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30 Great Bachelor Party Ideas

Your best bud has just asked you to stand by his side at his wedding – one of the most important days of his life. It’s your job to throw an unforgettable bachelor party that will mark the end of his single days. Our team has some of the top bachelor party ideas for you try. 

Virtual Bachelor Party Ideas

Virtual Bachelor Party Ideas

1. Sports Video Game Tournament

Splurge for some good seats at the groom’s favorite nearby sporting event. If he’s a diehard football fan, look for seats on the 50-yard line or courtside seats for a basketball game. Get some bachelor party shirts and match and tell the venue what you’re celebrating and see if you can get your groom’s name on the big screen.

2. Virtual Pub Crawl

Skype friends and have a variety of drinks to have to have a night at different “pubs

Skype Roast- have a comedy show over Skype; Perhaps Roast style where people say jokes about the groom and also what he means to them 

3. Bartending Class

Learn some skills while having a few drinks too! Put the bride’s favorite drink on the list of drinks to master while there. Research how to make different drinks in your home, get supplies and have friends do the same over video chat. 

4. Virtual Beer Olympics

Although not as entertaining as in-person Beer Olympics, this will give you and your friends a competitive and fun night taking part in drinking games over Skype. Medals can be given out at the end for Gold, Silver, and Bronze place finishers.

Money-saving Bachelor Party Ideas

Money-Saving Bachelor Party Ideas

5. Poker Night

Play up your usual favorite bachelor party game of poker and hire a bartender and/or catering service. Local restaurants have affordable catering menus that you can use and not have to worry about making food yourself. Use this link to find a bartender near you.

6. Putt Putt Golf

Use items in your home to create your very own putt golf course. This is a fun and easy substitute for golfing.

7. Video Game Heaven

Invite all of your guy friends over to someone’s house for the entire weekend and ask some of your friends to bring their TVs. Set up multiple TVs with different games going at one time. Veg out on the couch playing video games all weekend long. You can even buy emulators that combine all the old games you used to play on ancient systems.

8. Private Concert

Hire a musician to come and play privately, keeping social distance. You can even rent party decorations for the concert to add a little more flare.

9. Cigar Party

Enjoying a quality cigar with your friends is an easy way to enjoy the night with your pals. You can even get matching cigar punches or lighters to remember the evening.

10. Movie Night

Movie Night

Rent a guy movie that you’ve been dying to see or a classic that everyone loves. Make sure you have plenty of greasy pizza, chips, beer, popcorn, and nachos to go around. 

11. Food Party

Add competition to your food party by hosting a grilling competition where each guest must create the best dish using only the grill. Get together to make sure the groom has all the tools and gadgets he can need by buying him a grill accessories pack.

12. Vegas In Person

Going to Vegas sometimes is not possible to bring the experience home, get your poker chips, your favorite drinks, and treat the night like you’re in sin city

13. Bourbon Tasting

Your liquor store can make suggestions on different types of bourbon and then ask for samplings or small bottles of each of them. Someone at your liquor store may even be able to host and give explanations about different types. Personal flasks are easy gifts to have to remember the event. 

14. Karaoke Night

One of the best Bachelor party ideas if you are looking to express your voice then step out of your comfort zone and try to impress your friends with your singing. 

Activity-based Bachelor Party Ideas 


15. Rock Climbing

This is an exhilarating way to spend time with the guys before the big day. Keep pushing and don’t look down!

16. Hiking

With hiking, you get to escape the business of the city and unwind in the freshness of mother nature. Perfect idea before all the stress of the wedding day comes. 

17. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a sure way to get all of the guys involved. Nothing like gliding across the water on a hot day plus you will all get to showcase your skills before being tied down in tuxedos. 

18. Dirt biking

Get together all of your bikes or go to a place and rent them. This is a great way to explore a little bit while channeling your inner Evel Knievel.

19. Parasailing

Trying to enjoy the beach view, but tired of doing so on the ground? Try looking at the gorgeous landscape from up to 40 feet in the air!

20. Hang Gliding

This activity is sure to get the adrenaline pumping. GLiding down from a high point is going to provide a unique experience with unrivaled views.

21. Golf Outing

If you are looking for a nice bachelor game, enjoy a nice round of 18 holes of golf while surrounded with your friends

22. Skydiving

Nothing will be as memorable as leaping from a plane with all of your friends. 

23. Paintball

Shooting each other with paintballs is an excellent idea for all of the guys. Paintball will bring out your inner kid again!

24. Chartering A Boat

Grab your friends and sail the high seas on a chartered boat and celebrate in style 

25. Hunting

Hunting trips are great for any bachelor party. It gets you outdoors and away from everyone to get in touch with nature. 

26. Play Sports

Get active by playing group non-contact sports together such as Wiffle ball or basketball. You can play different types of games such as HORSE in basketball or a Wiffle ball home run derby. You can make it interesting with the winners of these games having their drinks paid for the rest of the night. 

27. Road Trip

Pack all of your friends in a car and hit the open road.

28. Fishing

Even if fishing boats may not be open, you can charter your own fishing trip to your local beach or lake for the day or even a weekend. If you’re the competitive type, split up into two groups and host your own fishing tournament. Make the losers buy drinks for the winners. 

29. Cabin in the Woods

Looking for a getaway with a side of nature, rent a cabin in the woods, and get away from the real world while enjoying the great outdoors

30. Surprise Weekend

Get in touch with the bride to make sure the groom is available for a weekend, then surprise him at his house and kidnap him. Have all of the details of your weekend planned out and don’t fill him in on any of it! 


We hope you enjoyed this list of bachelor party ideas. There are many that can be incorporated into one adventurous night and a great thing about this article is that there are so many different ideas for any type of groom. Hopefully, you can get inspired by these ideas and put together the best party for the groom.

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Written by: Brittany Schmidt

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