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Looking for limousine or party bus rentals? Our extensive directory includes not only these but vans, shuttle buses and coach buses to make guest transportation a breeze. Interested in something other than the traditional limo service for your wedding transportation? We have horse and carriages, specialty cars and more. Submit a quote request or browse on your own.


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How to Rent a Party Bus or Limo

Trying to find the best limousine or party bus rentals for your big event? Not quite the transportation service you need?  Our directory also has vans, shuttle buses, coach buses, and even horse-drawn carriages so you can have the vehicle to match your event’s needs. Submit your quote and Easy Event Planning will match you with the best transportation service within your budget!

Party Bus Definition

A party bus is similar to a limousine. Some key differences are that party buses are bigger, roomier, and have a more “fun atmosphere” compared to limousines. They are commonly used for recreational purposes among large groups of people aiming to make traveling to an event more enjoyable and memorable. A party bus is typically derived from a conventional bus, yet has fun modifications and amenities like dance poles, laser lights, dance floors, luxury seating, alcoholic drinks, and more. Party buses can be used for all occasions and can be a fun way to “pregame” an event or continue the party between trips to different clubs or parties. These buses are usually used as part of celebrations, such as engagements, graduations, birthdays, etc.

Party Bus Prices

Party bus prices vary depending on the style and size of the bus, how long it will be rented, the number of stops needed, luxury features and amenities, the time of year it will be rented, type of event, and the number of passengers that will board the bus. Party buses may charge by the hour or by the night starting from around $100-$300 per hour or between $700-$1000 for the event. An event between 4 to 6 hours may be bundled and could cost around $1000 to $1500. It is a good idea to call around to see how different companies charge for their services and see how many amenities they come with. Be sure to lock down how many people will be coming and how long you will need the bus along with the other price-determining details listed. 

Reasons to Rent a Party Bus

Renting a party bus can be a really fun way to get an event started and create a great impression. With a party bus, you can bring along more people and have a lot of flexibility and customization. There are no driving concerns like who will drive, how many cars to take, and who rides with who. You can hit all the hotspots you want without having to worry about arrangements. Having a party bus is very convenient and your guests will be very impressed that you have a literal party on wheels. Party buses also provide an easy way to organize large parties and since everyone is together there will be no concerns about guests being left behind.

Limousine Definition

A limousine is defined as an expensive vehicle that is large, luxurious, and often driven by a chauffeur which typically has a partition made of glass separating the driver from the passenger area. Limos are typically large stretched sedans that drive people from various locations, usually special, higher-end events, such as prom, weddings, etc. This isn’t always the case as they can also just be a luxurious automobile that people can use to go to and from airports and/or work. Some limousines are equipped with telephones, beverages, and more that make trips convenient and fun. This is the type of luxury that most people only get to use for a few hours for a special occasion and/or event and usually with a group of people.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Limo?

Limousine renting costs can vary by the hour or by day and night, depending on the limo service. Prices can vary depending on the package you choose, the size of the vehicle, how long the limo will be needed, how many passengers there will be, as well as the type of event it is for. Some companies may charge more or less for a limo service rental depending on the specific event it is for. Of course, different companies offer different pricing, however, you can expect to pay between $65 to over $200 per hour or around $300 to over $1000 per night.

How Much Do You Tip a Party Bus or Limousine Driver?

A baseline for tipping would start around 10-15% of the rental cost for a party bus or limousine driver. However, if you received great service, we recommend tipping drivers around 20% or above. Some rental companies include the tip in the final bill with all-in-one pricing, so be sure to check your contract to see whether you need to do it separately or not. Just be sure to check what your service includes and if needed, we recommend tipping at least 10% to 20% of the cost to rent.

How Many People Can Fit In a Limo or Party Bus?

Limos and party buses come in all sizes and shapes, meaning that depending on the size and model you prefer, you could seat as little as 6-8 people or as many as 40-50 people. The size of your party, how familiar/comfortable they are with one another, and how much space each person requires will ultimately determine how big or small the vehicle will need to be to fit your party’s needs. Typically the average limo seats around 8-18 people, whereas the most popular limo bus version fits around 20 to 50 people inside. The number of people that fit in a limo or party bus ultimately depends on the size of your chosen vehicle. Be sure to consider how much free space you would like before making a final decision and ask the rental company what size vehicle they recommend for your party size.

Are Carriages Still Popular For a Wedding?

Carriages are still popular for traditional, fairy tale weddings or if you just want to make a grand entrance. Carriages allow you the chance to feel like royalty and help create a romantic feel. Since you don’t see a carriage at every event you attend, it is sure to be a spectacle and amuse you and your guests. Horse-drawn carriages are an excellent attention grabber. They make great photo opportunities for everyone attending and thanks to this slower form of transportation, you can really savor the moment. Carriages can be an inexpensive way to add that “wow factor” to your event.