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Engagement Party Checklist

Engagement Party Checklist

Updated on: Feb 24, 2024

It is time to officially celebrate your engagement! This is an exciting time in your life that you want to share with friends and family. Your engagement party is a kick start to the many different events and plans you will be making over the next few months. Time to start writing out your engagement party checklist!

Don’t stress! We have you covered. Our engagement party checklist is completely customizable to your specific event. It is interactive so you can continue to add your plans as you create them. The engagement party checklist will help you and your host keep track of everything for your special event! Check out our engagement party ideas too to add to your checklist.

Engagement Party Checklist

1. Decide on a Host

Are you and your partner hosting your engagement party? Perfect! Is your friend or family member hosting your party? That is great too! It is important to figure this out early on in the planning process as there are a lot of elements to begin booking. Make sure to have your cohost follow along with the engagement party checklist too!

2. Generate Possible Dates

It will be much easier to book your venue once you have a few dates in mind. It is alright to not be super flexible with your dates! Go into booking your venue with a few possible dates to have more success in getting your ideal space.

3. Create your Budget

You are already planning a wedding, therefore it is important to budget with your other events as well. You do not need to go overboard at an engagement party. Many times these guests will also be in attendance at your wedding. Use our engagement party budget to help go along with your engagement party checklist!

4. Decide on a Guest List

You do not need to invite every single friend and family member to your engagement party. Talk to your partner about what their thoughts are as well. Sometimes smaller, more intimate gatherings are the most memorable for the honored couple and guests.

5. Pick your Venue

Picking your venue will be an important decision early on in the planning process. Some venues book up months in advance. Once you know your target guest count it will be much easier to schedule your venue. Have your venue fit the aesthetic you would like your party to be. Many successful parties have beautiful venues that speak for themselves over many decorations. Pick a venue that will fit you and your partner's style. Make sure your venue can accommodate social distancing if necessary.

6. Decide on a Theme and Attire

Themes are definitely not a requirement but can make a party a little more fun. If your wedding has some kind of theme, you can create your engagement party to match that theme. For a more classic engagement party, it is important to make the guests aware of attire expectations. Cocktail attire is very different from formal attire. It is best to not leave guests wondering how to dress.

7. Send Out Save the Dates

Leave an ample amount of time for your guests to RSVP to your event. You do not want to wait until a week before the event to reach out and wonder if certain guests will be coming. You also do not want to anticipate more guests than the amount that actually comes.

8. Find a Caterer

Food is going to be the main component of your party. This is one part of your event that many guests will remember. Make sure the caterer will be able to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions or allergies.

9. Book Entertainment

It is never a bad idea to have some kind of entertainment at parties. You could hire a DJ or a live band for part of the night to keep guests entertained. If your party is themed this could differ based on the theme.

10. Purchase Decorations

Decorations will vary with themes and color schemes. The venue may provide basic decorations, but it is nice to have added touches that the couple picks out. This could be pictures from an engagement shoot of the couple or floral arrangements that match the color scheme of the wedding.

11. Gather Extra Supplies

It is very easy to forget non-essentials for the party. Make sure to review all contracts with the venue on what they will be providing. If the venue does not provide tables, chairs, or table cloths then you will be expected to provide them if you need them. While minimal, these little details are crucial to a successful event.

12. Decide on Party Favors

Party favors are an added detail for the event. While not necessary, some guests like small mementos to remember the occasion. These could be small items with your wedding date on them such as coasters or keychains.

Engagement Party Checklist: Conclusion

There is a lot of planning that goes into one party. No worries! Our specialized engagement party checklist can be altered to fit your special day. There are countless ideas for planning an engagement party. This checklist will allow you to be organized and less stressed when the day finally comes. Check out our planning checklists and learn how to use them to fit your needs. Let us help you plan a memorable event for you and your guests!

Written by Tatum Yusz; Contributor: Jack Leduc

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