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15 Bat/Bar Mitzvah Party Favors

Updated on: Apr 12, 2023

15 Bat/Bar Mitzvah Party Favors

If you are planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, check out these easy and creative party favors! We’ve put together 15 different party favor ideas for you to try out, so take this chance to be creative to send your guests home with favors they will love! We also have a helpful budgeting tool, ideas for decorations, and an essential Bar/Bat Mitzvah checklist

Edible Bat/Bar Mitzvah Party Favors

1. Cupcake Cones 

If you're struggling to find bar mitzvah favor ideas try out this one! One unique party favor you can create is cupcake cones. Not only are they compact and cute, but they’re also easy to make! You can make these yourself using a cupcake recipe and ice cream cones. All you have to do is use the cones instead of cupcake tins. They can be made in many different varieties including chocolate, vanilla, or gluten-free: the list is never-ending. You can use a cupcake cone baking rack to put your cupcakes on for easy storage or staging for the party. 

2. Cookies

Another delicious treat you can give out is a package of home-baked cookies. For this favor, you should plan on giving one or two to each guest. Baking cookies is a relatively inexpensive party favor idea. You can choose to bake a classic flavor like chocolate chip or get creative and make a unique cookie with a cookie decorator! Keep reading to find more bar mitzvah favors.

3. Tins of Mints/Candy

It can be tricky to make bar mitzvah favors personalized but tins make it easier! A classic party favor is tins filled with mints or candy. These require few supplies and can be a fun favor because you can personalize them. An easy way to do this is to use a label maker to make different labels. Simply press them on the outside of the tins to remind your guests where they got their favor. You can also paint them, or simply purchase personalized tins.

4. Candy Bars

An edible party favor that everyone loves is candy bars. A great way to make this favor special and unique is to get a personalized candy bar label. You could tailor a label to the theme of your bar/bat mitzvah, or you can write the date and name of the party on the label.

5. M&M Tubes

M&M tubes are another great idea for your guests. They can be bought inexpensively in bulk. You can conveniently personalize them by taking off the M&M label and creating your own personalized label.

6. Chocolate Designs

Another sweet idea is to use chocolate molds to make personalized treats for your guests. Chocolate molds are easy to find online and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many online shops have Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah themed molds that you can buy. Not only will the chocolate taste delicious, but it will be a sweet reminder of a truly wonderful event. 

Non-Edible Bat/Bar Mitzvah Party Favors

7. Snow Globes

If your party is taking place in the winter, snow globes are a unique and cool gift to give at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Many snow globes have a feature where you can have a special message put into the center of them. Others even have slots for pictures of your guests.

8. Key Chains

If you’re looking for the best-personalized Bar Mitzvah giveaway ideas, a keychain is a great place to start. You can have them created with a personalized message, or you can tie in the theme of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Keychains can also be used as napkin holders and give an extra flair to the table décor. If you have much extra time on hand, you can even create your own keychains out of fabric or string and beads. These make great gifts and are easy to include in goodie bags too!

You can also give your guests fun cell phone decorations. You can purchase phone ornaments that fit your theme, or you can create your own with colorful string, alphabet beads, and decorative charms. You can also order personalized pop sockets for your guests’ phones. Popsockets are a useful gift your guests are sure to love. 

9. Flower Holders

Vases are another favorite that comes with a lot of options for give aways. You give out big or small, plastic or glass, colored or plain vases. Although you can give out plain vases, you can also have your guests take home a flower or two from your centerpiece arrangements. This way they can literally take a piece of the party home with them, and you don’t have to worry about what to do with the flowers after the party. If you are not using flowers in your decorations, you can also fill the vases with candy

10. Photo Boxes

These special bar mitzvah giveaways are a super unique option. Personalized photo boxes are a favor your guests are sure to love. Seeing a photo that brings up happy memories is something everyone enjoys. You can add smaller favors such as candy or bracelets into the center of the photo box, and decorate them to your liking.

11. Bags

Tote bags are a great option as well. You can get plain or colored bags and then decorate them as you like using embroidery, paint, stamps, or heat transfer vinyl. If buying in bulk, they can also be remarkably inexpensive. They can also play a role in your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. For example, if you get your guests’ names embroidered onto the bag, you can use them as place cards at the table! You can also create welcome baskets (perfect for out-of-town guests).

12. Hats

Try adding some bar mitzvah hats to your favors! Most kids will love receiving hats as party favors. You can buy tiaras, princess hats, cowboy hats, or fedoras to give the child options to choose from. Other hat options include beanies, top hats, crowns, sun hats, and baseball caps. Many of these options can be personalized as well! 

13. Favors that Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark favors tends to be popular at parties that end after it gets dark. They are fun and can be used in many different ways. Give each guest a few glow-in-the-dark bands as giveaways, and you will see that people can get very creative in creating necklaces and bracelets!

14. Gumball Machines

Most kids love gumball machines, so why not give them a miniature version to go in their room? You can choose miniature gumball machines in the colors of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or you can order plain white ones and decorate them yourself. Make sure to fill them with gumballs or other candies before giving them to your guests. 

15. Gift Cards 

Gift cards are simple but exciting giveaways for kids. This party favor is almost guaranteed to please every guest. Be sure to choose gift cards from places kids are likely to frequent such as ice cream parlors, game stores, or the mall. You can choose to give every guest a card to the same place, or have many options for them to choose from. You also have the flexibility to choose how much money will be on each card. 


Get creative with your bar mitzvah party favors and have some fun! Your guests will love to celebrate with you and take home something special. If you liked our ideas and want to check out more like them, head to We have other great ideas for party favors, bat bar mitzvah party ideas, and games. We assure you we can help with almost any party needs!

Written by Shannyn Apolaro, Becky Smith, Jessica Bundy and Anna Wertman; Contributors: Amy Chiang, Hannah Lindenberg and Maisie Wingert