Anniversary Gifts by Year

Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts by Year: 48 Unique Ideas

Love is worth celebrating every day, but anniversaries are the most meaningful time to show your care and commitment to your partner. As you search for the perfect present, our list of anniversary gifts by year can guide you to the right pick, with the help of both traditional and modern gift guides. Whether celebrating your first or fiftieth wedding anniversary, these gift ideas will inspire you to celebrate your partner in the best way possible — making the most of your special day together.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: Years 1-5

Anniversary Gifts by Year: Years 1-5
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1. One Year Anniversary Gifts

1 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Paper

For a newlywed couple, paper symbolizes a blank slate in which you and your spouse can write your story together. To commemorate the first anniversary, consider giving gifts like a handwritten letter, a printed map of the location you and your spouse first met, or tickets to a concert or event you can both enjoy.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Clocks

In modern-day gift giving, a clock represents the beginning of a lifetime together. Consider purchasing watches with personalized wristbands or a large wall clock to display in your home.

2. Two Year Anniversary Gifts

2 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Cotton

As time passes, you and your spouse’s lives become increasingly interwoven. To symbolize this exchange, try finding a gift that incorporates cotton. Ideas may be a comfortable cotton pillowcase, a handmade rug, or matching his-and-hers pajamas.

b) Modern Gift Idea: China

Just as the beginning of marriage is equally beautiful and delicate, so is fine china. For a second anniversary gift, look into china plates, vases, or figurines for decor.

3. Three Year Anniversary Gifts

3 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Leather

By the third year of marriage, you and your spouse have faced obstacles, overcome challenges, and grown stronger in your relationship. A gift incorporating leather is the perfect way to commemorate this durability. Ideas include monogrammed wallets or bags, leather dress shoes, and leather-scented candles or personal care items.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Crystal or Glass

Crystal and glass symbolize the fragility of love. However, when properly cared for, they shine. For this gift, consider purchasing crystal jewelry, crystal art pieces to accent your home, or personalized wine glasses to share a drink with your partner.

4. Four Year Anniversary Gifts

4 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Fruit or Flowers

As you and your spouse’s relationship continues to blossom into maturity, choose a gift incorporating fruit or flowers. A classic fruit basket or a bouquet of flowers (recreated from your wedding day) are guaranteed to please.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Appliances

For a practical anniversary gift, consider investing in a household appliance. Whether it be something small and tech-savvy — like a Wifi-connected air fryer or state-of-the-art espresso machine — or something large — like a new washer and dryer duo — a new appliance shows your partner that you care about their everyday needs.

5. Five Year Anniversary Gifts

5 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Wood

For the five-year mark, a gift incorporating wood is a reminder of the strength of your marriage, as well as the deep roots that you and your spouse have cultivated together. Unique wood gifts include a jewelry or watch box, a custom wooden sign with your last name on it, or a wooden picnic basket filled with your spouse’s favorite treats.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Silverware

By your fifth anniversary, the silverware that you and your spouse received from your wedding has likely tarnished. Gifting your partner with a new set is a practical way to express your care and concern for them. For an added touch, consider purchasing custom engraved flatware.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: Years 6-10

Anniversary Gifts by Year: Years 6-10
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6. Six Year Anniversary Gifts

6 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Iron

Iron attests to the rock-solid foundation that you and your spouse have built your lives upon. Like this metal, your marriage can withstand the test of time and overcome the trials that come its way. Gifts to commemorate your sixth anniversary include iron kitchenware — like a cast-iron skillet, knives, and serving trays —,  iron jewelry, and home accent pieces.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Wood

Wood is used in modern times to symbolize the durability of you and your partner’s relationship. Gift ideas include a cutting board or butcher block, a personalized tree wood carving, or a custom-made puzzle incorporating a picture of the two of you.

7. Seven Year Anniversary Gifts

7 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Copper

As a conductor of heat, copper symbolizes warmth and comfort — two vital components to a long-lasting marriage. For your anniversary, purchase a gift incorporating this element.  A Moscow Mule copper mug, engraved copper compass, or matching copper keychains are some of our favorite options.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Desk Sets

Much of yours and your partner’s work is done at a desk, so for your anniversary, maximize this time with a desk set or desk accessories. Popular options include cardholders and nameplates, a pen/pencil holder with photo inserts, or a desk organizer.

8. Eight Year Anniversary Gifts

8 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Bronze

By your eighth anniversary, you and your partner’s family and friends, daily routines, and individual quirks have likely merged into one. The element bronze, which is made up of a blend of copper and tin, represents this intertwining of two lives. Commemorate your union with a bronze pendant or locket, a forged bronze rose, or a bronze wallet insert with an engraved quote or song lyrics.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Linen or Lace

Linen and lace serve as delicate reminders of your love. Include either of these elements into a memorable gift, like a new lace dress incorporating fabric from your wedding day, a linen tie, or a set of lace lingerie.

9. Nine Year Anniversary Gifts

9 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Pottery

Pottery is a long-lasting material that withstands time and weathering, much like your marriage at the nine-year mark. Gift ideas for this anniversary include a handmade vase, mug, or bowl; or, for a fun experience, try taking a pottery-making class together.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Leather

Similar to pottery, leather withstands conditions of all kinds. Show your partner your commitment to them — for better or for worse — with a leather gift. A journal or notebook, briefcase or laptop bag, or matching leather bracelets customized with your anniversary date are great options.

10. Ten Year Anniversary Gifts

10 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Aluminum

A decade of marriage requires hard work, but it is undoubtedly worth the effort. Celebrate this milestone with aluminum, which signifies the resilience of your relationship. Unique gift ideas include new cookware, a customized license plate (inscribed with your wedding date), or aluminum sculptures to display in your home.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Diamond Jewelry

The most precious of all gems, diamonds exemplify the importance of your marriage. To express this to your partner, purchase a gift that includes diamonds. Try various types of jewelry and accessories — from an upgraded ring to a simple necklace to diamond-studded cufflinks.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: Years 11-15

Anniversary Gifts by Year: Years 11-15
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11. Eleven Year Anniversary Gifts

11 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Steel

Steel is recognized as the strongest metal in the world, making it the perfect element to symbolize the strength of your relationship. Gift options incorporating steel include a pocket knife, a personalized tie clip, customized stainless steel tumblers, or a cocktail shaker set.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Fashion Jewelry

A modern take on the 11-year anniversary gift incorporates jewelry as a way to show off your milestone. Fashion jewelry is best situated for everyday wear rather than fine occasions, so consider gifts like a statement necklace or earrings for her or a fitness-tracking watch for him.

12. Twelve Year Anniversary Gifts

12 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Silk or Linen

Appreciate the finer things in life for this anniversary. Silk and linen, some of the most luxurious materials, make for an excellent addition to your gift. Ideas include a linen or silk bedding set, matching silk pajamas, or linen towels and washcloths.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Pearls

For a modern, elegant approach, make pearls a part of your gift. Pearl drop earrings or necklaces are sure to please; or, for an extra bit of extravagance, surprise your spouse with a beach vacation where you can find your own pearls together.

13. Thirteen Year Anniversary Gifts

13 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Lace

Lace symbolizes both elegance and delicacy, as well as the journey towards perfection. Incorporate it to represent your journey of marriage, considering gifts like a dipped lace necklace, lace necktie, or a lace-etched candle (like these from Jo Malone).

b) Modern Gift Idea: Textiles or Furs

Textiles and furs are an excellent way to stay warm in style. Gift your spouse with a faux fur jacket, a faux mink fur blanket, or a framed textile print for this anniversary.

14. Fourteen Year Anniversary Gifts

14 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Animal or Animal Items

Animals or animal-themed items can bring you and your spouse closer together. Gift them with an experience like a guided safari, horseback riding, or even a trip to the animal shelter (consider adopting a new pet while you’re there!). Or, for a wrappable gift, get a custom-made family pet portrait.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Gold Jewelry

Considered the most valuable of the precious metals, gold is the perfect way to show your spouse how much you cherish your relationship. Classic gifts include gold jewelry and accessories, but take a unique approach with a gold-dipped rose or a golden figurine.

15. Fifteen Year Anniversary Gifts

15 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Crystals

15 years is the next major milestone in marriage and warrants the first of the expensive anniversary gifts. The traditional gift is crystal, which symbolizes beauty and clarity — specifically, the clarity that you and your partner share in the future you build together. Go for a crystal champagne glass or statuette, or take a unique approach with a crystal framed photograph of you together.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Watches

For a modern approach, a watch is an excellent way to celebrate the passing of time in your marriage and express excitement for the good times ahead. Invest in a luxury watch with a personalized engraving for this anniversary, or take it a step further by buying complementary watches for you and your spouse.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: Years 20-40

Anniversary Gifts by Year: Years 20-40
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16. Twenty Year Anniversary Gifts

20 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: China

Two decades of marriage calls for a great amount of sacrifice, compromise, and love between two people. To symbolize the care and attention that marriage requires, choose a gift incorporating china. Ideas include china dishes, flowerpots (filled with your spouse’s favorite florals), or even a trip to the country of China itself for a quick getaway.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Platinum

The modern gift of platinum signifies the strength of marriage. Celebrate your 20th anniversary with platinum jewelry, platinum drink and shot glasses, or a platinum printed record personalized with you and your partner’s names, marriage date, and love song.

17. Twenty-Five Year Anniversary Gifts

25 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Silver

25 years together and halfway to the golden year — what a feat! Silver symbolizes the brilliance and gleam of your marriage, and as one of the most precious metals, it shows the value of your relationship. Tried-and-true gifts include silver jewelry, flatware, or a personalized silver tray to put on display.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Silver

For both the modern and traditional categories, the gift of choice is silver. Other gift ideas include silver cufflinks, a silver hip flask, or a silver photo frame with a picture from your wedding day.

18. Thirty Year Anniversary Gifts

30 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Pearl

A pearl is a treasured gem, just like your marriage. Filled with symbolism, it also represents purity, honesty, and wisdom. For this gift, go for pearl jewelry, a string of pearls succulent, or an expensive seafood dinner by the water.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Diamonds

Return to the 10-year gift idea of diamonds to celebrate three decades together. Matching diamond-studded eternity rings — or any diamond jewelry — are the perfect gift to commemorate this milestone.

19. Thirty-Five Year Anniversary Gifts

35 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Coral

Coral was traditionally believed to have healing properties and act as a defense against sickness. It is considered one of the most valuable resources on the planet to this day. For your anniversary, incorporate coral to signify your commitment to defend and protect your marriage. Coral gift ideas include framed prints, home decor, or a trip to the Great Barrier Reef to see live coral reefs for yourselves.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Jade

Jade is seen as a representation of love, friendship, and especially luck. Stimulate extra good luck and well wishes for your marriage by giving the gift of jade. Ideas include a jade pendant necklace, jade figurine, or small jade slab to display on your desk or in your home office.

20. 40 Year Anniversary Gifts

40 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Ruby

40 years together deserves a gift as stunning and symbolic as rubies. A representative of good health, happiness, love, and longevity, rubies encapsulate the ideal life you and your spouse have worked to create. Show your affection with gifts like ruby jewelry or ruby red roses in a vase.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Ruby

Just like the traditional gift, rubies are the modern gift of choice as well. Other ideas include a peperomia ruby cascade plant, ruby tie clip and pocket square, or a ruby sundial.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: Years 45-60

Anniversary Gifts by Year: Years 45-60
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21. 45 Year Anniversary Gifts

45 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Sapphire

As the stone of royalty, sapphire is worthy of celebrating 45 years together. It represents faithfulness, fulfillment, and contentment, all of which marriage has brought you and your spouse. Commemorate this anniversary with gifts like a sapphire necklace or a luxury sapphire pen engraved with your spouse’s initials.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Sapphire

The modern gift is also sapphire. Consider ideas like matching Waterford sapphire flutes, a sapphire blue record player, or sapphire-themed perfume, like Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Sapphires perfume.

22. 50 Year Anniversary Gifts

50 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Gold

Congratulations! After countless years of memories, milestones, and plenty of love, you and your partner have reached your golden year of marriage. To commemorate half a century together, gold is the most fitting of gifts — symbolizing happiness and prosperity. For this anniversary, make a statement with your gift: consider luxury items like a gold grandfather clock, personalized gold plaque, or a gold decanter and wine glasses.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Gold

Likewise, the modern gift for the golden year is gold itself. Additional gift items include a gold heart-shaped pendant, a customized gold compass, or a bouquet of special-made gold roses.

23. 55 Year Anniversary Gifts

55 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Emerald

Emerald is the gemstone associated with bliss, making it the perfect marker for 55 years of wedded bliss. Gift ideas include a raw-cut emerald ring, a pair of emerald silk pajamas, or a trip to the Emerald Isles.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Alexandrite

The modern 55th-anniversary gift is alexandrite. This stone, known for its color-changing properties, symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. Incorporate it with gifts like alexandrite drop earrings, a vintage ring, or an alexandrite/Swarovski crystal necklace.

24. 60 Year Anniversary Gifts

60 Year Anniversary Gifts

a) Traditional Gift Idea: Diamond

To withstand 60 years of marriage, your bond and commitment to your partner must be unbreakable. To symbolize this commitment, as well as to commemorate your hallmark anniversary celebration, choose diamonds as a gift. Ideas include a new diamond ring, diamond tennis bracelet, or diamond cufflinks.

b) Modern Gift Idea: Diamond

Take a similar approach to traditional gift-giving with diamonds. Choose diamond studs, a diamond brooch, or a diamond-encrusted photo frame complete with a picture of your family.


Whether you take a traditional or modern approach to gift giving, a well-thought-out present can make your anniversary all the more memorable. Consider your partner’s wants, needs, and preferences when selecting a gift, but also take into account the classic gifts associated with each anniversary. Taking both of these steps will help you to pick the perfect gift and make your anniversary one to remember.

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