34 Winning Election Day Party Ideas

34 Winning Election Day Party Ideas

It’s that time in America where politics start heating up and the debates begin. Election year is here, and it’s the perfect time to throw an election day party! When it comes to politics, tension rises and debates can start, making this a stressful time for everyone. Relieve some stress by gathering with friends and family making the entire event complete with decorations, food, and activities. We hope you can use these ideas at your next election party to help you and your guests relax when emotions are running high.

Election Party Decoration Ideas

1. American Flags 

What is a patriotic party without having your country’s flag? Help your guests get into the patriotic mood by lining your walkway with small American flags. You can even kick the party off with singing the National Anthem!

2. Balloon Bouquets

Every party has to have balloons. Tie an American flag balloon together with red, white and blue balloons for a patriotic balloon bouquet. Put the balloons at the front of your house so that everyone knows where the party is.

3. Democratic Donkey

Decorate with posters and cutouts of the Democratic Party mascot: the donkey! You can also use plastic donkey figurines to create a Democratic centerpiece.

4. Republican Elephant

Decorate with posters or cutouts of the Republican Party mascot: the elephant! You can also use plastic elephant figurines to create a republican centerpiece. 

5. Political Campaign Yard Signs

Welcome your guests to your party by placing your favorite political yard signs with stakes at the entrance of your party. No matter what side you are on, there are thousands of options to choose from.

Yard sign that says "use your voice! vote!"

6. Photo Booth Props

Force everyone to fake a smile no matter the outcome with election day photo booth props. This is a fun way to capture the moment of a day that could go down in history. Add a red, white, and blue metallic foil to make the background of your photos stand out.

Election Party Favor Ideas

7. American Flag Bandanas

Fold patriotic bandannas inside your guests’ invitations or use them as table decorations. They are an excellent way to make sure your guests are wearing red, white, and blue for Election Day. You can also give them patriotic-themed beaded necklaces to complete the look.

8. Election Day Hats

This political hat is another fun way to get your guests in the Election Day spirit. You can find all kinds of hats in red, white and blue, from tiaras to top hats. Invite each of your guests to choose one to wear when they walk in the door.

9. Patriotic Candles

When you light a candle, you get a breath of fresh air and relaxation. Candles always make good favors, especially for election parties when people may leave feeling stressed out. Place red, white or blue candles in jars and tie them with festive ribbon

10. Celebratory Noisemakers

Your guests will want to be prepared when the votes come in with this fun favor idea. Provide your friends and or family with patriotic noisemakers. You can find them shaped like American flags or simply decorated in red, white and blue.

11. Patriotic Hat Candy Dishes

Miniature patriotic hats make for festive candy dishes. Set one on the table for each of your guests and fill them with red, white, or blue candies. They are wonderful election party favors!

12. Election Day Blooms

Buy red, white, and blue flower seed packets for each of your guests and tie them together with patriotic ribbon. Your guests will be delighted when the patriotic buds bloom!

8 images of red, white, and blue flowers.

13. Uncle Sam hat

Get into the patriotic spirit by giving your guests Uncle Sam hats. Everyone will enjoy acting like Uncle Sam and saying “I want you!” in these fun hat giveaways! Fill the hats with a bag of patriotic jelly beans to let everyone have a little taste of victory.

14. Democrat and Republican stickers

It is important to find your inner childhood self in times of stress. Stickers will bring out the kid inside of everyone, while also combining their adult political pursuits. You can also add some temporary patriotic tattoos of stars or the American flag to follow the theme.

Election Party Food Ideas

15. American Food

Honor your country at your election party by grilling America’s favorite food- hot dogs and hamburgers. Don’t forget to add buns, ketchup, mustard, and whatever other toppings you may need for your grill out.

16. Berry Caprese Salad

Vegetables are good for you- just like voting. Put an election day twist on the classic Caprese salad to blow all your guests away. Mix together juicy blueberries and tasty tomatoes with creamy mozzarella cheese. Add in hints of basil and balsamic to create the winning dish

17. Red, White, and Blue Popsicles 

Not only can you get a brain freeze from watching too much politics, but you can also get one from these patriotic popsicles. These delicious treats are sure to cool your guests down.

18. Fruit Pizzas

Everyone loves dessert. Everyone loves pizza. Everyone loves the United States. Combine all three, and you have the perfect combination with this election-themed food. The base is made from a buttery crust and can then be topped with cream cheese and fresh fruit. Bring your creative side out to make designs and cool patterns using red and blue fruit.

19. Sparkling Cranberry Mocktail

These red festive drinks are perfect to serve and can easily be turned into a cocktail for adults with a splash of champagne or vodka. Blend cranberries, orange juice, water, and maple syrup. Fill each cup about ¼ of the way with the juice and then top with sparkling water or club soda.

Fun Election Day Party Games

20. Sing For Your Country

For this fun Election Day game, find or prepare a playlist of patriotic songs. Use a karaoke machine to allow your guests to show their love for their nation through music. Hand out awards for most inspiring, most comedic, and best voice. 

Lit up karaoke machine.
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21. Campaign Game

In this political game, guests create their own campaign, running on their own terms. They can run for themselves, or they can base their campaign on a current politician, but their idea(s) are presented to the party. The crowd then votes on each campaign idea. There can be categories like best campaign, most unique, or best presentation, just to give a few ideas. Each winner should get a prize. In order to play, you will need poster board, markers, and scoring cards. 

22. United States of Trivia

Create fun trivia cards based on your political campaign, public policy, and U.S. history. You can get your trivia questions from almost anywhere, but try to keep them relevant to the theme of your election party. Keep score by tallying who answers the most questions correctly. Whoever has the most knowledge of your campaign, and the country, so make sure they get a prize for their hard work. 

11 different United States trivia questions.

23. Party Politics

This game has you divide your party into two groups: Democrats and Republicans. Each team will have to answer a series of poll questions by trying to guess the percentages of people who agree, disagree, or don’t care about a certain topic; if the group is within 10% of the actual poll results, then they get ten points. If they are outside of 10%, then the opposing team has a chance to answer and get the points. Later, you can have a lightning round where the points are worth more! You will need poll results (look at newspapers, magazines, and websites) and a paper and pen to keep score. Or you can purchase a score board to keep track of points.

24. Presidential Charades

This fun game has your guests act out their favorite presidents of the past while the remaining guests try and guess who they are imitating. Each person will have two minutes to act, keep track of time by purchasing a timer that will beep when time is up.

Election Party Supplies

25. Beaded Necklace Napkin Rings

Use patriotic beads as a napkin ring. Simply wrap the necklace a few times around a rolled up napkin. These are easy to make and will make your table look great for your party!

26. Table Confetti

Decorate your tables with a sprinkling of patriotic confetti. You can get simple red, white and blue confetti or you can get confetti with miniature American flags and stars.

Hand holding red, white, and blue confetti that is shaped like stars.

27. American Flag Bandannas

Politics can be messy, especially when there is delicious food involved. Use American flag bandannas as cloth napkins for your party. 

28. American Flag Toothpicks

Make all the food you are serving not only easier to eat, but also pretty to look at. Use American flag toothpicks for your appetizers and as dessert toppers.

29. Red, White, and Blue Table

Set the tables to your theme by using red, white, and blue silverware. Make the clean up process easy by using a plastic tablecloth that can be thrown away when the party is over.

Three images of red, white, and blue patriotic tableware.
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Election Party Invitations

30. Let Freedom Ring

Invite your guests to let freedom ring with you through these patriotic party invitations. All you need to do it fill out when and where the party will take place so that people can mark their calendars!

31. Every Vote Counts

Send your guests a voting card that describes your election party and then have them vote yes or no if they are going. This is a great way to not only provide information about your party but it also spreads awareness about the importance of voting.

Someone holding a postcard that says, "every vote counts".

32. Election Hydration

When things get chaotic, it can be hard to remind ourselves that we need to drink water. Staying hydrated during the election is very important, so what better way to invite your guests than through a customizable water bottle? Fill out the details of your event on the water bottle label and remind your friends and family the importance of staying hydrated.

Three personalized plastic water bottles that are red, white, and blue.
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33. American Flag Invitation

Keep things simple and on theme by welcoming your guests to your party with an American flag invitation. This will get guests excited about the election knowing they can spend it at a party with delicious food and entertaining games.

34. Online Invite

Now of days almost everything is done online. If you are looking for a quick and simple way to get RSVPs from your guests, make an online patriotic themed invitation.

Patriotic invitation on a computer.


The election can cause so many emotions- both good and bad. Hosting an election day party is a great way to gather with friends and family to celebrate your country and keep things exciting in a positive way. We hope this list of 34 ideas can help release some stress and make your party a winner!

Written by Jared Knowlton and Lilly Bernardis; Contributor: Nathan Rogers