10th anniversary party ideas

Captivating 10th Anniversary Party Ideas: Locations, Decorations, Party Favors and Games

10th Anniversary Party ideas

A 10 year anniversary is a monumental milestone in a marriage or relationship. Planning a party is a terrific way to celebrate your love and reflect on how far you have come and how you have changed as a couple. In order to have a great party, we have collected some ideas for your 10 year wedding anniversary. Here are all kinds of 10th anniversary party ideas to make celebrating 10 years a breeze and have a happy 10th anniversary!

10 Anniversary Party Ideas: Locations

Country Club

A country club can fit a lot of guests and decorations and most usually have extra facilities that you can use to make your 10 wedding anniversary party even greater. Some have pools, a golf course and more. Make use of those facilities to match to your parties theme.


Gardens are always beautiful and stunning to walk through. Having your party hosted in a luscious public garden can add that extra beauty to make your special day even more special. If you have your own private garden you could even host it there and show it off!


Who doesn’t love the beach, it leaves an incredible amount of room for guests and lots of potential for varied activities like swimming or sand castle competitions. If your up to it, you could even take a vacation and have your 10 year anniversary celebration hosted on an exotic beach to up the wow factor.


Restaurants make for easy decisions for party venues. Just choose a restaurant you like and your set. You won’t even have to worry about setting up catering. Just have your guests order what they want from the menu and it comes right out to them.

Public Park

Public parks may seem a bit boring but if you enjoy the splendor of nature then this might be a perfect venue for you. Most parks even have facilities that can be rented or reserved like gazebos. You also have access to a lot of different physical activities like basketball or soccer.


Your backyard can even make for a fun and inexpensive location for your 10 year anniversary party. You can have catering or even make it a BBQ and cook everything yourselves. Besides, nothing beats the feeling of having fun at home. The best part, no having to drive home.

10th Anniversary Party Ideas: Decorations


Daffodils are the traditional flower for 10 year Wedding Anniversaries. You can decorate the party with daffodils in holders, placing the flower on a dinner plate, or any other creative way you’d like! Flowers even make for a great 10 year anniversary party theme. Also, be sure to check with your local florist to see what types of daffodil arrangements they can make for your special day.

Color Palette

Traditionally, a 10 year anniversary color palette revolves around silver or blue but you can use any color palette you love. Your tablecloths, napkins, balloons and anything else you can think of can be in these color schemes! Your colors of choice can be used for luminary options as well. Colored wall sconces can also be used as holders for flowers and candles. Your local party supply store can help you find all the perfect 10 year anniversary party decorations with your colors of choice for your special day.

Moments to Remember

Theme the party around a particularly memorable moment. If your first date was especially memorable, revolve the theme off that, and relive that milestone of a day! For example, if you first date was going to the beach, make the theme a beach party! Decorate with party palm trees, silver and blue leis and other beach themed items.

Ice Décor

Ice sculptures are always classy decorations, especially for an anniversary. Sculptures of the number “ten” or anything you’d like would be a great decorative addition. Be sure to check your local ice sculptor to get a quote for your perfect decoration!

Well-Known Couples

A fun decorative idea would be decorating the party with the theme of Great/Famous Couples who made it at least 10 years! Include photos of the couples in your decorations. To get your guests involved with this as well, include photos of other couples attending your party who have made it to their 10 year celebration.

The Big Day

A great way to honor the big 10 year wedding anniversary celebration is by bringing out old decorations, pictures and videos from the original wedding day to help keep the memories alive. It’ll be a blast of nostalgia that will be sure to have everyone thinking back to your wedding. Even having the former bride’s wedding dress on display would bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Where and When

A great idea for anniversary parties is to base the theme off of a time and place that is relevant to you. For example, the season or month you got married, or maybe the place where you had their wedding. Try to find decorations that match that specific time of the year to really put yourself back in the mindset of the wedding day and get the most out of this 10 year celebration idea! Check local party supply stores for those decorations!

Balloon Bouquets

A wonderful way to fill the party space with beauty is to put balloon bouquets around the room! One way to do this is to mix different colors of balloons into the same bouquet. The other colors should be something that compliments silver or blue! Check your local party supply store for arrangements ideas and quotes.

Deck the Halls

No matter what time of year it is, Christmas silver ornament bulbs or blue ornament bulbs are always a classy way of bringing joy and cheer to your anniversary party. Hang silver or blue ornaments all around the room to really emphasize the traditional 10th anniversary colors.

10th Anniversary Celebration Ideas: Party Favors

The tenth anniversary is the Tin Year, meaning the 10 year anniversary metal is tin, celebrating the flexibility and durability that a marriage needs to stay strong. Here are some items that will reflect this 10 year anniversary symbol in your own party.

Tin Items

Metal Pens

A great way for your guests to remember your special event are engraved pens. You can engrave pens with “10” and the date of the anniversary to add a personalized touch and make a great tin gift. Anytime your guest writes something down with their new pen, they’ll think back to the amazing anniversary party!

Bottle Openers and Tin Bottle Stoppers

Try giving your guests personalized bottle openers or personalized bottle stoppers with some special message on it! If you want to really get personal, have each of your guests’ names engraved onto the opener or stopper.  This will make it an unforgettable 10 year anniversary party favor.

Treat Tins 

Give your guests small tin storage containers that can be filled with any little treat. Fill it with mints, candy or chocolates and possibly engraved with the couple’s names and anniversary date. You can also go down the route of putting the guests name on the tin also!

Metal Water Bottles

Send your guests off with an environmentally friendly gift by giving them a reusable metal water bottle. Engrave the bottle with the date of the wedding, name of the couple or the name of the guest receiving the gift!

Metal Mini Lanterns

Giving your guest metal mini lanterns are great because they double as a gift and a decoration that can be used at a later time. During the event itself, they can serve a double purpose as lighted decorations for the party as well as favors for your guests to take home. Check your local party supply store to see if they carry them!

Engraved Key Chains

Personalized metal keychains with different themes and designs can be purchased and engraved with the couple’s names and the anniversary date. This is a great gift since every time they pick up your car keys they’ll be remembering the awesome anniversary party you had!

Tin Alternatives

Silver Coasters

Purchase a set of silver metal coasters and engrave with the couple’s name and anniversary date. Alternatively, a set of plain coasters can be wrapped and placed in a small box where the names and date can be added by means of a label.

Small Photo Frames

Engrave small photo frames with the couple’s names and their anniversary date. A small paper where the photo normally goes with the same information could be inserted as well or allow your guest to put whatever they want inside the frame..

Champagne Bottles

Small champagne bottles are always great gifts for your guests. They can be personalized by labeling them with the couple’s name and anniversary date or the name of the person receiving the gift. Check your local winery to see if they carry mini champagne bottles!

Gemstone Keychains

Each anniversary year of marriage is assigned a gemstone, and the tenth year is a diamond. You probably don’t want to buy diamonds for all of your guests, but you can engrave the diamond shape on a keychain and give them to your guests! 

Party Themed Favors

Coordinate favors with the party theme; for example, if the theme is recreating the couple’s first date at the movies, you could give each guest a small bag of popcorn and gift certificates to a local movie theater. Check to see if your local movie theatre has deals like this.

10th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas: Party Games

Spouse Swap

Can your spouse pick you out from two other people without full vision? Have all the men sit in chairs while blindfolded. Three women will go up to each of the men and do something like whisper something in his ear or kiss him on the cheek. After three women approach all the men, the men have to guess which one was his wife, by saying 1, 2, or 3. This game can work the other way as well with the wives blindfolded instead. See if you can pick your spouse! This a really fun idea that can be added to your list of 10th wedding anniversary party games.

Fact or Fiction?

We all know the game “two truths and a lie,” right? It’s a fun game to play to get to know someone. Here’s a twist on the game. Make a list of random facts that can be truths or lies. Hand these out to guests to answer. When they are completed, read the answers out loud. The most correct answers win and you can award the winner!

Dance Crazes

If you and your guests love dancing, you’ll definitely have fun with this game. Couples are to recreate the famous dances from different decades of music and movies. Try the Tango, Foxtrot, Cupid Shuffle, Macarena, Thriller, Electric Slide, and Disco. Have someone judge the competition and select a winner. Make sure you get photos and videos of this one!


A classic guessing game! Guests can choose pictures from the couple’s photo album or a funny story they know about the couple and act it out in front of everyone. Whoever guesses the scenario gets to go up and act out the next scene. This is an exciting and easy group activity that you can use for one of your 10th wedding anniversary party games.

Movie or Life

Someone will read an event that either happened in a movie or to the couple personally. Guests are to guess if it came from a movie or if it actually happened to the couple. Bonus points to who can guess the exact movie. This is another simple yet fun ten year wedding anniversary party game idea.


Tinmen and women, listen up! Due to weathering these past 10 years together, your bodies have gotten a little rusty and you have lost your ability to speak and see. Find your partner with your other abilities. Anything goes, and if you find them first, you win!

Aluminum Mad Libs

Make a list of funny scenarios, quotes, and sentences. Then, cut them out into small pieces of paper. Your guests can draw one of these from a hat and try to make up a storyline as to how the two guests of honor met. Each person can take a turn calling out something from his or her piece of paper until the story is complete. 

Dance Decades Competition

Create a playlist of music from every 10 decades to which the couples will dance. Select someone to judge the competition to determine the best, craziest, and funniest dancers. The awards can be an aluminum or a tin trophy, representing the symbol for 10 years of marriage! 

In this year

Describe an event that occurred to the couple during their marriage and have the guests write down the year they believed it happened. The person who has the most correct answers wins.

Best 10th Wedding Anniversary Party Games

Written by Shannyn Apolaro, Chris Kulesza and Patrick Fernandes
Edited by Anna Wertman

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