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Christmas Party Checklist

Christmas Party Checklist

Updated on: Feb 17, 2024

On the hunt for the perfect Christmas party checklist? Christmas is the most joyful time of the year, which means it is the best time to have a party! People love Christmas parties because it is the time of the year when even on a snowy day, people leave their homes to spend time with their family and friends while eating and chatting about what happened during the year and what they wish for the year to come.

On the other hand planning a Christmas party can be stressful when you are trying so hard to make it the best experience. Make sure everything is perfect and planned out with this detailed checklist. Do you need help planning your Christmas Party?

Don’t stress! Here is a Christmas party checklist that is perfect for you!

***Note: We recommend that you start planning your Christmas party two months before the set-up date.

5 Reasons to Use Our Easy Christmas Party Checklist

1. Automatic Timeline

There may be circumstances where you may need to plan your Christmas party a couple of months in advance or closer to the Holidays (if not the day itself), but regardless of when you decide to start brainstorming what needs to get done for the party, our Christmas party checklist allows you to assign the dates that each task should be completed.

2. Event-specific

This is not a fits-for-all-events generic checklist; it was created only for a Christmas Party! Although if there is another holiday that is highly celebrated within your group some of these tips can be altered. I would check our other checklist as well if you are looking for another holiday event.

3. Visuals

Need to know if your progress is going as planned? Look at the colors! When you check a completed task, it will turn green. Yellow means the date for the task is approaching, and if the task is past its deadline, it will turn red. This will help you stay organized and work efficiently.

4. Shareable!

Can you think of something better than knowing your friends are helping you plan the Christmas party? The template is shareable as long as the people you share it with have a Gmail account. In that case, it will be available for all through Google Drive. In that way, everyone will be able to modify and assign tasks!

5. Helpful Links

The template does more than just help you plan a Christmas party. It also allows you to find every possible resource necessary.

  • Want to conduct a poll to see what time works best for everyone? You are one click away from finding out.
  • Want to find a caterer or a decorator? You got it!
  • People feel very generous during the Holidays, but that doesn't mean you should forget about budgeting. We have attached a link to our worksheet for you to know how your budget is being distributed.

How to Use Our Christmas Party Checklist

We know you may have questions about the checklist, so we created a step-by-step guide to walk you through it. Once it becomes clear it will be easy to understand.

Christmas Party Checklist: Conclusion

Easy Event Planning wants your Christmas Party planning process to be fun and, well, easy! Regardless of the Christmas theme that you choose for your party or the number of guests, remember to relax and have fun. Create those memories that you want your family and friends to remember, so they want to return to your Christmas parties year after year. We are positive that our customizable template will make your party planning a pleasant process with the results you are looking for.

Written by Isabel Stratos-Bernal; Contributor: Courtney Ludwig

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