70th Birthday for Mom

Make 70th Birthday for Mom Special With This Year’s Gift

Turning 70 is a big milestone that should be celebrated with the best, most thoughtful gift. The question is, what exactly do you get for mom who has already had 69 birthdays and has probably already gotten everything that she has wanted? 

Well, the answer is to get creative and make this year’s 70th birthday for mom something that she won’t expect. The key is to find her a gift that she didn’t know she needed until she opens your present. Luckily for you, this article contains the top 30 gift ideas, which will not only surprise, but excite the 70-year-old person you are giving the gift to. 

Top 30 Gifts for This Year’s 70th Birthday for Mom

Top 30 Gifts for Mom's 70th Birthday

1. 70 Things To Do When You Turn 70 

Giving her a book, which gives her a new perspective on what she can do in her new decade can give her hope that she still has things to look forward to. The book gives her 70 ideas on what she can still do in her lifetime, that she may have never thought of doing before! 

2. Extendable Back Scratcher 

Nobody says no to a free back scratch, especially not one that you can do by yourself with an extendable back scratcher! Giving mom an extendable one is important as many 70-year-olds struggle to reach around to their back in general, so make sure you give her one that will benefit her the most! The back scratcher can also get that itch that has her going crazy, but again they have no one around to do it for them, every 70-year-old loves to be as independent as possible. 

3. Prescription Coffee Mug 

People in their seventies usually have to take lots and lots of prescriptions on a daily basis, so this hilarious prescription coffee mug is a comedy! This mug, shaped and painted just like a prescription bottle, could be a funny joke to your mom or an awesome reminder to her everyday morning to make sure that she takes her pills. 

4. Senior’s Texting Code Mug 

So, maybe you think that your mom will not find the prescription coffee mug to be funny but…what about a texting code mug instead! No 70 year old nowadays knows how to use a cell phone, let alone know all of the texting codes that their grandkids are sending them. So, help mom out and get her a funny gift that will actually make them text savvy as well! 

5. Seat Gap Filler 

I think everyone could use this gift in their car because what’s more annoying than trying to fetch your stuck credit card for an hour. Losing things for a 70-year-old can be even more complicated and frustrating because sometimes they cannot physically get into those little nooks and crannies anymore. Keep them from losing their phone, money, and food down the cracks in their car and get them the seat gap filler

6. 70th Birthday Necklace Gift 

Every woman remembers the exact day that she receives a necklace, so why not commemorate her very special day by getting her one! There are rings for every decade. Every woman likes to be showered with beautiful and meaningful jewelry. 

7. Digital Hearing Amplifier 

70 is about the age that we all begin to lose our hearing. SO, help them hear what you are saying and place this digital hearing amplifier in their ear and be amazed that you have to say things once again! Never have to shout again! 

8. Folding Garden Kneeler & Seat 

Many older people like to spend more of their time in the garden and planting; a folding garden kneeler and seat. The seat is especially good for seniors with bad knees and backs. It is easy to fold up and store wherever. 

9. Reacher Grabber Tool 

Back pain is a commonality in 70-year-old’s, so a reacher grabber tool makes it easier for them to reach that top shelf that is too hard for them to reach now. The grabber can also pick up things from the floor. 

10. Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

This is perfect for those 70-year-old’s who simply do not have the energy anymore to clean. Give them the helper they need around the house with this gift. This gift is super intelligent and automatic, so all they have to do is set it off and watch it vacuum the entire place! 

11. Expensive Wine 

A 70-year-old will always appreciate a nice bottle of wine. Or get them a wine from some special place you visited. Taking them to a vineyard as well to pick out their own bottle is another fun birthday gift idea! 

12. Cooking Appliances and Gadgets 

Who doesn’t love to eat? If you’re trying to find a gift for someone who is handy in the kitchen or likes to grill every night, then consider this gift as a new tool for their culinary skills.

13. Theatre Tickets 

Going to a live theatre show is such a unique experience that is a great gift because often people will never splurge on themselves to buy their own ticket. Give them the gift of a night of memories that they will not forget. 

14. Symphony Tickets 

 Classical music is just that classic; everyone can enjoy it. If you are getting a gift for someone who loves the sounds of music, then take them to a relaxing evening at the symphony and then reminisce about it in years to come. 

15. Trip Somewhere 

Where have they always wished they had gone? Take them there! Create an adventure they will not forget and don’t forget to take lots of photos to capture the memory. 

16. Dinner at Favorite Restaurant 

Some 70 year old’s just want a mellow birthday and would love to go to their favorite restaurant with you and spend some quality time together. 

17. Casino Trip 

Give the new 70-year-old a night on the town by going to the city’s casino! Casinos are where all the fun is and the 70-year-old wants a part of it. Set a limit for how much you both will spend and have at it for a night. Maybe you will both get lucky! 

18. Luxury Cruise 

The best trip for a senior is an all-inclusive cruise where all they need is right at their fingertips. A cruise makes for a trip easily planned and very affordable. 

19. Yoga Class 

We want our seniors to have a healthy retirement, so why not get them into yoga; great exercise for 70-year-olds. Getting them to be active and enjoy the activity is good for your conscience too because you know that they will not just be sitting around all day during retirement. 

20. Special Gift Basket 

Gift baskets are super easy to order and can be sent directly to the person whose special day it is. It is always a wonderful surprise to open a door to a stranger who bears a beautiful gift that you were not expecting!

21. Personalized The Day You Were Born Canvas

Everyone knows the year that they were born, but no one really knows what was actually going on in the world around them. Provide your mom or grandma with all the information they need to get educated on the exact day they were born on. 

22. The New York Times Front Page Jigsaw Puzzle

A brain teaser is always popular with the older crowd because it helps the time pass during a long day and keeps their brain fresh! The best part about this gift is that you can create the puzzle from the time when your mom/grandma was born, so it’s personalized for them.

23. You’re Only Old Once! Book

Get her to laugh about her old age by getting her the classic Dr. Seuss book that pokes fun about getting older.

24. Organic Spa Gift basket

Let your mom be able to pamper herself at home with a luxurious spa gift basket that has organic, dye-free bath, and body products. 

25. Personalized Picture Frame with Poem

Let your mom know how much she means to you through your own words that you write. The personalized frame makes it even more special and a keep-sake forever. You can add a picture of you too so that every time she looks at it she knows that her special son/daughter wrote it for her. 

26. 70th Birthday Gift Box of Retro Nostalgic Candy 

If you have a mom that has a major sweet tooth, then getting her this chocolate box filled with treats that are delicious and fun to reminisce on is the most ideal gift. The chocolates from her childhood will make her think back on good memories and become nostalgic. 

27. 70th Birthday Shopping Bag

All the 70-year old women that I know love to shop at least once a week, so they should really have their own bag that they can take with them everywhere and be able to carry their items in one bag. She can use it for groceries at the market, or as a purse to go out and about, or just a tote. 

28. 70th Birthday Gift Customized Apron

A woman who likes to cook and be in the kitchen should definitely have their own personalized cooking apron. The good thing about giving an apron as a gift is that it can be washed again and again and last for years! Every time that she cooks in the kitchen, she will think of you.

29. Rocking Chair

Older women enjoy rocking chairs because they now have the time in their lives to relax and enjoy the sunrise and sunset every day. Rocking chairs are entertaining and relaxing. She can nap, read a book, talk on the phone, or just sit and enjoy the silence. 

30. Automatic Pill Reminder

This is a gift that I would even want for myself because no one can ever remember precisely when to take their pills; each day runs into the other. A lot of medications that older people take are significant to their daily health, and thus, it is important that they do not forget it. So help your mom out and get her a pill reminder, so you will not have to worry about her again. 


With this, it is concluded that any one of these gifts will be perfect for this year’s 70th birthday for mom. It is always the unique ideas that will shock your mom and give her something that she would never buy for herself. The price of the gift does not matter, especially for the 70-year old, it is the thought of the gift and the creativity that she will love you for. Take your time deciding on what your mom would like best and use the most and then go and order it right now!

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