Baptism Party Checklist

Baptism Party Checklist

The baptism is a special day to celebrate a new life and welcome your newborn child to the Christian faith! Whether you’re planning a special event to celebrate your newborn child or an epic party for friends and family, make sure it’s a success with our Baptism party checklist.

Below, we have created a guide on how to plan your baptism party with the checklist template provided. In the guide there are also some ideas that can be used to customize the template provided to fit your circumstances. After finishing your custom baptism party checklist, we hope it helps you budget your time so you don’t have to stress over the planning phase! 

5 Reasons to Love Our Baptism Party Checklist

5 Reasons to Love Our Baptism Party  Checklist

1. Automatic Timeline

How long does it take to plan a baptism party, you ask? Since, everyone has their own specific situations and timeframes we created a checklist that will help you countdown the days till your baptism party. Just add the day you started planning the baptism party, along with what day you’ll be holding it, and each task included in the worksheet will get an assigned due date! This will help you plan and make sure you have everything taken care of in time to celebrate your child’s introduction into your faith!

2. Visuals

Our template is formatted to help you easily see what tasks need to get done, and which should have higher priority.

Find the perfect venue for a baptism? Check the box in the row for choosing a venue, and it will turn green. This helps you visually spot which tasks are still outstanding.

Did you get caught up with your busy schedule? If you start to approach a due date, it will turn yellow. If it passes without completion, it will turn red.  This will help you prioritize tasks.

3. Shareable!

Are you planning with friends or family? Share your customized baptism party checklist with whomever you wish via Google Drive. Everyone will be on the same page, in real-time! Multiple people can edit at the same time. 

4. Helpful Links

The template doesn’t just help you plan your time, it connects you with great resources in a single click.

Want to survey your friends to find the best time to hold the baptism party? Links to useful websites and apps are included.

Want to find the best venue for the baptism party? Easily find every service – from venues and caterers to DJs and decorators – you need in one place.

Budgeting is a huge part of party planning. It doesn’t need to be difficult, though! Just use our budget worksheet, created just for baptism parties! A link to this sheet will be included in the checklist.

Need to order supplies? We’ve got you covered.  Just click!

Want to get the creative juices flowing with some fun party tips and ideas?  We’ll link right to the articles you need.

5. Customizable

This is no generic planning guideline that will result in a well-planned baptism party. So instead we provided some suggestions for tasks that will help you create your customized baptism party checklist.

1. Select a Church

The first thing to do is to select a church to have the baptism. After choosing a church, you must call the clergy to set up a schedule that would work with both parties. Sometimes, churches could be packed for the month, so you should consider doing this step a few months in advance.

2. Guest & Invitations

After scheduling a date, you should think about the people that you would like to attend your baby’s baptism. You should also decide on who you would like to be the godparent or sponsor for your child. After creating a list of people to invite, you should send invitations as soon as possible for guests to request that day off just in case. 

3. Party Venue

Some of the places to consider while hosting the party for baptisms are your house, the church, or a restaurant. Sometimes the churches have specially designated areas the can be used to host the party. You will have to inform the church about your plans if you decide to use it as the venue for the party. If you chose your house as the venue, you should consider if you have enough space to place all of your guests. If you decided to rent our restaurant, it eliminates the cleanup. Still, it may be quite expensive, depending on the number of people you have invited.

4. Food & Drinks

You should consider the guest’s allergies and the kids of your guest when deciding on the food and drinks. If you plan on hosting the party at the church, you should look into local catering services. You should ask them if you could sample their menu to select a service that is right for your taste preference.

While you are planning to host the party at your home, you can hire a catering service or make a potluck, so everyone contributes to the party. Hosting the baptism party at your house is probably the most cost-effective option. When choosing a restaurant, you should send a google form to your guest to help you get an idea about what restaurant to chose. 

5. Photos or Videos

You also should consider hiring a photographer or videographer to capture this particular moment. Suppose you decide to hire a photographer or videographer. In that case, you should consider doing it a month in advance so you could audit their work portfolio and chose the right person that fits your situation. For individuals that couldn’t make it, you could send them photos or videos of the event.

How to use our Baptism Party Checklist

How to use our Baptism Party Checklist

Simply click the download button below to get started. We have created a step-by-step guide to take you through using our checklists: how to share your checklists with fellow planners, how to add/edit/delete tasks, how to sort/filter/reorder tasks and more.


Planning a party for the baptism may seem complicated, but our checklist can help make planning this event a cinch. Our customizable template will help you create your personalized baptism party checklist. The customized checklist you made will ensure all your plans are in order before the event.  If you enjoy using this baptism party checklist, you’ll love our planning tools for other events, too!

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