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49 Exciting Beach Party Ideas for Kids

Planning for a kid’s party can be highly stressful, especially if you’re worried about what things they can do, what theme you’ll be planning for, and what kind of food everyone will enjoy. During the summertime, a beach-theme kid’s party can be super exciting whether your child is going to celebrate their birthday or not. This kind of party is also great for get-togethers, graduation parties and even for anniversaries. Whether you’ll be at the beach or at home, we have some great beach party ideas for you to consider in terms of supplies, activities, menu items and much more!

Beach Party Ideas: Decorations

Beach Party Ideas: Decorations
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The decorations of a party are the first impression that your family and friends will have when they first walk in. Decorations are also the first thing that you think about when you first plan an event so it’s in the best interest of you and your guests to choose decorations that portray your theme the best. Here is our list of beach-themed decorations that you can use or consider in preparation for your beach party. 

1. Beach welcome sign

Especially for a kid’s beach party, a colorful and fun sign is important to excite your guests and to let them know that they are at the right location. A beach welcome sign is perfect for that and can include your child’s name and the purpose of the celebration. 

2. Beach photo booth backdrop

A beach backdrop is a great addition to your party especially if you’re looking to take some memorable photos during the event. A backdrop is not complete without its props, however! 

3. Beach photo booth props 

Photo props are used to make taking photos more fun and memorable for those taking the photos and for those who are posing for the photo. Some of the fun props that you can include are snorkels, sunglasses, floaties, pineapples, leis, seashells, waves and many other things! 

4. Beach party centerpiece sticks

A great addition to decorate the centers of your tables, these sticks include some fun signs with images of beach balls, how old your child is turning and a “happy birthday” message! 

5. Beach garlands 

To decorate the walls and the entrances of the space, some beach garlands would really make it more colorful while also adding to the overall theme. Some fun garlands are ones that incorporate flamingoes, beach balls, ice pops, leis, seashells, and starfish. 

6. Beach/ocean confetti

To decorate around your centerpieces or the entirety of your tables, you can use beach or ocean confetti that comes in the shapes of palm trees, pineapples, sea creatures and seashells. 

Beach Party Ideas: Party Favors

Beach Party Ideas: Party Favors
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Something that’s really great about party favors is that they really help you remember the great moments that you shared with your family and friends while at the event. Especially for kids, a party favor not only will make them happy but it will also serve as a memento of their friend. Here is our list of some beach party favors that you can hand out to your guests so that they appreciate the celebration even after it’s over. 

7. Seashell crayons 

Drawing is one of the greatest pastimes of kids. To help nurture this joy for drawing, you can give your guests some seashell crayons that come in a variety of colors. 

8. Beach bucket favor 

A kid’s favorite thing to do is fill buckets up with random items. As a party favor idea, you can use beach buckets and fill it with things such as a mini beach ball, candy, sunglasses, bubbles and other beach related items that will make your guests happy! To personalize each bucket, you can even purchase ones with the kids’ names on them. 

9. Temporary beach tattoos

Every kid loves a good temporary beach tattoo. Not only can the kids help each other apply their favorite tattoos, but they can also pose together for a picture after they’re done applying them! 

10. Sand art bottles 

Not only is this a great party favor, but it’s also an activity that you can incorporate into your beach party-themed celebration. Kids can have fun by layering their own colored sand to the bottle so that it’s personalized and ready to go when they’re finished. Kids can really make some great designs and make some memories with their friends in the process! 

11. Beach themed sunglasses 

Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses whether they’re laying in the sand or on their lawns. Fun beach-themed sunglasses not only match your theme, but they also come in some great shapes and patterns that will make your kids laugh and take photos together. 

12. Note in a bottle 

Reminiscent of washed-up bottles on beach shores that may contain messages within them, you can do this party favor idea with your kids. If your kids know all of the guests who are receiving party favors, they can write a nice note to them and then put it in a clear bottle with a cork at its top. As an alternative, you can also just say thank you to them for coming to the party. 

13. Flip flop keychains

A small and simple party favor, flip-flop keychains can be something used by old and younger guests alike. This is something that can be used for extended periods of time and can even be personalized if they have each guest’s name on it. 

14. Water growing sea creatures 

A toy that really makes kids say “wow!” are water-growing toys that grow in size after you’ve placed them in some water. As a party favor, this gets your guests excited to try it out while also giving them something to do even after they’ve left your party! 

15. Beach bath bomb

Something that both older and younger guests can enjoy, a bath bomb can really help you relax. There are some bath bombs that have “seaweed” in them so that it makes you feel as if you’re lounging in a warm sea while in your bathtub. 

Beach Party Ideas: Food Items

Beach Party Ideas: Food Items

For kid’s parties, it’s important to make sure that your guests are energized and enjoying the food that you serve. Especially if the party is outside, some refreshing foods and beverages are a must. Here is our list of some food ideas that you can include for your kid’s beach party! 

16. Sea creature jellos 

Another menu item in which you can use the Sonic ocean water, this time you’ll make portions of jello in small cups for everyone to eat! Before or after the jello cools, you can add sea creature gummies so that every person gets a different animal to enjoy! 

17. Take a dip 

A fun play on words, this food idea does not require much arrangement. All you have to do is arrange a bag of chips on a plate and place a bowl of dip in the middle. On a stick, you can put a small sign that says “take a dip” in the dip bowl so that it prompts your guests to grab some chips and dip! 

18. Octopus veggie platter

First what you’ll need is a classic veggie platter that you can buy at your local grocery store. Then you’ll need two peppers, one of them you’ll cut the top off and place upside down in the center of the platter. The other pepper you’ll cut into strips and place those around the upside-down pepper in an array that looks like tentacles. After putting some eyes on it, it’ll look like a fun octopus guarding the rest of the veggies! 

19. Starfish-shaped sandwiches

A simple addition to your menu, starfish sandwiches are not only fun but can be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike! All you have to do is choose your bread of choice and make a sandwich, whether it be a ham and cheese or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then you’ll cut out the middle of the sandwich with a starfish-shaped cookie cutter or another shape of your choice! 

Starfish-shaped sandwiches

20. Nutter Butter sandals 

More of a snack, Nutter Butter sandals can be fun and quick to eat. All you’ll need are a pack of Nutter Butters and then decorate the cookie with icing so that it looks like the straps of a flip flop. After decorating the cookies in pairs, you can place them on some brown sugar so that they look like they’re resting on a bed of sand! 

21. Sand dollar cinnamon sugar cookies 

This fun and sweet treat is not only reminiscent of a seashell that you’ll find on a beach’s shore but are also a great dessert! After finding your preferable recipe to make the cinnamon sugar cookies, you’ll arrange sliced almonds on the top so that it looks like the indentations of a sand dollar.

22. Croissant crabs

Another sandwich option, for this one you’ll have to buy a bunch of crescent-shaped croissants so that you can stick some googly eyes at their tops to make it look like a crab. Before you do this, you can also add your cold cuts of choice or even add some butter in their middles! 

23. Sonic ocean water 

A cool beverage for everyone, a Sonic ocean water drink will keep everyone refreshed while playing in the sun and while they eat the rest of your snacks!

24. Oyster cookies 

Using Nilla wafers, all you’ll need is to make your own colored icing so pipe in the middle of the two cookies that make up the oyster. On top of the icing, you’ll add a pearl and some eyes on the top of the wafers to make it even more fun! 

25. Dessert cup beaches 

Another sweet treat, for this menu item you’ll need dessert cups and a few other things. On the top of the dessert cup, you’ll sprinkle crushed-up biscuits or cookie crumbs so that it looks like sand. To make it look like someone laying on the beach, you can add a cut piece of a Fruit Roll-Up and place a Sour Patch kid on top so that it looks like it’s laying on a blanket. Then just add a paper umbrella and ta-da! It’s a mini beach! 

Beach Party Ideas: Games

Beach Party Ideas: Games
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Probably the most memorable thing at a party for kids is the games that they’ll be playing with one another. To make this a fun event not only for your kid, but you’ll also need some games that will occupy all of your guests so that everyone is having a good time. Here is our list of games that you can adopt for your beach-themed party, including ones that you do outside in the warm sunshine! 

26. Bubble blowing 

For kids, this game is especially fun. All you’ll need are a few bottles of bubbles or a bubble blower. Adults and kids alike can blow the bubbles while the rest of the kids go and chase them! 

27. Tug of war, beach style 

By tying up skipping ropes or beach towels together, you’ll have a perfect rope to play tug of war. After splitting up the kids into teams, you can have them tug the rope until the center of it passes a point that marks them the winners. You can also play this game with the adults. 

28. Hula hoop relay race 

After dividing the kids into two teams, you’ll have them join hands. You’ll give each team three hula hoops and have them get through the hula hoops without them letting go of their hands, and if they do then they have to start over. The team that gets through all three hula hoops first wins! 

29. Slithery snake game 

Either on the sand or on some concrete, you’ll be using a jumping rope to act as the “snake”. The kids will be asked to jump over the rope so that they avoid touching the “snake” while someone is wiggling the rope on the ground. 

30. Hot beach ball

Like the classic hot potato, the kids will throw each other a beach ball while they stand in a circle. When the song stops, then the person holding the ball will have to sit out. The last person standing will win! 

31. Water balloon toss 

Before the start of the party, fill up some water balloons with some water and then fill a bucket or a kiddie pool with them. You can do this fast and easy by using self-sealing water balloons. Then you’ll divide the kids into two teams and have them throw the water balloons at each other for them to catch, the team that doesn’t break the most balloons wins! 

32. Pass the water 

A fun game to get cool in the sun, this requires all kids to stand in a line. Every kid is given a cup, while the first kid in the line has a cup full of water. They’ll have to tip the cup over their head for the kid behind them to catch the water. The objective of the game is to capture as much water as possible, if the water is all gone before it reaches the end of the line, then they all lose! 

33. Sponge water relay race 

You’ll need two buckets that are placed some distance from each other, two of them filled with water. With two teams, each one will have a really big sponge that soaks up the water of one bucket so that they can squeeze the water out into the empty one. Then they’ll run back and hand the sponge off to their teammate who will soak, run and squeeze the sponge again. To make this more exciting, you can add a tarp in between the buckets and make it slippery for some extra challenge! 

34. Beach ball blaster 

With two teams, you’ll give each kid a water gun or a water blaster. The beach ball will be placed in front of them for them to spray so that it rolls to the finish line. The team who sprays the ball to the end first wins! 

Beach Party Ideas: Supplies

Beach Party Ideas: Supplies
Source: Etsy

There are some must-have supplies that every party needs whether it be for eating food or adding to the overall theme of the celebration. When you’re thinking of some supplies for your beach party, it’s best to get things that cater to your theme so that it adds to the fun. Here is our list of supplies that you can’t miss out on so that everything works together cohesively. 

35. Beach balloons

All kinds of balloons are fun for kids but beach-themed balloons will make your party a whole lot better. Some balloons will be shaped like beach balls, sea creatures, and have illustrations of the beach or the ocean. 

36. Beach party tablecloth 

The tablecloths are one of the most important things that make up a party because this is where your guests will sit for the majority of the time. Some of the tablecloths that have the potential to match your theme include those that are turquoise, have beach balls on them, have the beach, have a water print, and many others. 

37. Beach plates 

Plates are essential to any party, as it makes it easy for cleaning up but they also allow guests to pick up and eat whatever is available to them. Some beach paper plates have some fun beach illustrations on them while others have some realistic-looking beach waves. 

38. Beach Ball-shaped cups 

This is where you can get creative. There is a wide selection of beach-themed cups that you can add to your celebration, some of them include beach ball-shaped cups, mini beach bucket cups, and colorful pineapple cups.

39. Beach party utensils 

Outside of the generic white plastic utensils that you can use, there are some fun colored and designed utensils that you can incorporate into your party instead. This includes rainbow ombre designed utensils, lime green utensils and biodegradable utensils. 

40. Beach-themed napkins

The napkins can be fun and include fun looking illustrations that include dolphins, surfboards, the ocean, seahorses and seashells. 

41. Beach inflatables 

Whether you have a pool or not, inflatables can also be placed around your venue as well as they come in different shapes including donuts, palm trees, icees, sea creatures and other things! 

Beach Party Ideas: Invitations

Beach Party Ideas: Invitations
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When you’re inviting your child’s friends over for a beach-themed party, it’s best to use an invitation that is not only appropriate and fun for their friends but nice for their parents to enjoy too. Whether you choose a customizable beach party invitation or one that is generic, here is our list of beach-themed invitations that could be used for your kid’s beach party-themed celebration. If this list is unsatisfactory, you can also explore online invitation options.

42. Girl’s Beach Party Invitation 

With palm trees and surfboards, this invitation is perfect for your daughter’s birthday party or other celebrations. With a watercolor-like design, this invitation features a pink font, decorated surfboards and a pink Volkswagon bus. 

Girl’s Beach Party Invitation

43. Minimalist Beach Party Invitation 

With a light blue backdrop and some colorful illustrations, this invitation is minimalistic and cute. Decorated with an orange Volkswagen bus and some tall palm trees, this invitation can work for both boys and girls. 

Girl’s Beach Party Invitation

44. Blue Seashells Invitation

With detailed seashell illustrations at its top, this invitation has a wonderful color scheme of gold, blue and black that perfectly matches the rest of your beach party. In a script type, the invitation elegantly writes out your child’s name. 

Blue Seashells Invitation

45. Splish Splash Watercolor Invitation 

With a unique watercolor design that depicts an ocean on the bottom with the sky and banners at the top, this invitation is great if you’re planning for a casual celebration or get-together. 

Splish Splash Watercolor Invitation

46. Beach Chair invitation 

With fields where you’re able to fill in your own information with your own handwriting, this invitation is great for both boys and girls and for using it outside of birthdays. 

47. Blue Seashell and Starfish Invitation

With a blue background, seashells and starfishes, this invitation simply says “Join us to celebrate”, leaving it up to you to fill in the rest of the details, whether it be a birthday party, get-together, or a graduation party! 

48. Photographic Beach Invitation 

With an actual photo of the beach’s sand, seashells and a starfish, this invitation allows you to customize the information that appears at the top of it. 

Photographic Beach Invitation

49. Watercolor Beach Hangout Invitation 

With a vibrant beach umbrella, palm tree leaves, a pineapple, and a beach bag, this invitation gives the perfect indication of an upcoming beach party. 

Watercolor Beach Hangout Invitation


Now that you know everything that you’ll need for a kid’s beach party, you can plan from the very beginning of it to the very end while making sure that everything matches your theme so that everyone can have fun! 

Written by Julia Batista

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