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In need of a photographer for a wedding or event, to take engagement pictures, do a boudoir photo shoot or take a family portrait? We have an extensive directory to serve all of your photo needs. You can either search our directory on your own or submit a quote request and let us do all the legwork free. We'll find the best photography professionals who are available when you need them and within your budget.


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Selecting a Wedding Photographer

Need professional photography for your big wedding day or event? You can either search our directory on your own or submit a quote request and let us do all the legwork free. We also have articles for finding professionals to take engagement pictures, boudoir photos, and family portraits! Simply provide a quote and we’ll bring those photographers straight to you!

Why Hire a Professional Photographer for a Wedding or Event?

Trusting your family or friends with the task of capturing your wedding day or any other event might seem like a good idea, but the pros of hiring a professional outweigh the cons. Professional photographers know their way around a DSLR and use their knowledge of angles, ratios, and lighting to produce high-quality images. Their attention to detail ensures that all key moments are captured flawlessly, leaving your guests and you to enjoy the big day stress-free. Professionals are adaptable and know how to deal with weather changes without sacrificing image quality and will most likely have an alternate on-hand in case of an emergency. Hiring a professional photographer is an investment that will pay off for years to come when you have high-quality photos to reminisce on.

Wedding Photographer Prices

The location of your wedding is a major deciding factor on how much you’ll spend on a wedding photographer; rates vary across the country, and if your photographer has to travel to get to the venue, you will need to cover travel expenses, as well as a hot meal on the day of the event. Depending on the size of your wedding, hiring a second shooter is another thing to consider. A wedding photographer’s rate includes more than the hours he or she spends shooting on the wedding day; planning, venue visits, and editing are all major components of wedding photography. Your photographer might offer prints and albums as deliverables, which may be included in the package or charged as add ons. Their photography style is another key component to consider - an editorial shoot will likely cost more than a traditional photo shoot. Wedding packages also vary in that some of them include additional photoshoots such as engagement shoots or bridal portraits. And if you choose to leave a tip, remember to include that in your budget!

Tipping a Photographer

Tipping wedding photographers is not mandatory but always appreciated. It could motivate them to get your photos to you even sooner or to do the extra mile in editing. 10% is an average tip amount.  It’s always a good idea to ask your photographer how they prefer to receive a tip - in cash or via a payment app. If you’re tipping your wedding photographer in cash, prepare an envelope prior to the wedding day and designate someone to distribute it at the end of the reception.

Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer Before Hiring

What photography style are you specialized in?

What is your availability?

Can I see your portfolio?

Will you need an assistant or a second photographer?

What packages do you offer?

Can you show me the contract?

What is your work style on the day of the event?

Do you have a backup plan?