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18 Awesome Bachelorette Gifts for Bridesmaids

Want to surprise your bridesmaids with the most thoughtful and awesome bachelorette gifts? We have the perfect thing for you! This list has all of the best bachelorette gifts possible. They will never forget standing by your side and supporting you with these ideas. This list of bachelorette gifts for your bridesmaids ranges in price so no matter your budget you will be able to find the perfect favors. There is also a section for DIY gift ideas if you are crafty and want to make personalized gifts at home!

Functional Bachelorette Gifts

Functional Bachelorette Gifts

1. Personalized Ring Dish

Giving your bridesmaids a personalized ring dish will be something they can keep forever. For your big day they can have them in their hotel rooms and afterwards your bridesmaids can use them at home. 

2. Team Bride Hair Ties

On the big day, the last thing someone needs is their hair getting in the way. Getting hair ties for everyone will eliminate that struggle and they will be a cute gift to keep. These hair ties can be bought in large quantities, so everyone will have backups if they lose one. 

3. Mini Toiletry Kit

Blood, sweat, and tears are bound to happen on a wedding day. Making a mini toiletry kit will solve any mishaps that are bound to happen. You should include things like mini deodorant, Band-Aids, breath mints, toothpicks, a mini can of dry shampoo, and a small bottle of perfume. 

4. Initial Makeup Bag

Makeup bags can be used for multiple things. Your bridesmaids can use them to keep touch up makeup or personal toiletries. They could also use them as a pencil pouch or for other little trinkets.

5. Dress Hangers

Having a nice dress hanger for every bridesmaid will ensure that their dress has a place to hang up, so it is not wrinkly. It can also help people tell everyone’s dresses apart. They can take them home after and have a nice hanger for other nice clothes in their closet.

Fun Bachelorette Gifts

Fun Bachelorette Gifts

6. Party Poppers

It is time to celebrate! Having a wedding and having all of your friends there is such an exciting thing. Giving your bridesmaids one- or two-party poppers to use whenever the time is appropriate will only add to the fun.

7. Mini Champagne Bottles

Go to your local liquor store and buy a cute mini bottle of champagne to give to your bridesmaids. You can order labels that relate to getting married and wrap each bottle in them. 

8. Bride and Bridesmaids Hats

These cute bridesmaid hats will be so adorable and funny when you guys walk around together in them. If you decide to go to get dinner or go to the bar, everyone will know who you guys are. 

9. Matching Bracelets

Why not add a little jewelry to your and your bridesmaid’s collection? These bracelets are cheap and can be ordered in large quantities. These bracelets can be chosen to be worn before or after the wedding. Also, who says they have to stay on your wrist? If your bridesmaids are able, they could wear them as cute anklets!  

10. Mini Hats

If you are having a theme party at some point, you could get mini hats for all of you. You could purchase mini sombreros if you wanted to have a taco party with margaritas. You could also purchase mini cowboy hats if you wanted to have a party with country music and southern food. 

11. Funny Drink Markers

It can be confusing trying to figure out whose drink is whose, especially after a few.  Gifting your bridesmaids a drink marker will keep everyone’s drinks in order. You could get mini drinking boys that hang off the cups or you could get a cute little animal that could mark it. 

DIY Bachelorette Gifts

DIY Bachelorette Gifts

12. Nail Polish Favors

Every wedding has a certain color theme, and it is best to not deviate too far so everything looks uniform and matches. A great way to ensure that the bridesmaids nails all match is by gifting them nail polish to use when they get their nails done. You can choose to use the same color for everyone or buy different shades of colors that all work with the wedding colors. You can then wrap them in tulle or another material and add a cute label.

13. DIY Drinking Glasses

It is so easy and cheap to customize a wine or champagne glass. These glasses can be bought in bulk online and shipped to your door. Then, all you need to do is grab a glass paint maker in any color and go to town. You can write their whole name or just their initials if you have good handwriting. If you do not have the best penmanship you can get a circuit to make decals or order vinyl decals online. 

14. Hangover Kits

The day after your big day is going to be a rough one for everyone who chose to drink most likely. Help curb the morning nausea and headache by making your special ladies a hangover kit. In this you should include mints, a light snack, pain relievers, water bottles, and Band-Aids. These items can be placed in a small gift bag or a personalized cloth bag. 

15. Bath Bombs

All parts of a wedding are stressful, whether we like to admit it or not. Having a nicely scented bath bomb to unwind after a long day would be the perfect thing. If you want, you could DIY these bath bombs or buy a large pack online. You can then wrap them in tulle or other materials and include them with other gifts for your bridesmaids. 

16. Spa Kits

  Nothing will make your bridesmaids feel more relaxed than giving them a DIY spa kit. For this kit you can include a soft headband, a bath bomb, body scrub, lotion, and a cute candle

17. Personalized Robes

Robes will help everyone stay clean and keep their clothes clean on the big day. Ordering robes online is inexpensive and you can personalize them with a monogram or sewing on a cute patch

18. Scrapbook

After all is said and done, you can give each bridesmaid a cute scrapbook of the whole wedding process, from the engagement to the wedding with all of the steps they were involved in. This could be things like your engagement party, bachelorette party, and wedding day. 


This list has 18 interesting and unique bachelorette gifts that will make all of your bridesmaids happy. You could pick a functional gift such as a ring tray or a nice dress hanger. It is also an option to get your bridesmaids a funny gift such as mini sombreros. If you are creatively inclined you could make cute glasses or hangover bags. Or, if you are feeling crazy, you could do something from every category for your bachelorette gifts!

Written by Colby Noble

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