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Hiring a professional party decorator will take a large amount of the party execution stress of your shoulders. They are there to help you in any way they can by using their experience and connections to find what you need and make your dream come true. Lots of people go into planning a party without knowing exactly what it takes and get overwhelmed. That is where a professional decorator will come in handy, by taking some of the responsibilities and making the party day fun for everyone.

Uplighting is the placement of lights at the base of architectural details or points of interest, typically around the perimeter of space to draw attention to those details. Uplighting has the power to completely transform a room with the click of a button. It creates depth to the room and sets the atmosphere while also highlighting details you want to be seen and distracting from those you don’t. Placing LED uplighting sources on the ground level and pointing them up creates the ‘up lighting’.

DJ uplighting is perfect for parties and weddings because they can be run by the DJ meaning they can change the colors and patterns, and change to match the speed or energy of each and every song. It enhances the party goers' experience and it usually isn’t insanely expensive. Most DJs will have their own set up which can either be free or an additional charge depending on the DJ service.

A Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) is someone who is a member of a group of balloon professionals who successfully complete a series of tests, including an oral and practical exam. The certification is administered by the Qualatex Balloon Network (QBN). The certification program centers on a comprehensive approach to professional balloon practices and strives to set a common foundation of knowledge and a starting point for communication. The testing focuses on skills and techniques, understanding of design theories, business skills, safety, and ethics. Most people hear balloon artists and go right to clowns and balloon animals, but there is so much more. For the practical exam, which lasts about four hours, balloon artists are being scored on their ability and technique on completing multiple different tasks like creating bouquets, table centerpieces, garlands, temporary and permanent knots, even interviews, and mock sales calls.

Depending on the type of lights, LED, bulbs, or bars, uplighting can cost anywhere from $17 to $100 if sold individually or in groups. Most standard uplights are around $19 to $20 each, wireless uplights tend to be around $24 each. Some wedding lights rental stores will charge approximately $150 for 4 uplights for a 1-2 day rental period.

There are a lot of aspects of wedding planning and decorating that can impact the cost of a wedding decorator, but the average hourly rate wedding decorators tend to charge is $60 to $80 per hour. The total average is around $500 to $800. Flat rates, expenses percentage, hourly rate, and hybrid fees are all prices you may encounter with a wedding decorator. There are some factors that a decorator considers when determining their price. This includes the wedding theme, guest size, commission, location, special or custom requests, and venue size.

There are many different types of black lights that can be bought for blacklight parties. Some are bigger than others. If you have a big room to fill, then the bigger and longer black lights will be the ones you need. Between 2 and 6 LED light bars and LED strips will do the job just fine. A large room of about 7m x 7m to 15m x 15m will require around 2-4 light strips, which are the most common and effective lights for parties.

"When contacting and hiring a wedding decorator there is a handful, or more, questions you should ask them before hiring. These questions should cover their background in decor, their payment plans, and their availability. For example, some questions of their background could be: 1. How many years have you been in business? 2. How many weddings have you done altogether? 3. Do you have a portfolio or another resource containing photos of your work? Questions about payment could include: 1. Does the price you have given me cover everything? 2. Are there any additional fees that I should be aware of? 3. Do you have insurance? 4. Do you offer a payment plan for your services? 5. When is the final balance due? 6. What is your preferred form of payment? Questions about their availability and booking: 1. Are you available on my wedding date? 2. How soon do I have to reserve this date? 3. Will you personally be at my wedding or will you send others? 4. Can we meet with the other decorators before the wedding day as well? 5. Have you worked at my venue?"

Looking for decorations to transform your big wedding or party venue? We have professional decorators and lighting stores who can bring your event to life with stunning arches, centerpieces, ceiling decor, and more.