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A kid’s first birthday is as much for them as it is for the parents. It’s a special and momentous occasion for everyone involved. If the birthday party mostly consists of adults rather than children, which can often happen, the best party venues would be restaurants, parks, beaches, public gardens, or any outdoor location. If there are more children, young cousins, or siblings, a more active venue may be more ideal. Art studios, zoos, museums, science centers, movie theaters, and gymnasiums are all kid-friendly and fun for all ages.

For the kids who love running around and parents that want to tire out their children, recreational venues or activity-based places are perfect for a birthday party. Laser tag, bowling alleys, arcades, mini-golf, bounce houses, and trampoline parks are ideal for both. If your children want a more mellow party museums, science centers, craft stores or pottery paint stores, or wildlife preserves could be just what they want.

Toddlers’ birthday parties are fairly easy to plan, all they need is a little entertainment. Any place or store that is focused on kids is perfect. Chuck E. Cheese, clubhouses, gymnastics gyms, family fun centers, rec centers and so many more are just what your kid will love for their birthday party. Art studios, arts and craft stores, or even pottery studios have fun activities that kids of all ages will enjoy, especially if they already were artistic and creative!

Looking for the perfect venue for a kid's party? We have all kinds of great birthday party places: bowling alleys, video arcades, mini-golf, laser tag, indoor rock climbing, go-karts, water and amusement parks, adventure-themed parks, indoor play structures, aquariums, zoos, planetariums, movie theaters with party rooms, dance and gymnastics studios, ice skating rinks, roller skating rinks, skateboard parks and more.