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Want to rent a photo booth for an upcoming event? Photo booths are not only great entertainment for your guests, they can take the place of party favors too. With our collected list of rental locations, we can help you find a photo booth in no time. Our providers have a range of photo booth types - magic mirror, open-air, green screen, passport and others.

There are many factors that will impact the price of photo booths. Photo booth rental costs can vary greatly in price so it’s important to be aware of the most common cost factors. Style of Photo Booth - There are many different styles, open-air, in-closed and slow-motion, etc. The more high-tech and advanced your desired booth is the more costly it’s going to be. Packages - Though it is common for photo booth rental companies to bundle three or four hours of time in a package, some may charge hourly. Music, lighting, and basic props may also be included in some but not in others. In general, the more that’s included in the package the more expensive it will be. Special features - Some special requests such as a photo gallery, custom backdrops, additional props, photo albums, and/or integration may add to the overall cost. Season/Date/Time - During the more event-heavy months like the spring and summer, photo booths can cost more than events during the winter months. Weekends are also more expensive than weekdays as more events take place during this time. Location - The farther away your venue is to the company the more expensive their transportation fee will be. They will want to be compensated not only for their time but for their gas mileage.

A photo booth is a vending machine with a camera and film processor that produces instant pictures for those who use it. They are a chance for guests to take the ultimate selfie at an event. No more bad-quality pictures from people whose arms are too short to fit everyone in. They are the perfect way to take a picture of an individual or a group that everyone can enjoy. Digital sharing is taking over physical printouts since the creation of iPads and Instagram. Social media photo booths are more popular now too.

Photo booths are popular because they provide added entertainment for your wedding, Christmas party, Halloween party, and even your graduation party. Taking a photo in a photo booth is a highly social activity that can be augmented with props and silly costumes. They can also be customized with backdrops, props, and even text printed on the photos that can be designed to fit the theme of the event, leading to the seamless integration of a photo booth. The photos can be kept as memorabilia or as a unique guest book, this opportunity adds to the popularity. No one is too old or too young for a photo booth!