirrers, whipped cream, and an assortment of candy toppings!

Candyland Theme Party Games and Activities

68. Piñata Play

You can't call it a Candyland theme party without a game of piñata. We recommend choosing candy-shaped piñatas such as cupcakes, lollipops, doughnuts, or ice cream. And of course, fill it up with tons and tons of candies! Use a giant candy cane stick to hit the piñata with. Play upbeat pop music while guests take turns.

Cupcake mini pinata, Pink cupcake pinata

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69. Candy Tower Building Race

Have a little friendly competition with the candy tower building contest! Divide your guests into teams and challenge them to build the tallest candy tower using colorful candy such as gumdrops, marshmallows, and licorice twists!

70. Divine Treat Decorating

Decorate cupcakes and cookies with candy! You can use gumdrops, chocolate kisses, small candy-coated chocolates, licorice, jellybeans, candy bar crumbles, etc. Also, provide a large selection of colorful sprinkles. Your guests will enjoy garnishing and then indulging in their creations at your party. You can even host a competition to see who creates the best-decorated masterpiece.

71. Sweet Candy Memory Game

Add some sweetness to a classic memory game by setting up memory game stations with different candy treats rather than plain old cards! Your guests can earn their candy by taking turns trying to memorize and match the items!

72. Jar of Sweets Guessing Game

Fill a large jar with jelly beans or some other kind of candy and leave slips of paper out for guests to try and guess how many candies are in the jar. The person that guests closest to the real number wins a prize.

73. Candyland Obstacle Course

Your guests will be able to get some exercise when they race in a Candyland obstacle course! Create an outdoor or indoor obstacle course full of Candyland-themed challenges. Your guests can hop over licorice ropes, crawl under giant gummy bears, and navigate through candy cane tunnels in a race to win first!

74. Candy Bag Toss

Take a different twist on backyard bag toss games by filling mini bags with candy instead of beanbags. Another option would be to fill bags with cinnamon sugar so they will have a similar weight to the traditional bags. You can choose to decorate the bag toss boards with peppermint swirls or other candy designs.

Happy Easter Day Ice Cream Cone Toss Game Candy Toss Game with 3 Bean Bags, Candy Party Land Games Candy Wonderland Sweet Adventures Candy Theme Wall Decoration for Children Lollipop Party Supplies

Fun candy party game: this candy bean bag toss game is great for kids and adults, adds more fun at the Christmas party, candy party, indoor or outdoor activity
Candy party decoration: this candy toss game banner is printed with Christmas gingerbread, lollipop, peppermint, candy cane, candy and etc., will work well with your theme party to create a festival atmosphere, fits for Christmas party, candy themed party
Material and size: candy party supply is made of polyester fabric, banner size is 53.14 x 33.8 inches/ 135 x 86 cm which is larger than the traditional toss game, suitable for multi-team competition
Convenient and reusable: each corner has a grommet, it's easy to make the ribbon go through the grommet and tie the toss game banner to any place where holding the party; Convenient for storage, easy to fold them up and carry; Can be applied for a long time
Package includes: 1 candy toss game banner, 3 bean bags and 1 ribbon (approx. 19.68 ft), each bean bag is 2.75 x 3.14 inch/ 7 x 8 cm, small bean bags are suitable for both kids and adults

75. Candy Bingo

If you’re looking for a fun and quick activity try revamping bingo into Candyland bingo! The candy-themed bingo can use candy images or names rather than traditional numbers and of course, have candy prizes!

76. Pin the Lollipop

Take a new twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey by allowing guests to decorate their own lollipop top by cutting out large circles and giving them the supplies to decorate their own sweet treat. Then blindfold them and see how accurately they can pin it on the stick.

77. Candyland Photo Hunt

Send your guests on a Candyland photo scavenger hunt! Give your guests a list of candy-themed treats or locations for them to hunt down and take photos with using their phones or disposable cameras.

78. Candy Land

At a more relaxed event, you can pull out the old board game Candyland and set it up for guests to play. This Candyland theme party game has been around for years and is still a fun way to spend time. You can set up one or many tables for this activity depending on your party size.

Hasbro Gaming Candy Land Kingdom Of Sweet Adventures Board Game For Kids Ages 3 & Up (Amazon Exclusive), Red

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Sweet version of the classic boardgame features a race to the castle
You encounter all kinds of delicious surprises
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79. Candyland-themed Mad Libs

Everyone loves a funny story, and everyone at your party will have a chance to write their own with Candyland-themed Mad Libs sheets! Have them fill their stories with nouns, adjectives, and verbs to create hilarious and fun stories.

80. Candyland Fashion Show

All of the guests can come dressed up in their favorite dresses and suits. At the end of the party, everyone who chose to dress up can walk down a Candyland-themed runway.

81. Candyland Dance Contest

Your guest will be able to show off their best moves when you host a dance-off with Candyland-themed music! Encourage your guests to showcase their best candy-inspired dance moves and wow the crowd!

82. Gingerbread House Decorating

If the party is around a time of year when gingerbread houses are easily available, it could be a fun activity for party-goers. The guests can pair into groups and decorate a house and have them on display for everyone to see.

83. Candy-themed Crafts

Arts and Crafts is a good way to get the guests engaged and hungry. Some materials you can use include construction paper, popsicle sticks, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, markers, and plenty of other options to make colorful candy!

Candyland Theme Party Supplies

84. Candyland Paper Plates

You can find these beautiful Candyland theme party paper plates that come in packs included with napkins and utensils. They are beautifully designed to keep the theme in mind while also making cleaning up a breeze.

85. Candyland Party Hats

Have your guests show off their Candyland love with party hats! Decorated with candy design and pattern, your guests will love wearing the Candyland-themed party hats during the celebration.

86. Whimsical Tablecloth

We recommend choosing fun tablecloth colors like pink, purple, red, magenta, etc. to help bring your theme to life!

87. Candy-themed Chair covers

Don’t forget to dress up your chairs as well as your tables! Your chairs will add an extra touch of whimsy to the seating area when they are covered with vibrant chair covers featuring candy-inspired prints!

88. Cupcake Stand

Highlight your yummy dessert with cupcake stands. They will add a beautiful layer and depth to your already amazing dessert table.

3-Tier Cardboard Cupcake Stand/Tower (1, White B)

Made of High Quality Cardboard.
3 tiers ,diameter:small 7.2 inch , medium 9.6 inch, large 12 inch; 4.6 inch between each tier, about 12.75 inch tall over all.
It can be used at all parties such as birthday party, tea party, baby showers, graduations, weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving and more.

89. Candyland Party Backdrop

No party is complete without the perfect backdrop for fun! You can use a large sheet or fabric adorned with oversize candy graphics to create a captivating backdrop that your guests will love taking photos in front of.

90. Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers are a brilliant addition to your cupcakes that will elevate your overall decoration.

Candy Cupcake Toppers - Candyland Cupcake Toppers - Candyland Birthday Party - Candyland - Sweets Shoppe Party Theme

These 12 cupcake toppers are ideal for your Candy or Sweets party. These are super cute one sided cake toppers. They are made of pink, purple, red, and green cardstock. The cupcake topper is about 2 inches. Cupcake toppers are siliconed into wooden toothpicks. The cupcake toppers come in a variety of different color candies. Look for our matching listings that include personalized cake toppers and banners. Creating and processing orders takes about 3-5 business days. It does not include weekends or Holidays. Additional to processing time please calculate shipping times. Once it is sent via First Class Mail, we do not have control over USPS delivery dates. If you need your order to be rushed, please contact us for alternate accommodations.

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91. Candyland Confetti

Your party will be even sweeter with the easy fun decoration of Candyland confetti! Sprinkle some candy-shaped confetti onto the tables or hide some in your invitations or goody bags to give your party a little something extra!

92. Colorful Serving Trays

Serve up your favorite dish and desserts in these beautiful and colorful serving trays. You can also choose simple clear trays to match any theme.

4 Pack Rectangular Plastic Trays, Heavyweight Disposable Serving Party Platters, 9" X 13", Assorted Colors

Heavy Duty, reusable, Not break easily
Clear Plastic Appetizer Serving Tray
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93. Candyland Directional Signs

If your goal is to create a Candyland world then you should incorporate some Candyland directional signs into your decor! You can place these colorful signboards with Candyland-themed directions or locations all around the party.

Candyland Theme Party Invitations

94. Candyland Game Board

Start off your Candyland party with Candyland game board invitations! Your guests will love seeing the colorful game with their favorite Candyland characters.

95. Sweet Treat

Your invitations won’t be any sweeter than if they were designed to resemble wrapped candies! Print the party details on the wrapper of your sweet treat invitations!

96. Candyland Castle

Usher your guests to attend the magical kingdom you are creating with Candyland castle invitations! Give your guests a royal invitation from Candyland King’s castle!

97. Gingerbread House

Remind your guests of the iconic Gingerbread house in the Candyland board game with Gingerbread house invitations! The houses can feature sweet candies and party details inside, maybe even include a picture of the gingerbread men!

98. DIY Candyland Theme Party

Personalize your party invitations with a fun DIY project! Prepare all your party details and print them out to fit your card stock of choice. We recommend choosing blank colorful card stock with envelopes to match your theme. You can even add fun Candyland stickers for that whimsical touch.

99. Candyland Admission Ticket

Your guests will be granted entry into the party with their Candyland tickets invitations! Design your invitations to resemble admission tickets to the Candyland adventure with the party details printed on them!

100. Swirly Lollipop

If you want a vibrant colorful invitation then choose a lollipop invitation! The circular lollipop invitations can have all kinds of bright colors and candy patterns with party details inside!

101. Candy Jar

You can’t go wrong with simple fun candy jar invitations! Craft the invitations into a candy jar shape with the party details displayed on a colorful label inside and decorate it with candy images!

102. Candyland Characters

Your guests will be counting the days to your party when they receive their invitation from their favorite Candyland characters! Feature a character like King Kandy or Princess Lolly and design the invitation around them telling your guests the party details.

103. Lollipop, Chocolate, & Gumballs Galore

Get your guests excited for what's to come with this fun and colorful Candyland theme party invitation. Perfect for any birthday party, fully customizable, and comes with an instant download to send straight away.

104. Candyland Pathway

Start your guests down the road to a new Candyland adventure with a Candyland pathway invitation! Model your invitations after the colorful winding path in the board game and include the party details along the path in fun fonts!

105. Rainbow

Everyone loves rainbows and your guests will smile when they receive their rainbow invitations! Designed in the shape of a rainbow, each color can represent a new party detail.

106. Candyland Carousel

Invite your guests to the fun-filled Candyland Party with Candyland carousel invitations! Shape your invitations into a carousel and feature Candyland characters and vibrant colors!

107. Candyland Puzzle

Make your invitations a fun game with Candyland puzzle invitations! Cut your invitations into puzzle pieces and send them to your guests, giving each one the chance to solve the puzzle and reveal the party details.

108. Best Sweets

This invitation set is gender-neutral and comes with matching envelopes. You can personally write your invitation and send them off.

109. Candyland Road Sign

If you want an easy invitation everyone will love, you should send out Candyland road sign invitations! Design them to resemble the Candyland road signs leading to your favorite Candyland locations and the party details.

110. Candyland Map

Treasure hunts are fun for everyone, so your guests will love their Candyland map invitations! Turn your invitations into a treasure map with the party locations marked with candy-themed symbols.

111. Candyland Board Game Card

Your guests will remember how much fun it is to play Candyland when they receive a Candyland game card invitation, featuring an iconic Candyland character and the party details!

112. Candyland Rainbow Bridge

Your invitations will be a hit when they feature Candyland locations, such as the rainbow bridge! Design your invitations to resemble the colorful rainbow bridge and include the party details along the bridge.

113. Candy Shop

Treat your guests to this vibrant and colorful invitation set that will excite them!

114. Candyland Candy Cane

Keep it simple and cute with candy cane Candyland invitations! Cut your invitations into a candy cane shape and use markers or red and white paper to decorate them, and don’t forget to include the party details!

115. Candyland Cotton Candy

Any guest with a sweet tooth would love a Candyland cotton candy invitation! Design them to resemble a fluffy cotton candy treat with the party details written on a cloud-shaped tag attached to the stick.

116. Candyland Sweet Adventure

Encourage your guests to join in on the fun when you invite them with Candyland sweet adventure invitations! Complete with a fun and colorful design and Candyland-themed illustrations display your party details under a bold text that asks your guest to “Join us for a sweet adventure!”

Candyland Theme Party: Conclusion

From ice cream bars to candy balloons, we have gathered every little exciting treat for your sugary event. These ideas can significantly enhance your sweet party and leave a lasting impression on guests. With this, I hope you find everything you'll need for your Candyland theme party!

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Written by Natalie Smallwood, Jessica McNellis, and Alannah McEvoy-Benisti; Contributors: Hannah Lee, Royce Legaspi and Marianne Vanderbeke

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