25th Anniversary Party Ideas

Affordable 25th Anniversary Party Ideas

Planning an anniversary party can get pretty expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! Sometimes it’s hard to think about 25th wedding anniversary party ideas on a budget that you haven’t already done! Don’t worry because we got you covered! Below we provided a list of some 25th anniversary party ideas that can help you spice things up! And let us be the first to say, congratulations on celebrating 25 years of marriage!

25th Anniversary Party Ideas: Invitations

25th Anniversary Party Ideas: Invitations

1. Handmade Invitations: 

Handmade invites make for great 25 anniversary ideas. There are many invitation templates available online to help you with your affordable anniversary party. Take your time finding your favorite design and making it your own. This process will be a bit more complex than others, but if you’re not feeling too inspired or creative, this is the best, classiest way to go. If you don’t feel too confident about your invitation-making skills, look for a local calligrapher to make some for you.

2. Photo Invitations: 

Memorable invitations make for the best invitations for your 25 wedding anniversary! Print out some copies of a photograph from the wedding, and make sure to get a fun one—this is a party, not a formal event! You can print it alone or with a design using any online photo invitation maker. If you’re looking to save time or save paper, you can also send your photo invitation without an envelope just like a postcard. 

3. Kid-made Invitations: 

Why not let the kids make your invitations? Quirky and handmade 25 year wedding anniversary invitations are always a huge hit. Your guests will also get a kick out of these fun 25th wedding anniversary ideas. Print out one sheet with the party details in the center of the page: when, where, and couple’s names. Don’t forget to leave plenty of white space around the information for the kids to decorate. At the bottom, include: “This card was made for you by (names of the children).” Then, gather the kids and have them decorate with anything from just writing “come to the party” to drawing colorful pictures.

You can also have them draw the same things on each design or let the kids decorate however they’d like. Since we’re talking about kids, it’s best for these “drawing parties” to be held over a couple of days if you’re sending out a lot of invitations. Your kids will be more patient when they aren’t expected to draw a lot for a long period of time. Of course, there’s no reason that adults can’t pick up a crayon and help, too!

25th Anniversary Party Ideas: Decorations

25th Anniversary Party Ideas: Decorations

4. Photo Decorations

If you have access to the wedding album or any other wedding memorabilia, try using these items for your 25th wedding anniversary decorations! You can purchase cardboard science fair project boards from any craft store to display the photos—these are perfect since they’ll stand up on their own. Surround the collage with several framed photos of the wedding. You can also purchase inexpensive candles and candle holders at a craft store and place them on the same table to add an elegant touch. If you can find any other wedding-related items either at home or at a store, incorporate them into your decorations for a fun and personal touch. 

5. Hire a Party Planner 

A friend or a relative with any experience will do just fine when planning an affordable anniversary party! However, it is beneficial to have professional party planners in some cases. They can give you wedding anniversary decorating ideas that you can only dream of. It can even be less expensive because these professionals have experience, and know how to keep the cost low! The best place to find a professional planner for your affordable anniversary party is local!    

6. Location and Food

These will often go together. If you’re looking to save money, search for restaurants that will give you a discounted rate for a large group. Also, ask each restaurant for several menu options so that you can pick and choose. If lunch at a restaurant is too costly, consider hosting the event at your home or a relative’s home and search the internet for delicious sandwich recipes or recipes for other finger foods. Enlist the help of a relative or friend and prepare all of the food yourself. This is certainly more inexpensive than paying for meals at a restaurant. Good food always makes for a great set of 25 year celebration ideas!

7. Getting Even Cheaper Décor

To save money on your 25 year anniversary party ideas, visit your local thrift stores and hunt down some cheap options—you’ll be amazed at how many unused party decorations you can find. Glass vases and bowls are great to display with flowers and candles, too, so ask your friends and relatives if they have vases that you can borrow. If you have the option, go for a specific color or theme to unify the décor!

8. Special Playlist

If possible, try to find some of the songs that were originally played at the wedding. This will make them a great set of 25 year anniversary ideas. Make a playlist and play the songs as the guests arrive or when you cut the cake. The playlist doesn’t have to be too extensive, even a few songs will refresh your guests’ sweet memories!

9. Anniversary Attire

Ask guests to wear some of the things they wore during their wedding or the couple’s wedding, including anything from dresses to ties to jewelry. For some 25th wedding anniversary dress ideas, the gals can wear formal ball gowns, and the bride can wear her wedding dress. The guys can wear their fancy tuxedos, and the groom can wear the suit or tux he wore at the wedding. Again, the goal is to bring back memories from the day you’re celebrating, so pull out your old wedding outfit and reminisce with your loved ones!

10. Silver Décor  

Another option for wedding anniversary decoration ideas can be the traditional color of silver. Silver anniversary party ideas can include adding elements of silver to the décor you have already chosen by using silver tableware or silver vases for your centerpieces. Or you can choose to have an all silver anniversary party, and have silver be your entire color scheme with silver tablecloths, balloons, and other decorations. Items like these can be found at your local party supply store.

11. Wedding Celebration 

Celebrate the event that made your 25th anniversary possible by displaying memorabilia from your wedding. Showcase the wedding dress and decorate the walls with copies of your invitations and your wedding photos. You and your guests will enjoy looking back at this moment in your lives. You can even serve a re-creation of your wedding cake. Ask your local baker if they could recreate the cake from your special day.

12. Landmark Tables

This is one of the more original 25 anniversary party ideas in this list. Decorate each table according to a specific landmark moment, such as when you bought your first house or had your first child. Put photos of each key point in silver picture frames and use them as centerpieces. You can then decorate the table with objects related to that theme. This option helps both you and your guests reminiscent of amazing memories that have shaped your relationship into what it is today.

13. Iris Décor 

If you’re trying to stick to a traditional 25th wedding anniversary theme, we recommend using the same flower: the iris. The iris is the traditional flower used to represent 25 years of marriage. It is a deep purple flower that can bring any party space to life. Place vases full of irises around the room or place a single iris next to each place setting. Check your local florist for quotes on arrangements!

14. Recreation

There are many moments in your life that you could recreate at your 25th wedding anniversary. One idea is your first date. You could also recreate where you first met, where the proposal took place, the location of your first kiss, or your honeymoon. Or how about a mixture of all your favorite memories? Bring back those memories by recreating them with relevant décor.

15. Time or Location Themes 

Remind your guests of your wedding by decorating according to the time or location you were married in. For instance, if your wedding was in October, decorate with fall decorations and serve seasonal foods. If your wedding took place on the sands of the Bahamas, use beach party decorations as the inspiration for your décor.

16. Wedding Keepsakes 

Turn your anniversary celebration into a wedding commemoration. Dig up your wedding invitations and the wedding dress to display along with your wedding pictures. Serve a menu similar to that of your wedding and top it off with a recreation of your wedding cake. If you can’t find old invitations or menus, ask a local print shop if they can remake them for you! You and your guests will agree that this 25 year anniversary party idea is memorable one.

Decorations are key to creating a space that is inviting and enticing for your guests. 

25th Anniversary Party Ideas: Food

25th Anniversary Party Ideas: Food

17. Table Centerpieces

Plan and decorate for these 25th wedding anniversary party ideas based on the season. For a summer party, serve watermelon or colorful berries; for fall, try pumpkins, oranges, or sweet treats, etc. Arranging a few vases, glass bowls, and other pretty food holders together on the food table will give it more meaning. Top off each one with a candle in the center, and they’ll be beautiful!

18. Eating the Costs Away

You can buy take-out and present the food artistically on pretty plates for a buffet spread instead of hiring a caterer. For a fun and affordable option, try making some of the food yourself and ask the guests to bring a dish or two of their own.

19. Drinks!

It can be easy to spend a lot of money on drinks. Provide guests a supply of wine, beer, and champagne, or try checking out a few cocktail recipes yourself to cut down costs. Don’t forget to prepare plenty of alcohol-free options for your younger guests!

25th Anniversary Party Ideas: Games and Activities

25th Anniversary Party Ideas: Games and Activities

For these anniversary party games try to get everybody in attendance to join in. These games are much more exciting with more people!

20. Anniversary Symbol Search

For this anniversary party game print several lists of 25th-anniversary symbols and have guests scour the house/venue, cars, wallets, and purses to try to find something similar to the symbols that represent each wedding anniversary year. Who will find the most symbols?

Other ideas for this game can be adult-type objects or a list of things around the room. If you have a large group joining you, have people split into teams so that everyone can get involved. One person is the host and reads out the different objects needed. When a team finds the object, have one person run to the host with it. The first team to deliver the object to the host gets a point. Be prepared for some fun, chaotic, and nail-biting fun!

21. Musical Chairs

For this classic and fun anniversary party idea have your guests play with a playlist of songs played at your wedding! It will surely stir up everyone’s competitive side. Hearing the songs played at the wedding will also bring memories of the wedding back to mind, making it very nostalgic. For larger groups, you can split into teams and hold different brackets until you get to a “finals round” between 2 people.

22. Famous Couples

Write down the name of a famous person who belongs in a pair and tape that person’s name to someone’s back. No one should know who is taped to their back. To complete the game, the person must find out who they are. Other guests can give hints as to who they are without saying the celebrity’s name. Once a guest thinks they have figured out who they are, they have to find their partner.

Examples of pairs that can be used are Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Sonny and Cher, Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve, and even Barbie and Ken. Once everyone thinks they’ve found their partner, be sure to double-check the results for accuracy. 

23. Wedding Year

Make a list of real and fake events that occurred in the year the couple got married. Have people make guesses on whether or not those events occurred in the same year or not. Games like these are always fun because it is a blast to see what people remember. Have another guest act as a host for this event to make it more fun. 

24. Never Have I Ever

Someone will make up a list of questions of common things that may have occurred to the guests and the couple. For example, you can ask if you ever ran out of gas, flew in an airplane, got kicked out of a restaurant, etc. The funnier the scenarios the better, especially if you know that someone playing has done one of them. Have people line up shoulder to shoulder. When a question is asked and a person is guilty of the thing asked, they take a step forward. See who can make it across the finish line first.  These games make everyone feel young again!

25. Metamorphosis 

After 25 years of marriage, it’s probably safe to say that your looks have changed. Have your looks changed so much that your friends and family can’t match your photos from birth, through grade school, or today? Gather as many pictures as you can of yourself, your spouse, and others and have people try to pull out all the ones of the married couple. 

26. 25th Anniversary Picture Symbols

Have a list of the anniversary symbols, a dry erase board, and markers handy. Each person will pick a symbol to draw on the board for the others to guess. You can’t write any words, only draw pictures. The person who guesses correctly gets the next turn. Reward your guests with small favors.

27. Events

Someone has to ask 25 questions to the anniversary spouse to find out what event they are thinking of. Ask the right questions to figure out what happened in the happy couple’s life. For example, you can ask: Was it during the summer? Were you living on Oak Street? etc. You can’t guess the event until you have asked all 25 questions. If guessed correctly, award your guest with a prize! 

28. Famous Faces

Print out pictures of famous people and replace their faces with the anniversary couple’s faces. Have people take guesses as to who the celebrity is. You could even have some life-size ones with the faces missing for your guests to take memorable photos.

29. Wedding Snacks

If you’re thinking about holding a party, snacks and refreshments are definitely important. Make this fun by having snacks and refreshments that each partner likes as well as snacks/refreshments they both enjoy. Have guests guess which person likes what snack or refreshment by having them place printed out faces of the couple. In the end, those who have the most guesses correct wins!

Celebrating your wedding anniversary is an exciting way to commemorate another year of being together with your loved one. Hosting a party with friends and family is a fabulous way to do so. These fun games will help you have fun and celebrate together. 


Creating a party that is fun, celebratory, and unique can be a difficult task. However, having a 25th wedding anniversary party that is both memorable and commemorative to your relationship can be easy if you follow these steps. We hope our ideas help you create a party that will impress each and every guest. 

We hope that some of these affordable anniversary party ideas will be of help to you! One key takeaway for you to remember is that it’s the little things that count! You don’t always have to make an anniversary party a lavished event. It can be a smaller party that was planned with a lot of forethought about what your partner likes!

Written by Matvei Mozhaev, Jessica Bundy, Chris Kulesza, Alicia Bell, and Caitlin Connell

Edited by Patrick Fernandes

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