26 Best Tea Gift Sets Ideas for Tea Lovers

For those who love a nice warm cup of tea in the morning or just any time of day, these are the best tea gift sets that anyone would love to get. There are hundreds of types of teas and even more accessories that go along with them. It can be difficult to figure out which ones are best for gifts for loved ones. 

Best Tea Gift Sets: Tea Variety Sets

Best Tea Gift Sets: Tea Variety Sets
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1. Vadham Private Reserve

Vahdam offers individual and variety sets of tea. They have varying loose-leaf teas like Darjeeling, Himalayan green, Earl Grey chai, Maharaja breakfast black, Chamomile mint citrus green, and Tumeric spice herbal tea. These are perfect for beginner tea lovers because the containers are fairly small and the variety of options are so big.

2. Palais des Thes Teas Set

For tea drinkers that prefer floral blended teas, these Palais des Thes teas sets are perfect. Palais des Thes is inspired by a Tibetan recipe that blends tea, plants, and flowers together. Their sets offer teas like Fleur de Geisha, Grand Jasmin Chun Feng, The des Sables, and The des Sources.

3. Harney & Sons Tea Sampler

Harney & Sons offers all types of teas in their sets and in individual cans. Their variety sets includes some of their most popular loose teas like English Breakfast, Hot Cinnamon Spice, Earl Grey Supreme, and Paris. 

4. Matcha Gift Set

Matcha is an acquired taste but for those who love it, these types of gift sets are a dream come true. They have everything you may need to make the perfect cup of matcha. Most of them include Matcha Green Tea, Ceramic Vessel, Whisk, Whisk Holder, and Spoon. 

5. Tea Drop Samplers

Although compressed teas have been around since ancient China, they have fallen out of popularity in the US, these sampler sets have started to bring them back into the mainstream. It offers organic leaf blends compressed into adorable little shapes like hearts, stars, and flowers. All you have to do is drop it into your hot water and let it dissolve, taking away any potential mess tea bags offer.

6. Tea Bombs

Tea Bombs

Just like the tea drops, there are different ways to drink and brew tea that most people don’t consider. A new one is tea bombs, similar to bath bombs; they are placed in hot water and dissolve. It uses isomalt as the shell which is a sugar substitute used for decorations in baking. It is then filled with a teabag, edible flowers, and sometimes edible confetti.

Best Tea Gift Sets: Accessory Gifts

Best Tea Gift Sets: Accessory Gifts
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7. Perfect Tea Timer

For beginners, and even seasoned tea drinkers, it can be a task in itself to learn how to perfectly brew your tea. The Tea Timer is just the thing to help them learn the timing necessary for different tea strengths. They have a 3 in 1 sand timer for light brews, medium brews, and strong brews, each with different colors so as not to mix them up. 

8. Tea Leaf Reading Kit

For those who swear by their zodiac sign, adore tarot cards, or are just really big fans of the third Harry Potter movie, these kits will lead them to the age-old tradition of reading symbols in tea leaves. It comes with instructions, a symbol dictionary, loose tea leaves, and a study mug. 

9. Metal Tea Caddy

Metal tea caddies are perfect to preserve loose leaf teas or even a collection of teabags. They keep the kitchen organized and for tea lovers who have overcrowding of random containers, this can help to keep similar teas together and make drinking and preparing tea so much easier. 

10. Monogram Coaster

Monogram Coaster

To make tea time a little more personal and unique to you these monogram coasters will do just that. If you’re drinking tea with the family and don’t want to mix up whose cup is whose these coasters might be just the thing to fix this problem.

11. Candy Honey Spoons

Honey can be quite messy and sticky when being poured. These spoon-shaped lollipops are hardened honey stirring sticks that will melt in warm water and make it so much easier to sweeten your tea. 

12. Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser

Just like the sloth, tea drinkers love to sit and relax with a nice warm cup of tea. This adorable sloth tea infuser steeps loose leaf blends right into your cup which eliminates the need for single-use tea bags. It is perfect for environmentally friendly tea lovers.

13. Bamboo Tea Storage Box

After getting gifted dozens of different teas your cupboards can get filled very quickly. A natural bamboo tea storage box is just the thing to condense the multiple boxes and sachets of tea that are probably just shoved into a kitchen cabinet. Most have around 8 storage sections with expandable drawers, holding up to 12 tea bags in each section.

Best Tea Gift Sets: Tea Kettles and Teapots

Best Tea Gift Sets: Tea Kettles and Teapots
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14. EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle

Most electric kettles have variable temperature control, LCD screens to display temperature and small minimalist bases that are ideal for beginners and aficionados, and everything in between. They bring water to a rolling boil quickly and can keep that temperature for extended periods of time. 

15. Travel Tea Set

Travel Tea Set

For the busy, on the run tea lover, the travel sets would be the perfect gift. There are sets that come in small bags and others that can be condensed down into one container. They work just like the steeping of regular teapots and filters just smaller! Typically they have a mini teapot, one or two small cups, and sometimes a tea caddy.

16. Vintage Electric Kettle

Since vintage-looking appliances are coming back these electric kettles fit perfectly into the vibe. They are not only stylish but can also hold up to seven cups of tea and have different water temperature settings. You can even make it match your loved ones’ other appliances because there are so many different varieties! 

17. Jumping Tea Pot

Jumping teapots are unique in the fact that they have a built-in strainer which makes it much easier to pour multiple cups at a time. They are also big enough for the tea leaves to move and breathe within the pot to get a more robust drinking tea. It has the name “jumping” because of the plenty of room it offers for the tea leaves to bounce around.

18. Ceramic Round Teapot

Ceramic Round Teapot

Ceramic teapots are a staple for long-time tea lovers but are also perfect for beginners as well because of the size and simplicity of the design. They can come in standard solid colors like red, green, and blue or there are some that have beautiful designs that make them a tad more personal to the recipient.

19. Le Creuset Tea Kettle

Le Creuset tea kettles are durable, carbon-steel kettle with a glossy enameled finish is just the thing for seasoned tea lovers. It comes in cerise, flame, marseille, oyster, and white! The flip lid has a single-tone whistle to let you know when the water reaches a rolling boil with a heat-resistant handle to ensure safe and easy pouring. It is compatible with gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, and induction heat sources which makes it one of the best tea kettles out there. 

Best Tea Gift Sets: Teacups and Tea Bottles

Best Tea Gift Sets: Teacups and Tea Bottles
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20. Tea Service Set

Tea Service Set

Tea service sets typically include ceramic mugs, a large ceramic teapot, and a serving tray. The decorations can range from ancient to vintage to modern, so there is a wide variety for those who have different styles. They are just the thing for people who want to enjoy tea with their loved ones. 

21. Elephant Mug

Over steeping your hot drink can make or break the taste of a tea. That’s why these ingenious elephant mugs are so popular and the perfect gift. Some of them have a little space for the teabag that is disguised into the design of the mug. Others have a hidden elegant at the bottom that will guarantee you’ll finish your tea just to see its adorable face. 

22. Stoneware Tea Set

Stoneware Tea Sets

Stoneware tea sets, or just stoneware in general, are gaining more and more popularity. Some can come in neutral colors but there are others that have absolutely beautiful designs both complex and simplistic. They give off very rustic vibes, so if that matches your friend this could be the perfect gift for them! 

23. Tea Maker To Go

These innovative filtered mugs let on-the-go tea lovers steep loose-leaf brews just the way they like them. There are so many brands but they are doing the same things. Some are just cups for the tea but others have a built-in filter for controlled infusion.

24. Temperature Control Mug

A common mistake is waiting too long for a cup of tea to steep and coming back to cold tea. This will never be a problem again with self-heating mugs. They can keep a drink at the desired temperature for usually up to 1.5 hours or setting it on the charger can keep it warm for even longer. 

25. Kung Fu Set Chinese Style

Gong Fu Cha or “kung fu tea” is a classic Chinese method of brewing tea that uses multiple small vessels. Any tea lover and aficionado would love to get this authentic set as a present. All the sets have everything they’d need typically including a teapot, 4 teacups, a tea tray, a tea mat, a tea clip, and a travel bag that fits everything listed. They can be bought in many different colors and some with designs. 

26. Cold Brew Tea Bottle

Similar to the process of making coffee cold brew, there are bottles and pots out there specifically for brewing iced tea that don’t require tea lovers to boil water beforehand. Most of the cold brew tea bottles are insulated and specifically designed to keep cool things cold.


These are the best tea gift sets for those who love tea or want to dip their toes in the world of tea. There are many necessary appliances and accouterments that are recommended and an added plus to have to drink tea. Everything from just tea to teacups to kettles to pots and even fun accessories, this article covers them all and hopefully helped you determine a gift to give your loved ones. 

Written by: Anna Dickson

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