Bingo Theme Party

Bingo Theme Party: 28 Awesome Ideas

Who doesn’t love a good-spirited game of bingo? If you’re looking for a party theme that is easily organized and surprisingly cheap to pull off, a bingo theme party is a perfect idea for you! Bingo is the easiest game with which you can keep large audiences entertained, so a bingo-themed party is bound to keep guests of all ages on the edge of their seats. Below you will find our list of ideas for bingo-themed decorations, games, and favors to help you host the best party!

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Bingo Theme Party Decorations

Dress up a bingo-themed party with bingo-themed décor! Here are a few creative ideas to inspire your bingo-themed party decorations.  You can use bingo markers, cards, and pieces for décor ideas and DIY materials!

1. Bingo Markers

Decorate your tables with bingo markers! Tie several together around a cylindrical vase with decorative ribbons. Fill the vase with white flowers to make the colored markers stand out.

2. Hanging Bingo Cards

Punch a hole in the tops of several bingo cards and thread them with fishing line. Hang them individually from the ceiling, or make a bingo banner by threading several cards onto one piece of fishing line and stretching it along a wall or an opening. You can also cut the bingo cards into triangles and create a pennant banner for some more subtle & contemporary bingo decor.

3. Bingo Ball Balloons

Decorate white balloons with black bingo letters and numbers. For instance, write “I26” on a blown up balloon with a black sharpie. They will look just like bingo balls! Make several of these balloons and tie them together for a bingo balloon bouquet.

4. Bingo Cards

Scatter bingo cards around your party space. You can hang them on the walls or use them as part of your centerpiece. You can use laminated bingo cards as placemats for your guests, and even make your own custom bingo cards for a more personalized touch!

5. Bingo Tableware

Take advantage of bingo-themed tableware from your local party store, if you can track it down. If not, we’ve got you covered with bingo tablecloths, plates, cups, and napkins.

6. Bingo Table

Make your bingo table feel authentic by using a rectangular folding table and plenty of folding chairs.

7. Bingo Pieces

Bingo pieces make for excellent bingo-themed table confetti. Make sure to get plenty of different colors so that your table is as festive as possible.

Bingo Party Games and Activities

Besides the traditional version, there are many variations of bingo that you can play!

Bingo Party Games and Activities

8. Human Bingo

This variation of the game is a great ice-breaker. Create your own bingo cards and fill the spaces out with characteristics of each of your guests (e.g. favorite color is blue, plays basketball, etc.). Have the participants walk around and mingle with each other and cross off the spaces when they meet the person that each characteristic refers to. The first person to cross of 5 traits in a row, wins!

9. Postage Stamps Variation

Before the game begins, point out the four “postage stamps” on the bingo cards. These are the squares of four spaces in each corner. Tell the players that the object is to fill all four of the postage stamps. This version is also known by the name of “four corners.”

10. Blackout

For this variation, the rules of play are the same. However, instead of trying to fill a row of spaces, players must try to fill every single space on their bingo card.

11. One on One

Split your players into pairs and give each player a bingo card. Have the first player in each pair call out a bingo combination, and then have the second player do the same. The first player to get bingo wins.

12. Party Bingo

Give each of your guests a blank bingo card. Ask them to fill out the squares with words they are likely to hear at the event. Have your guests mark out the square of each word they hear. The first player to get five in a row wins.

13. Top and Bottom Variation

Play traditional bingo, but bingo only occurs when both the top and bottom rows are filled. 

14. Eight States Variation

Instead of playing for bingo, players should try to cover the eight spaces that surround the free space.  This is a unique and difficult twist on traditional bingo!

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15. Corner Variation

Instead of filling rows, have your players fill the four corners of the board. Whoever fills them first is the winner!

16. Reverse Bingo

Have the players stand and then give each player a bingo card. Call out the letters and numbers as you would for regular bingo, but have the players sit down if their card matches one of the combinations called out. The last player standing is the winner.

17. Picture Bingo

Shake things up a little with a picture bingo set! In this game, participants have to find the pictures that match up with the descriptions that are being read. It’s a colorful way to practice your cognitive skills!

18. Bingo Marker Treats

Add a fun twist to your party and incorporate food in your games. For a Christmas Bingo party, for example, use red and green M&M’s as bingo markers. Hershey’s Kisses also serve as a good alternative to traditional bingo markers and provide your guests with a sweet treat to look forward to after the game!

19. Bingo Cupcakes

You won’t find an easier homemade bingo-themed treat than bingo cupcakes! Prepare vanilla cupcakes and use a butter knife to flatten out the frosting. Then add the letters and numbers using an icing injector. Make your letters and numbers stand out using different icing colors!

Bingo Theme Party Favors

Bingo Theme Party Favors

The bingo theme doesn’t have to be over when your guests leave the event. Send your guests home with plenty of bingo accessories to enjoy at their next bingo event or during their day-to-day. Below is a list of some special giveaways for bingo-themed events.

20. Miniature Bingo Set

Your guests will love the opportunity to play bingo at home with a miniature bingo set.

21. Framed Bingo Cards

Decorate bingo cards with each of your guests’ names and frame them for a lovely, personalized bingo-themed giveaway. There are many other ways to create unique bingo cards, as well. You can take plenty of pictures at your party, print them out and place one in each bingo square. Be creative!

22. Bingo Magnets

Your guests will love the pop of color on their fridge with the gift of bingo magnets

23. Bingo Dauber

Bingo daubers are a special and useful party favor. Display several different colors in a basket and let your guests choose their favorite or tie a few together with a ribbon for each of your guests.

24. Bingo Gumballs

Make edible bingo balls by writing bingo letters and numbers on white gumballs with edible ink. Package several together in a cellophane bag. It’s creative and adorable!

25. Bingo Mugs

A cute bingo-themed mug will be sure to remind your guests of your awesome party every day!

26. Bingo T-shirts

Bingo-themed T-shirts make for excellent bingo party favors. Your guests can wear them for your next bingo night!

27. Lucky Charms

Any player of a game of chance such as bingo could benefit from a lucky charm. Give your guests rabbit’s feet, lucky troll dolls, or bingo keychains to bring them good luck.

28. Scratch-Off Lottery Game Ticket

Give your guests a chance to win even after your party by giving them a scratch-off lottery ticket. Who knows, you’re party might make someone a millionaire!


A bingo party is truly the way to go if you want to ensure a lively and entertaining night for you and your friends! If you liked our tips for décor, games and favors for a bingo-themed party, be sure to check our website for endless tips on every kind of party!

Written by Jessica Bundy 

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