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30 Exciting Backwards Theme Party Ideas

Holding a backwards theme party can be a fun way to shake things up this party season. Here are a few party ideas to have your guests rewind and unwind.

Backwards Theme Party Ideas: Invitations

Backwards Theme Party Ideas: Invitations

1. Reverse Invitations

Send out thank-you notes instead of invitations. Be sure to include the date and time of your party in some way! You can even add this part in a fun label or sticker.

2. Backwards Invitations

Write your invitations backward. For example, instead of “Come to my party on Saturday afternoon,” write “afternoon Saturday on party my to Come”. For an extra POP consider making this in 3D print.

3. Mirrored Invitations

Look up how to “mirror” your invitation text on various software to create zany invitations that must be turned upside-down first and then read in a mirror. Put a “right-way” message on the bottom of the invitations informing your guests how to read their invitations.

Backwards Theme Party Ideas: Decorations

Backwards Theme Party: Decorations

4. Balloons

Fill balloons with air, take a string, and hang them from the ceiling (not too low, or they will be in everyone’s way too much), so they look upside-down.

5. Flipped Art

Make posters in reverse, flip around any artworks you have. Taping upside-down pages out of a coloring book so that guests can leave “their own mark” would be the “top on cherry”.

6. Backwards Signs

Have an “Exit” sign on your front door and an “Enter” sign on your back door.

7. Streamers

You can put streamers all over the ground (instead of the ceiling). 

8. Floor On The Ceiling

If you want to go beyond expectations, try gluing the objects that would be usually found on the floor to the ceiling. Anything from shoes to toys, to just litter. It’s best to use items that will not get damaged or are not precious. Also, make sure the glue can hold all the objects well, so there are no shoes falling on guests’ heads in the middle of the fun!

Backyard Theme Party Ideas: The Menu

Backyard Theme Party Ideas: The Menu

9. Pizza in Cup

Serve pizza in a cup instead of a plate. 

10. Pineapple Upside Down Cake

This is a tasty dessert in which you place the pineapple on the bottom of the pan, and then the cake, and then you flip it upside down. There are multiple in-detail recipes available online!

11. Red Pasta With White Sauce

Guests are probably accustomed to seeing white-colored pasta with red sauce, so switch it up by flipping them! There should be some red pasta available at your local Target- or, you can always ship home!

12. Uramaki Sushi

Serve sushi in which the rice is on the inside instead of the outside.

13. Upside Down Brownie Sundae

This fun dessert has chocolate sauce on the bottom of the dish, ice cream on top of the chocolate sauce, and a brownie on top of the ice cream. Also goes by “Floating Brownie”.

14. Cake In a Wine Glass

Who says that cake needs to be served on a plate? Instead pass out wine glasses, or for a more child friendly option, cups! Have guests stick them in through the outer corners of the frosting, carving out their desired portions and enjoy!

15. Inside-Out Hot Dogs

Slice the hot dog in two and place a hot dog bun between the two hot dog slices.

16. Backwards Dining Area

Instead of putting a tablecloth on the table, put it on the floor underneath the table. Arrange the chairs so that they face outward instead of towards the table.

Backwards Theme Party Ideas: Games & Activities

Backwards Theme Party Ideas: Games & Activities

17. Backwards Message Games

You’ll need Scraps of paper, pencils, and hand mirrors! Have everyone sit in a circle and take scraps of paper from a pile. Hand out pencils so that everyone can write messages on the scraps of paper. Give everyone a hand mirror so that they can write the messages backward.

Make sure to put a letter limit to ensure that it is the same difficulty level for everyone. Have the players go around in the circle and share their piece of paper with the backward message on it. The first one to figure out the message (without a hand mirror, of course) wins!

18. Reversed Jokes

Tell jokes with the punchline first and see who can figure out what the original joke was. Give out some popsicle sticks with jokes on them (check online for a DIY) fun way to start out.

19. Backwards Actions

Have everyone do everything backward at your party. It could be things like walking backward, saying “goodbye” as guests are coming in, and “hello” as they leave.

20. Backwards Obstacles

Set up an obstacle course in your backyard, and have party guests do them walking backward. The obstacles don’t have to be difficult, as it will be much easier to trip walking backward. Make sure to provide some safety measures – a guest walking alongside the player guest to catch them if they fall would be enough.

21. Backwards Meal

Serve a meal backward. This means serving dessert first, then the main course, then soups and salads last. 

22. Backwards Vocabulary

Have everyone speak in a backward language, where words have the opposite meaning. For example, No means Yes, Hi means Bye, Give means Take, and so on. 

23. Goose, Goose, Duck activities

Play the popular children’s game “Duck, Duck, Goose,” but backward – say “Goose, duck, duck” instead! 

24. Backwards Bingo

Start by covering all the spaces on the cards. You can write the words backward on the cards, say them backward, or both! When a number is called, remove a piece. When someone gets a bingo, have them shout “ognib” instead.

Backwards Theme Party Ideas: Favors

Backwards Theme Party Ideas: Favors

25. Silly String

Supply silly strings in fun gift bags with the guest’s name written backward on it.

26. Dress Code

Include special instructions on your invitations to dress ‘inside-out’. Encourage guests to have fun with their outfits and have the clothing tags sticking out of their outfits. If guests want to get extra silly, they can even layer clothes in a mismatched order like wearing under-garments over their normal clothing.

27. Framed Photo Cardstock

Rent a photo booth or buy a polaroid to take pictures of guests throughout the party. Before giving each guest their picture, write their name backward on the back. This should really captivate the party in everyone’s memory.

28. Hand Mirrors

Everything is backward inside a mirror, so what better party favor for a backward theme party than a hand mirror? Buy some mirrors, decorate their backs, and hand them out along with other favors.

29. Party Favors

Set a table with goody-bags, balloons and miniature piñatas with a fun catch; have the candy taped or glued on the outside and fill the inside with graffiti or shredded paper!

30. Reverse Thank You

Envelope, Paint, Crafts, Paper, Post, Letter, Mail

When the guests will begin to leave, hand each one of them an invitation letter! It can be written backwards as well. Instead of writing “the party happens on…”, write “the party has happened on…”, and similar- this way it will look like a confusing invitation letter, but the guests will remember that it was a true backward party!

By Stephanie Castillo, Co-Author Matvei Mozhaev

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