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Looking to host a party that allows your guests to drink some wine while they paint the night away? We have a directory of options, whether you prefer a certain brand (Painting with a Twist, Paint and Sip, Wine and Paint) or any art studio that allows you to enjoy some adult beverages and craft while you do, we can help. You can look through our directory on your own or let us save you some legwork. Just submit a quote request and we'll see who has availability. We'll ask them to reach out with their rates and specials.


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How to Find Paint Supplies and Studios

Looking for a party venue where your guests can stretch their artistic muscles? We have a directory of options, whether you prefer a certain brand (Painting with a Twist, Paint and Sip, Wine and Paint) or any art or craft studio that allows you and your guests some creative entertainment while enjoying a little drink. Just submit a free quote request and we'll see who has the availability and the budget you are looking for.

What Is Paint and Sip?

A paint and sip event is a relatively new phenomenon that is equal parts educational and entertaining. It delivers beginner-level instruction to allow you to create pieces of art with your friends and family. The most intriguing and innovative part of this concept is that the guests typically indulge in a wine of their choice while practicing their art skills. While many of these establishments are bring-your-own drinks, there are a select few that provide drinks on site. Either way, you are free to indulge in a drink or two while receiving two to three hours of step-by-step instruction on creating artwork you can proudly display in your home. Not only do paint and sips provide a relaxed learning environment, but they are often used as methods of fundraising, team-building, or entertainment for private parties.

How Much Is a Paint Party?

While the price for a paint party will vary upon location and business, the average rate per person lies somewhere around $30-$40. Many establishments set a minimum of ten participants to secure an appointment, while others might offer packages that cater to smaller groups. These rates typically include approximately two hours of instruction and the necessary painting supplies (canvas, easel, and paint). Some establishments even include photos of the event in their rates. If the instructor must travel to your location, additional travel fees should be expected, and adding more time or guests to your lesson can also increase the price. Some locations also host paint and sip events for additional charges, and these do not always include the price of the beverages in their per person charge.

What Are My Options For a Paint Party?

If you are planning on hosting a paint party, there are many ways to go about it. Paint parties for children or a small group of friends are an easy activity to organize at home. All it requires are the painting supplies, party tables, and instruction, whether by video or by hiring someone through a paint party service. If the party is for children, you can simply stick to a general theme such as flowers, cars, or animals, to ensure they have enough freedom to get creative. If you are planning a fundraiser or larger party event, you can book a private lesson with an instructor in a studio that can facilitate your group size. Some studios even host paint and sip events for adult guests. Finally, in these times of social distancing, you can also find virtual paint parties that only require purchasing your own paint supplies and tuning in for instruction. This is a great way to keep all of your guests safe and artistic at home.