90th birthday party ideas

23 Wonderful 90th Birthday Party Ideas

Congratulations to that lucky person who is turning 90 this year! 90 years of life is a wonderful achievement and most definitely should be celebrated. But as we know, our bodies change drastically when we near that 90-year mark. This can make it challenging for some people to engage in intense activities. Which is why you may be wondering, “How should I throw a party for a 90-year-old?” What would be considered too much or too little?

Well, believe it or not, there are still some amazing 90th birthday party ideas you can use. I’ve catered these ideas to be family-friendly and enjoyable for everyone. It might also be helpful for you to have a budget before you start.

90th Birthday Party Ideas: Themes

1. Tea Party

Tea Party
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A tea party can be very versatile and simple which is why I think this is a great idea. First of all, you can set the party almost anywhere. If it’s a beautiful day out, you can set up a tea party in the backyard or the park. If it’s a bit chilly or even wintertime, a party can easily be planned indoors.

There’s also the option of visiting a local tea room. If you do plan on hosting in the comfort of your own home, it can be the perfect opportunity to show off the fancy china sitting in your cupboard. This party idea won’t require much physical endurance as everyone will be gathered together for a light lunch, small baked goods, and of course, tea.

There most likely won’t be loud music either so you can expect a quiet and peaceful afternoon. This can be the perfect time for family and friends to gather together to look back on old memories, exchange gifts, or simply catch up and enjoy an afternoon tea. A tea party is timeless and classic like that special someone who just turned 90!

2. Dinner Party

90th Birthday Party Ideas

Alright, I know, it’s another party setting involving food and sitting down but a nice dinner party with family and friends is wonderful for someone turning 90. This idea, again, doesn’t require a lot of activity like taking someone out to race car driving would. It’s easy to plan and prepare dinner in one room with lots of decorations.

If a tea party isn’t enough room for all the party guests or too early to celebrate then opting for a dinner party is the next best thing. It’s still a comfortable environment for everyone to spend time together and laugh. Best of all, it’s a night where you can splurge on some delicious food. So go ahead and plan that dinner party!

3. Roaring Twenties Party

90th Birthday Party Ideas

Now, here’s an idea if you want to go all out on the decorations and theme. A roaring twenties party would be a cute idea for someone who was actually born in the twenties. If they were born in the 30’s or 40’s then you can adjust the era. You may not want to make the party too extravagant with costumes and dance-a-thons so here are some accessible and entertaining ideas.

If you’re planning the party in the house then black, white, and gold is your color scheme. Jazz music would also be a wonderful touch. I mean it’s the Jazz age after all! If you want to be more authentic, then you can shop or thrift some antique pieces for background décor. You can make the party more memorable for the birthday person by decorating with old photos. This can be old photos of famous musicians and actors at the time or old photos of them and their family and friends. By doing this, it can remind the birthday person of wonderful memories and help them relive an exciting decade too.

Preparing the food can be fun as well. Deviled eggs, oysters, mixed nuts, and cupcakes are classic foods to serve. You can even add in some cocktails if the party calls for it. If you want a more relaxed party then don’t hesitate to pull out the board games. That way everyone can join in and spend time together while feeling like they’re in the 1920s.

4. Casino Night

90th Birthday Party Ideas

This may be another eccentric idea for a 90th birthday but sounds exciting right? Don’t worry, this idea isn’t about gambling and making people take on extreme risks. You don’t even have to host the party at an actual casino. It can all be done in the comfort of your own home or a local, small venue. Some light yet fun challenges to consider are card games, a jelly bean roulette challenge, a spin the wheel game, and using a roulette wheel or board. You can take these games to the next level by including prizes.

There’s also the option of serving refreshments and snacks while everyone competes in the challenges. A couple of boxes of tasty pizza is a good call. A casino night can be perfect for a 90th birthday because it doesn’t require a lot of physical activity. It will most likely take place at the table in a small to medium gathering. It doesn’t have to be expensive as it can take place at home and you probably have some playing cards on hand. If you want a mix of something stimulating but not too engaging then a casino night might be the choice for you.

5. A Looking Back on Your Life Party

90th Birthday Party Ideas

When somebody reaches 90 years old, you can expect them to have many adventures under their belt. That’s why a 90th birthday party would be an excellent time to celebrate life achievements. This wholesome party can be hosted at home with friends and family. A wonderful idea would be to create a big slideshow presentation and then share it with everyone through a projector screen. Everyone can sit together and reminisce about old memories.

You can also make a scrapbook or photo book with old letters, invitations, postcards, awards, and old photos. This is a sweet idea to save memories and you can always look back on it. I’m sure they would cherish this gift forever! After the slideshow you can open the floor for the guest of honor to share their story and what their favorite memory is. You could also add in time for a film or board night.

A party like this is a great time for everyone to spend time with each other and celebrate those amazing 90 years of life. It’s a laid-back and easy to plan a party that everyone can enjoy. So, what do you say? Will you be hosting a looking back on your life party this year?

6. From The Grandkids

From The Grandkids

If the honored guest of the evening has lovely grandchildren then involving the grandchildren is a great idea for a party. It’s a sweet idea to allow the grandchildren to handpick or handmake a surprise gift for their grandparent. If the grandchildren would like to make a present, they can opt for creating cards and artwork. If they would like to purchase a present, they can buy fresh flowers and small accessories like a scarf.

You can even use this idea if you’re hosting a dinner or tea party. When the guests are eating or when they’ve finished their food, you can end the party with a sweet surprise from the grandchildren. I’m sure that receiving a sentimental, birthday gift from grandkids would make anyone smile!

7. Garden Party

Garden Party

If this 90th birthday is taking place during the spring or summer then a garden party is the perfect setting. Garden parties are a natural way to celebrate with loved ones while also soaking up the sun. You can choose to hire catering or you can make your own meals and snacks for the event. You can set up a nice picnic and tables with floral decor. It will be a beautiful and natural birthday party that’s perfect for photos.

A garden party is accessible and family friendly. It can be hosted in a backyard or at a fancy venue. You won’t need to engage in challenging activities and you can invite friends and family to dine with you. There are many themes you can go with: a rustic theme is a great choice. Whether you choose a specific theme or not, a regular garden party is simple and elegant for a 90th birthday party.

90th Birthday Party Ideas: Activities

90th Birthday Party Ideas: Activities
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With party themes and event ideas aside, you may be wondering what to do during the actual party. There are so many fun yet moderate activities you can do!

8. Games

Incorporating party games will depend on the type of party you will be hosting. Party games won’t be as fun or appropriate during a tea party than it would be during a casino night. There are family friendly board games that all the birthday guests can play. For everyone to enjoy the festivities, it’s crucial that you pick the right one.

Party games like Bingo, Monopoly, and Pictionary are simple and easy for everyone to participate in. If you think the honored guest of the evening is up to it, then you can plan a murder mystery game or a scavenger hunt outside. A murder mystery is exciting and appealing if the person enjoys solving puzzles. Trivia games with questions on different eras is a great idea for a someone who has lived through 9 decades. The guest of honor is sure to be an expert in this one.

9. Concert

Now, when I say concert I don’t mean taking everyone to a loud and rambunctious rock concert. Instead, you can host with small, musical performances. This can be done by grandkids who are learning how to play instruments – they can do a small performance for the birthday party. A 90th birthday party idea like this is cute and its a way to let the grandchildren practice their skills. You could also have another family member or a friend sing a song. A sweet idea is to play the honored guest’s favorite song for everyone.

You can easily incorporate this activity during a garden, tea, or looking back on your life party. A concert like this only adds to the joy and fun of spending a birthday with family and friends. A concert can also be recorded and added to your memory collection.

10. Birthday Photo Shoot

Birthday Photo Shoot
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With a birthday photo shoot, you can create memories and capture the 90th birthday celebration. There are plenty of classic and simple photo backdrops you can use. This is a fun idea everyone can partake in. You can get solo shots of the honored guest and then shots with family and friends. People aside, you can snap photos of the birthday event itself. Photos of the birthday cake, the decorations, the birthday table, and the scenery are a few examples.

You can either hire a professional photographer or take photos yourself. Once you have that decided, set the perfect picture with fun filters, signs, or props. These birthday photos are guaranteed to make it into the family photo album.

11. Crafts and Art

Hosting a party with crafts is a quiet and simple activity. This would be a wonderful idea if the honored guest enjoys arts and crafts or even had an artistic career. You can decide how many crafts and how difficult the crafts will be. There are options like origami and painting. You can purchase these art supplies at the local store for an affordable price. These can be considered party favors as well.

A unique idea you can try is to have everyone make love and compliment notes about the birthday male or women. It works by asking everyone to write cute messages. This can be favorite memories, what they admire about the person, and sweet compliments about the person. Then, when everyone is finished, the honored guest can shuffle the notes in an encouragement jar and read them out loud.

Some nostalgic crafts are memory quilts or photo bouquets. These crafts can be on the challenging and time consuming side. I’d also recommend these crafts as gift ideas. No matter how you choose to present these crafts, this idea is perfect for reflecting on the honored guest’s life; you can combine happy memories in a creative way.

12. Face Time with Family and Friends

If there are birthday guests who live far away and can’t make it to the birthday party, then you may want to consider setting up a video call. If you’re having a garden or dinner party, a video call after the meal is the perfect timing. After everyone’s finished the tasty food, you can all gather around the phone or computer screen and celebrate with those far away.

The person on video call can prepare a heartfelt birthday speech and perhaps everyone can view a photo slideshow together. This is a simple and sentimental activity. I’m sure the guest of honor would feel happy to video chat with an old friend even if it’s not face to face. You can use technology as your aide during a birthday party like this!

90th Birthday Party Ideas: Appetizer and Sweet Options

Preparing food and snacks for a party is an important task. You will want to consider each guest’s dietary needs, therefore, having a variety of food options is going to help you in the long run. The type of meals will depend on the event itself. Below are different appetizers and desserts you can serve at a 90th birthday party.

13. Custom-Made Birthday Cake

For this year’s 90th birthday party, you can opt for a custom made cake instead of a traditional birthday cake from the bakery. Preparing a custom made cake can be a unique way to celebrate the 90th milestone.

14. Dark Chocolate Strawberries

Dark chocolate strawberries are great for tea and garden parties. It’s a sweet treat that people can easily take from a dessert platter.

15. Deviled Eggs

You can prepare deviled eggs for a variety of parties like a dinner party or a 1920’s theme party. Deviled eggs would be best served on a platter.

16. Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board can be severed during most types of parties. It’s an elegant and fancy platter that everyone can enjoy.

17. Finger Sandwiches

Finger sandwiches are known to be served during tea parties but you can also serve these as side dishes for a casino night. There are different kinds of finger sandwiches you can prepare.

18. Mini Quiche

Mini quiches are a delicious appetizer that can be served for many different occasions. You can serve these at a garden, tea, or theme birthday party.

90th Birthday Party Ideas: Decorations

90th Birthday Party Ideas: Decorations
Source: Etsy

Decorations are an exciting aspect of the party planning process. You can decorate an entire room the way you imagine it. Below are 90th birthday party ideas for general decorations and different party themes.

19. Decorations for a Garden Party

Source: Etsy

For a garden birthday party, you will want to set up decorated tables. One table for the food platters and another for sitting. You can also go with a picnic style and have everyone lay on picnic blankets and pillows. You can decorate with hanging lights and set customized name cards on the table. You can consider buying floral silverware, plates, and napkins. There are beautiful paper fans, streaming lights, and floral, garden decorations you can find.

20. Elegant 90th Birthday Decorations

There are many decorations that have an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. You can use a rose gold or black and white color scheme for an elegant aesthetic. If you’re hosting a birthday party inside, you can set up a sequined table cloth with candles and a centerpiece. Drinks can be served in crystal glasses and you can place hanging balloons, string lights, and fresh flowers throughout the room.

21. 90th Birthday Centerpieces

Source: Etsy

Centerpieces are a great addition to birthday party tables. You can set up a bouquet of flowers and candles to match. For a 90th birthday party, you can find a centerpiece that displays a 90th topper or place one without. If it’s a garden party you can consider a plant centerpiece – like a wrapped branch centerpiece and succulent plants. Fruit garland and fruit displays are another option.

22. Decorations for a Roaring Twenties Party

A roaring twenties party is an exciting theme. The colors you want to work with are gold, white, and black. You can set the table with ostrich feathers in antique or trumpet vases for an eye-catching centerpiece paired with gold candlestick holders. You don’t have to host a dance-a-thon for a 90th birthday party but you can play classic jazz music in the background with an antique record player to make the party more authentic. Pearl balloons, banners, and gold garland are nice choices for ceiling and wall decorations. Details like pearl necklaces, flapper feathers, and cocktail glasses go with a 1920s theme.

23. Vintage 90th Birthday Decorations

There are many ways you can go with vintage decorations. Photos can be used as decoration – framed photos or hanging photo displays – of happy memories. For a vintage theme, you can use polaroid photos. Objects like antique cars, music cassettes, rotary telephones, vinyl records, and antique items can be used as small party decorations. Or you can use one of these objects as a centerpiece. There’s also the option of combing a vintage theme with a specific era, like the 1950s.


I hope these 90th birthday party ideas have inspired you to kick off an amazing birthday party. Celebrating 90 years of life is a huge and wonderful accomplishment and despite the age there are still plenty of ways to host a birthday party. Hopefully you found an idea that’s family-friendly and easy to host. Good luck to you and happy birthday to the person who’s turning 90 years old this year!

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