Adult Birthday Party Ideas

30 Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas 

When you hear the word “Birthday Party” you may think of kids, candy, and clutter but birthday parties are so much more now. Call your friends up and have a sleepover, have everyone gather in your home to celebrate, or go out and experience something new with the people you love. Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean that birthday ideas are no longer possible. There are plenty of ways to find the perfect way to celebrate your special day. Here are 30 of the best adult birthday party ideas for you!

Where to Celebrate Your Party?

Where to Celebrate your party?

1. Go On a Hiking Trail

There are plenty of local hiking trails to explore around your city. Grab a couple of friends, your camera, and celebrate your birthday with a fun day outside with friends.

2. Picnic

Picnics are a great option. They are simple and easy. Just go to your local park, set up a big blanket, and bring food like sandwiches, fruit salad, and your favorite drinks and enjoy a day in the sun!

3. Road Trip

Road trips awaken the adventurer in all of us. It doesn’t have to be an hour-long drive anywhere. It can be a road trip around town! Go to places around your city that you’ve always wanted to go and check it out. Visit parks and landmarks, or visit the next town over! You’d be surprised how many adult birthday party places there might be in your area!

4. Beach Day

You cannot go wrong with a beach day. Similar to a picnic, bring food and drinks, but also bring beach balls and frisbees! Get active with your friends and loved ones and enjoy your birthday soaking up the sun and taking a swim.

5. Rent Out a Place

Rent out a whole house in a fun destination place with all your friends! This destination could be in a remote area like the Adirondacks where hiking trails and camping are prevalent. You could rent a house by the ocean and have a beach weekend. You could rent out a ski lodge and stay inside by the fire sipping hot chocolate and playing games. Or you could Airbnb in the heart of a big city. There are endless options and plenty to fit your personality.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas for Food

Adult Birthday Party Ideas for Food

Food is a fun aspect of a party that, if used correctly, could really create a fun activity for your guests too. Here are a few ideas that are simple yet creative:

6. Appetizers

Appetizers are easy, pass-around options that require little prep and take the focus off of food and more on socializing with your guests. With appetizers, you can set everything up on a table and have people eat as they come and go. This is great if you aren’t looking for a sit-down meal and have a lot of people to feed.

7. Taco Bar

A Taco Bar is set up in a buffet style. All you need are the quintessential elements to build a great taco for everyone. Get ingredients like ground beef, refried beans, corn, black beans, cheese, soft and hard taco shells, and lettuce. This way, you and your friends and build your tacos how you want and not stress about what everyone will enjoy.

8. Waffle Bar

A waffle bar is great for a brunch-themed party, but there is no wrong time to eat a waffle! Premake a bunch of waffles with variations like chocolate or red velvet. Get toppings like sprinkles, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and maple syrup. Make a spread on your dining room table and share a breakfast delight with your friends and family.

9. Desserts

You can’t go wrong with having desserts at your party. You can order an assortment of cookies from your local bakery, or make them yourself! Think small, hand-held desserts that are easy to eat in a few bites or walk around with.

10. Personal Pizza Party

Take the load off of preparing all the food yourself and host a personal pizza-making party. All you need is some store-bought dough, pizza sauce, cheese, and any other toppings you can think of. Have everyone gather around your table and let them make their pizza how they want. All you have to do is pop them in the oven and enjoy!

Adult Birthday Party Ideas for Drinks

Adult Birthday Party Ideas for Drinks

11. Cocktails

Cocktails can play an important role in your birthday party. You don’t need to drink to have a good party, but the pairing of a cocktail and some appetizers or desserts can be a simple and classy way to feed your guests. You don’t need to hire a mixologist, just provide a signature drink or two for people to choose from. Try drinks like margaritas, whisky sours, sangrias, or simple mix-in drinks such as cranberry juice and vodka. These can be made in bulk so that you don’t have to take time away making drinks for all your guests.

12. Mocktails

Mocktails are a must for every party. Not everyone drinks alcohol so it’s important to provide a drink for everyone. Try drinks like the Shirly temple, or make an Ice tea lemonade.

13. Wine Tasting

Another option for drinks is having a wine tasting. Grab a couple of different wine options like a white, a red, and a rose, and have your guests try little samples of each. This way, the drinks become an activity as well.

14. Punch

Punches are perfect for a large group. To make the perfect punch, it is all about what juices you put into it. You can mix a cranberry and ginger ale, or a lemon-lime punch bowl. Cut up some fruit to let float in the punch bowl and soak up the punch itself. Adding fruit really dresses up the punch bowl and can make it a fun-looking option for drinks.

15. Mimosa Bar

A mimosa bar would be perfect for a brunch gathering. All you need is a couple of bottles of prosecco, orange juice, and grapefruit juice. Orange and Grapefruit will be the base of the mimosa. You can offer little add-ins such as pomegranate seeds to float in with the drink or cut up slices of both the orange or grapefruit to place on the side of each glass.

Low Tech Ideas

Low Tech Ideas

Having a low tech option is important for people who have busy lives but still want to celebrate their birthday. Here are some simple options for low-stress birthday parties:

16. Movie Night With Friends

A movie night with friends may not seem like the party-type but it is perfect for someone who wants a chill night in. Having a party is about celebrating with the people you love and there are many ways to do this. You can splurge on the snacks and candy and put together a collection of fun movies that you all like.

17. Spa Day

A Spa day is a great way to spend your birthday if you aren’t big on big celebrations and a lot of attention. Visit your local spa with a couple of your friends and enjoy a day of relaxation.

18. Brunch

Host a brunch! All you need to make the perfect brunch is the drinks, the breakfast element, the lunch element, and the dessert element. For drinks, go with the mimosa and the bloody mary. For breakfast, you can make eggs, potatoes, and bacon, or you can make pancakes, french toast, or waffles. For the lunch element, stick with a sandwich option. Dessert could be the choice of pie or a fruit cobbler. Sit around the table and enjoy!

Something With a Few Friends

Something With a Few Friends

If you just want to have an intimate party with your closest friends or your significant other, here are a few ideas for you:

19. Host a DIY Night

A DIY night with your friends is a wonderful way to spend the night laughing and making memories. DIY could be painting a still life on the floor of your living room or making bracelets for each other.

20. Dinner Party

A dinner party is perfect for the person who likes to host. Make it about you. Make your favorite dish to share with others or even ask everyone to bring their favorite dish. This is great for birthday ideas at home.

21. Tea Time

There is a certain kind of love for garden parties and backyard gatherings. Tea Time is an elegant, classy way to celebrate your birthday. Grab your favorite tea and make your favorite tart or open-faced sandwich, and sit outside on your porch or back deck and have a tea time party with friends.

22. Adult Slumber Party

Who says that sleepovers are only for kids? Relive your childhood days but with a bottle of wine instead. Slumber parties are perfect birthday activities for adults that wish to feel youthful once again.

Something With a Big Group

Something With a Big Group

If you have a big group of friends and family and can’t leave anyone out, these are some cool birthday ideas for you!

23. Rent Out a Roller Skating Rink

Roller skating rinks are such a fun venue for a party. Some rinks will let you rent out the entire place. Skating rinks will often have party rooms as well so you can celebrate with food and cake right there. You don’t have to be an excellent skater to enjoy a night at the skating rink either. Grab onto a friend or two and roll around with some of your favorite people.

24. Game Night

Game nights are fun with a big group of friends. This can be done at your house or even at an arcade. Provide a mix of games to play. These games could be on a console like the Wii, or card games at a table or more interactive games like roleplaying and Pictionary. Have prizes too! You can host trivia night about the birthday person and whoever wins gets a prize to take home. This can be a lot of fun with a big group.

25. Karaoke Night

If you have a big group and are not into planning a whole party, host a karaoke night. You can rent out a bar and enjoy singing along with your friends and having a few drinks along the way.



A creative party theme for adults can be an exciting way to spice up a regular birthday party. You can go big or go small, so here are a few popular options for adult birthday party themes:

26. Wine and Cheese Night

Grab the girls and break out that charcuterie board! A Wine and Cheese night is a great way to have a sophisticated party. Turn it into a wine tasting! Ask your friends to bring their favorite bottle and you bring the cheese and prosciutto.

27. Host a Murder Mystery

Host a Murder Mystery! There is no doubt you’ll get a lot of laughs out of this one. You can go all out with sending mysterious invitations, giving everyone character cards, and planting clues throughout your place. Don’t be afraid to get into character! This unique theme is great for adult birthday parties!

28. Great Gatsby

The Roaring 20’s is a popular adult birthday theme. The Great Gatsby happens in the heart of this era. The elements to a perfect roaring 20’s party are the outfits, the colors, and the music. Tell all your friends to get into flapper dresses and fedoras and suspenders! The music is always loud, energetic, and exciting! If you need more inspiration, check out the movie!

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

Opening up presents on your birthday doesn’t just have to be a kids thing. Giving a gift is a way for people to show that they care about you. One way you can implement gifts into your party is by creating a gift theme. Here are some delightful ideas to ask your guests to bring:

29. Bring a Copy of Your Favorite Book

This idea is so lovely because you get to know your friends a little more. Each of your guests can bring a copy of their absolute favorite book and write a little note to the birthday person. This way, nobody feels stressed about thinking of a present to give because everyone has a favorite book. You can also do variations of this like bringing your favorite album or poem.

30. Favorite Dessert With a Recipe Card

This idea is wonderful for the baker in all of us. If your guests have a favorite dessert, cookie, or snack recipe, have them make it and bring the recipe card along with it. This is a cute way to share your talent and love for baking and eating.


Celebrating another year of life is always a special thing. It doesn’t have to be a milestone to be a big deal. This article includes Adult Birthday Party Ideas for the social butterflies and for those who prefer close company. You can do something big or something small as long as you do it with the people you love.

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