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Where to Find a Caterer

Choosing the right catering team for your wedding or another event can be difficult with so many options out there. We make the search easy with filtered results focused on the zip you provide above. If you want your catering services to fight over you, simply submit a quote request and they’ll come to you!

Catering Serving Styles

There are so many types of catering serving styles, making it confusing to decide which fits best with your event. Some factors that we should consider are your budget, style of event as your audience. As you think about your event here are 5 common catering styles you can choose from.

1. French Service - Where the servers bring out all the meals at once in an impressive display.

2. Butlered Service - Where the food is presented to guests on trays with utensils available so that guests can serve themselves.

3. American Service - Typically used at less formal events. Meals are prepared and plated in the kitchen and then served to the guests. This service is a simple yet efficient choice.

4. Buffet Style - Meals are arranged on the tables and guests come to the buffet line and serve themselves. Most kids parties, family parties, or more informal events as it is an easier way for guests to get their food and more cost-efficient for the host.

5. Cafeteria Style - Guests will come up to the buffet and waitstaff will fill their plates from behind the buffet tables. This style is the best option if you're on a budget because it lets you control portion sizes.

How Much do you Tip a Caterer?

Food is a very crucial aspect of a wedding or event. It is so critical to make sure the catering staff feels appreciated for their time and service provided. Tipping your caterer or wedding caterer is never obligatory, but it is important to show your appreciation. The average expected amount is between 15-20% of your bill, that is if gratuity isn’t already included. It is advised to hand the tips out after the event, just like you pay for any service, but some people prefer tipping at the start of the event to aspire remarkable catering service.

How Much do Caterers Cost?

Location - Depending on where your venue is, catering may require a transportation fee to cover not only their time but also gas.

Time of year - During the more popular wedding months caterers may raise their prices than if your wedding is held during the off season. Caterers also consider seasonal foods, foods that in season will be less expensive than those that aren’t.

Style of Catering - How you want your food served can greatly impact the price. Individual plating for example, will be more expensive than a buffet style.

Guest count - Generally speaking, the more guests the pricier the catering will be.

Additional Items - Special or customized services like cutlery, dishes, certain linens and equipment may increase the overall cost depending on the caterer.

Why Hire a Professional Caterer?

Hosting any event is a challenging job and figuring out food options isn’t any easier. To a catering company, though, it’s super easy! It’s what they are trained to do so that you can forget about the food service and focus on enjoying your event.

Time saver and stress reliever - There are so many bits and pieces that go into any event that you may not even realize. By having a professional at your side you can have confidence that they will take care of every little detail for you.

Money Saver - Buying the food yourself isn’t always cheaper than hiring a professional. Caterers have the knowledge, equipment and staff to cater your event seamlessly.

Experience - Professional caterers truly know how to wow guests. They not only have lots of experience with planning menus that align with all styles of events and guests they also know how to cater to your guests' needs.

Convenience - Full-service catering will leave you stress-free! The staff handles it all from preparing, serving, to cleaning so that you don’t have to. From start to finish, everything will be taken care of. No need to worry about bussing and cleanup, they have got you covered.