Cakes & Desserts Near Me

Looking for sheet cakes, custom cakes, gourmet desserts or other specialty treats for a wedding, birthday, baby shower or other event? Browse our extension directory or save time and submit a quote request to let Easy Event Planning connect you with the best bakeries, gourmet bakeshops and specialty dessert places in just a few clicks.

How Much Are Cake Pops?

In general when looking at how much cake pops are they seem to be individually priced from around $2 to $3. More detailed cake pops can be anywhere from $5 to $6 per cake pop. They can be sold in dozens and sometimes are required to be bought by dozens and not individually depending on the company. The cake pops can be customized and can be more expensive depending on how much you want to customize it and how detailed it is.

How Much Does a Birthday Cake Cost?

There are five main cost considerations in concern to cakes; the number of guests, flavor and ingredients, labor, and delivery fees. Most professional bakers base their cake pricing on how many people will be at the event and how many slices are needed for each guest. The per-slice price can be affected by other factors such as ingredients used and the complexity of the design. When it comes to flavors and ingredients, the more standard the flavors the less expensive, for example, vanilla will be less expensive than red velvet. Multi-flavor cakes are typically more expensive so is fondant over buttercream. If the design of a cake is very complex or the cake is multi-tiered then the labor time will be higher than a regular cake. Some bakers can also charge an hourly rate. Delivery fees are the last cost consideration. Most bakers charge a delivery fee to safely get their cakes to the customers’ venue. The farther away the venue is from the baker the higher the delivery fees will be.

How Much Cake Do I Need?

You may be wondering, how much does a sheet cake feed or how much cake do I need? It will depend on the number of guests at your event and an important factor to determine how many people the cake feeds is the size of the cake slices. A full sheet cake typically feeds 48-96, half sheet 18-40, and quarter sheet 12-20 people, but serving sizes vary due to slice sizes. 

Servings per slice of a full sheet cake are as follows: 
2”x2” full sheet cake slice - feeds 117 
2”x3” full sheet cake slice - feeds 64 3”x3”
full sheet cake slice - feeds 48

At a wedding, a full sheet can serve even more guests since typically smaller slices are cut at a wedding or any large event. In many cases, cake for every single guest is not needed and it is safe to buy or make a cake that is smaller than the number of guests since not everyone attending an event eats the provided cake. We recommend providing cake at your upcoming event to 60-70% of your guests. If you know that most of your guests will certainly eat the cake, then definitely provide more! 

What Do Bakeries Sell?

Bakeries bake and sell lots of delicious, homemade food like bread and baked goods, such as scones or cakes. Other baked goods a bakery might sell for you to eat include cookies, donuts, pies, cupcakes, muffins, and even sandwiches. Most people are more likely to buy and eat baked foods if they are made at a local bakery. Bakeries offer the fresh and warm foods that many people thoroughly enjoy, and you most likely have at least one in your town. We believe that baked goods from a local bakery are perfect treats for special occasions like a birthday or holiday for example. Who celebrates a birthday without cake, or another dessert? When you find yourself stepping foot into a bakery, you will find that the aroma of the shop will make purchasing something for yourself very hard to resist.

What is a Baker and What Does a Baker Do? 

Bakers prepare bread, pies, pastries, cookies, rolls, cakes, and a large variety of other delicious treats. They are employed at cafes, restaurants, bakeries, catering companies, grocery stores, and hotels to provide fresh baked goods. Some bakers work in an industry setting and create a mass quantity each day. Overall, a baker knows how to pay attention to detail and follow recipes well, with a final goal to craft quality goods for customers to savor. They mix, measure, decorate, bake, add frostings and glazes, and whatever else necessary before their baked goods are in the customer's hands.

What Is a Certified Master Baker?

A certified master baker is an individual who is trained professionally in the culinary school to prepare and produce high-quality baked goods and demonstrate their knowledge about the principles of sanitation, nutrition, and management. They have other responsibilities and participate in a wide range of complex and routine work activities. Some include supervising other baking staff, obtaining the necessary resources, and general managing.

What Is a Baker's Dozen?

Many people respond 12 when asked what a regular dozen is. However, if you find yourself being questioned about what a baker’s dozen is, you’d be wrong to answer 12. For medieval reasons, a baker’s dozen is actually 13. This is due to the practice of adding an extra bread loaf (or two) to a regular dozen to meet weight standards for bread loaves in medieval times.